Weighing Scale Buying Guide

Weighing Scale Buying Guide

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Overview of Weighing Scale

Today’s weighing scales do more than just tell you what you weigh. With the advancement in technology and innovation, you can find Bluetooth enabled Weighing scales in the market which allows a user to upload all the information to a smartphone or computer. These features help to track the changes in the body measurements over time. Needless to say, the choice of the Weighing Scale can be a bit tricky at times. Here are the different types of weighing scales available in the market and their respective features to help you with the same.

Body Weighing Scale Classification based on technology

#1)Analog Weighing Scale:


These weighing scales are traditional body weighing scale it is very cheap in prices and give the body measurement reading on dial mode. These are comes in a different weighing capacity like 100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg. these are very easy to use and rigid in the body.

In Analog weighing scale 0.5 kg error is possible based on your reading view as on different side views it gives different dimensions. These are come in round and rectangular shapes. Also the body part in Glass or Plastic body. It can be seen in the gym, hospitals, schools, homes, clinics, etc.

#2)Digital Weighing Scale:


These are modern age weighing scale which is very popular in hospitals, spa, nutrition center, and homes.  These are very easy to use and these are based on lithium batteries. It gives a high accuracy level in weight measurements. It comes with an LCD panel to check the readings.

Also, these digital weighing scale comes with the function of memory by this we can set the no. of person past reading in the weighing scale and can track the changes in body weight. Some digital weighing scale comes with the feature of sensor technology which provides auto on/off feature. It comes with various weighing capacity, 100, 120, 150, 180 kg weighing capacity.

#3)Bluetooth Enabled Digital Weighing Scale:


These are the latest and high tech weighing scale it gives you smart features of track the weight on the smartphone through the mobile app. It also enabled you to send your measurements through the mobile app to your doctors, friends, and relatives, etc.  You can analyze your weight by the graph.

Free Tips and Tricks to Choose Body Weighing Scale

If you require the simple and easy mode of operation and have a very low budget for weighing scale and doesn’t require very high precision then you can choose the Analog type weighing scale. While if you can pay little more and want to use trendy/stylish weighing scale then please go with a digital body weighing scale. If you want to use the latest new smart Bluetooth weighing scale and you have a smart phone then you should buy Bluetooth enabled weighing scale.

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