The Ultimate Guide To LED Light Bulbs
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The Ultimate Guide To LED Light Bulbs

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Overview of LED Light Bulbs

The present most proficient method of lighting is, without a doubt, LED. At the point when contrasted and more seasoned lighting advancements, for example, Incandescent, Halogen, and CFL knobs, you will find that LED is by a long shot the most vitality sparing and keen arrangement.

The pace at which LED innovation is developing is really staggering, in spite of the fact that they’ve now been around for a long time. The present LED innovation has totally changed the concept of lighting fixtures. We’ll be the first to concede that the procedure hasn’t generally been shopper benevolent, and we’ve assembled this manual to enable you to see how you can benefit by doing the switch.

What is a LED?  


LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a sort of an electronic light source. LED bulbs are not the same as traditional light sources such as radiant or incandescent lights. LED Light bulbs are exceptionally tough and don’t include delicate components, for example, glass tubes or fibers. They are likewise more secure on the ground as they don’t contain any mercury or lead. Driven globules are presently accessible in the most widely recognized light fittings, including GU10, B22, E27, and MR16.

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answer (FAQ’s) About LED Lights Bulbs

#1)How much Power do LED’s use?

Driven Bulbs utilize something like 90% less vitality than a brilliant or halogen globule of equal shine. LED’s are much more effective at changing overpower, measured in watts, into light, measured in lumens. All things considered, a run of the mill 4 watt LED globule can without much of a stretch accomplish a light yield equivalent to a 50-watt halogen, some of the time higher because of its high lumen to watt proportion.

#2)To what extent do LED’s last?

One of the greatest advantages of utilizing LED is its remarkable lifetime desire because of exceptionally productive warm administration, LED Bulbs can expel warm through warmth sinks to help delay the future of the globule by backing off lumen deterioration. A well-manufactured LED with great warm administration should last up to 50,000 hours. Be careful about retailers making overstated claims about the future of their items.

#3)How bright is a LED?

The shine of a knob is measured in lumens (Lm), the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the globule. Notwithstanding utilizing low wattages, LEDs can discharge an indistinguishable shine from customary light sources.

To make things simpler, most retailers cite an identical radiant wattage so shoppers can supplant their lights and keep a similar shine. You used to search for wattage when purchasing new lights, however, wattage just measures vitality utilization.

Since vitality effective globules utilize significantly less watts, we now utilize lumens, which measure shine, to choose new knobs. The diagram beneath can enable you to decide what number of lumens you’ll require from your new globules:

You used to look for
WATTS (Energy)
Now you look for
LUMENS (Brightness)
Estimates based on typical incandescent bulbs
150 W 2600 lm
100 W 1600 lm
75 W 1100 lm
60 W 800 lm
40 W 450 lm

#4)LED lighting fixtures: A reliable lighting solution

Unlike Incandescent or fluorescent lighting solutions, LED lighting solutions offer plenty of benefits for the users. From safety to Cost-effective and Eco-friendly options, LED lighting solutions are a perfect alternative to existing lighting measures. Mentioned below are the advantages which make LED a popular lighting solution for the consumers:

#5)Save money with LED Lights

Whether it’s in a standard household or a commercial environment, lighting represents as much as 20% of the overall energy consumption. By switching to LED, a considerable amount of money can be saved due to the lower wattage of the LED bulbs.


Yes. Unlike CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), LED’s do not contain mercury. They also emit comparatively little heat, making them safer to handle after prolonged use. The absence of glass enclosures and fragile parts also reduces the likelihood of breakage, so you won’t have to worry about broken glass.

#7)A much needed  Eco-Friendly option in present times

Using LED lights cuts carbon emissions. This is because LED lights use less energy, energy that power plants produce by burning fossil fuels and oil. The less energy that these power plants need to make through burning of fuel, the less carbon emissions are released into the environment.

LED lights don’t waste energy. Where is the excess energy going? Excess energy is converted to heat and released also into the environment, excess energy means wasted energy.

LED lights do not contain harmful metals. Lead and mercury are classified as the most toxic heavy metals in the world. And halogen, incandescent, and CFLs contain these heavy metals.

#8)Is it safe to install LED bulb at existing fixtures?

Truly, all our LED globules are retrofit and are intended to work with existing light fittings and be utilized as immediate substitutions. If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that any fittings being put in lavatories are both fire evaluated and waterproof and hold reasonable accreditation of IP65 or higher to conform to important building directions for restrooms.

#9)Are LED bulbs dimmable?

Like most retailers, we offer both dimmable and non-dimmable LED Bulb alternatives; you will discover these on our individual item pages.

#10)Do I need to use a special dimmer for LED dimmable bulbs?

Indeed. LEDs utilize almost no power contrasted with halogen globules. While this is uplifting news for your power charges, it additionally implies they won’t work appropriately with your current dimmer switches and may prompt an abbreviated globule life, a lower light yield, and a humming sound.

For ideal execution, you should utilize trailing edge dimmers that have to bring down least loads and are intended to be utilized with LED knobs.

#11)Do LEDs come on immediately or do they need to warm up?

Not at all like CFLs, which typically take a couple of minutes to achieve full brilliance, LEDs achieve full shine quickly.

#12)What is an SMD LED?

SMDs (Surface Mounted Device) is the new era of LED lighting, the lion’s share of our globules contain SMD chips enabling our knobs to be considerably brighter than more established eras of LED. The LED is fastened specifically onto the PCB along these lines requiring less space and enhances the warm association.

#13)What is a COB LED?

Chip on Board (COB) is the latest advancement in LED innovation utilizing chips with numerous diodes (ordinarily, at least 9). There is no packaging with COB innovation which empowers a substantially denser LED cluster of light contrasted with SMD. A steady and controlled light shaft is emitted, with no noticeable individual light focuses, subsequently offering incredible optics.

COB offers an enormously enhanced lumen for every watt proportion contrasted and other LED innovations, for example, DIP and SMD. COB innovation gives the best conditions for ideal cooling, which thus will expand proficiency and protract the general existence of the light.

#14)What Colors are LED bulbs available in?

Light yield is most ordinarily found in one of three hues, Warm White, Cool White, and Daylight. Warm White is typically utilized as a part of household limits and is the ordinary shading related to a standard halogen knob making the perfect substitution.

Cool White is a cooler white shading regularly connected with fluorescent tubes in workplaces or retail outlets. Sunlight shading is exceptionally white light, nearly with a tinge of blue to it, and gives the absolute best shading rendering.


#15)Will LED’s operate outdoors or in cold temperatures?

Driven are perfect for operation under chilly and low outside temperature settings dissimilar to CFLs. They are likewise to a great degree strong and worked with durable parts and can withstand extreme conditions. Since LEDs are impervious to stun, vibrations and outer effects, they settle on an ideal decision for outside light frameworks.

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