WoodWorking Machines Buying Guide

WoodWorking Machines Buying Guide

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WoodWorking Machines Overview

A woodworking machine is mainly a piece of workshop equipment; that is normally used in order to process wood. These devices are generally powered by electric motors and find application in wood workshops, timber mills as well as the furniture industry. They are used to perform a diverse range of woodworking tasks such as woodcutting, carving, and shaping. It may be manually operated or computer-controlled. Manual machines are best suited for small scale jobs whereas computer-controlled machines are ideal for the automation of wood processing tasks in industries.
As compared to hand tools, woodworking machines make working with wood much easier and can save a significant amount of time required for completion of a project. No matter the machine on which you are working on is a saw, planer or drill, it is important that the job the machinery performs provides a superior quality precise finish and takes less time than the usual conventional woodworking tools. Understanding the different kinds of woodworking machinery and their uses helps the buyers to opt for the right kind of equipment that can prove to be the best in performing the intended job. At Industrybuying, we bring to you a large collection of woodworking machines, at competitive prices and through this buying guide, you are sure to choose the best machine as per your requirement.

List of Different Types of Woodworking Machinery And Their Uses

Although woodworking machines are different as compared to the power tools, there is not much of a difference between the work that is carried out by both. Selecting the appropriate tool for the job is of the utmost importance for craftsmen to achieve the best results. For proper accuracy and efficiency in woodworking, it is necessary to choose the right tools. Some of the most frequently used woodworking machinery that makes difficult jobs easy are as follows:-

#1)Band Saws

Simplest among all the woodworking equipment, band saws are mainly used for cutting wood with smooth curves as well as long wooden logs. Owing to their compact size, they can be used for diverse wood cutting applications. A band saw is provided with a platform that is similar to a table saw but the design of the saw does not allow cutting of large pieces of wood.

Band saws are majorly used to cut into hardwoods and make precise cuts with varied blade styles and can even be used to cut metals. Depending on the size of the band saw as well as the piece of wood that is needed to be cut, this machine can either be one-man operated or a two-person machine. The band saw spins fast enough in order to make intricate scrolling cuts. You can opt for saws that are very large floor models, or smaller tabletop models, and continue making straight and curving cuts.

#2)Table Saws

A table saw is considered to be one of the most important tools in any workshop. It consists of a circular saw that is embedded under a table-like surface with the blade that is protruding upward. The tabletop houses the motor that propels the saw blade. Table saws can cut big pieces of wood that are pushed across the top of the table platform into the spinning blade.

The user can accordingly raise and lower the table saw blades in order to accommodate woods of different thicknesses and even for cutting grooves. Some smaller table saws are designed so as to be mounted on top of a workbench. Large table saws are quite rapid and are safe to operate. It is a versatile tool that includes a big and sturdy table; a solid fence as well as a sturdy electric motor. Intended to make deep square cuts, cross cuts, beveled cuts, and compound cuts, you can find some of the best in range table saws at Industrybuying.

#3)Mitre Saws

Mitre saws are much alike the radial arm saws, the only difference being that the blade and motor are suspended above the cutting surface. In this case, the blade is pulled down to cut through the piece of wood. The blade of a mitre saw can be positioned at different angles that allow the operator to make cuts for corner pieces that surround other angled wood joints.

Miter saws may be manual or powered. A manual version uses a base and fence, that sits above the base and allows the saw to move freely through the wood. With the help of a powered miter saw, a circular saw is mounted above the base and the saw is lowered down through the wood. Miter saws manufactured by top companies such as Black and Decker, Makita, and Skill are easily available at the Industrybuying portal.

#4)Drill Presses

Drill presses are generally used to drill accurate holes straight into the wood of varied thicknesses. One can control the downward movement of the bit with the handle such that it does not cross the specified limit. The drill press is used to hold the workpiece still while the drill moves axially in order to penetrate into the wooden material to make holes.

Drill presses are used to eliminate the possibility of the drill bit from turning, which is a common phenomenon with both manual or power-driven hand drills. It is a multipurpose woodworking tool and a vital component of the workshop extensively used for drilling precision holes in the wood.

#5)Radial Arm Saws

A radial arm saw is the best of its kind woodworking machine which comprises of a circular saw that is mounted to a radial arm which extends forward for about a meter. Just like similar other woodworking machines, a radial arm saw is available in different sizes designed both for industrial work as well as domestic uses.

Radial arm saws have the saw blade and motor suspended over the cutting surface. Radial arm saws are mainly used to make crosscuts and sections on vast lengths of wood but one can also use them to make other kinds of precision cuts like a dado, rabbet, etc.

#6)Circular Saws

A woodworking machine that makes use of a small but power-driven electric motor to drive a blade strong enough to cut through wood without burning it. Hand-held circular saws can be fully adjusted, meaning that the blade can be held as per various depths in order to accommodate varied thicknesses of the wood that is to be cut.

The blade can be adjusted at an angle up to a tilt of 50-degrees. With a weight of several kilograms, these saws are balanced so as to evenly spread the weight at the time of use. Both right- and left-handed circular saws are available, with the left-handed versions costing a bit more.

The adjustable circular saw is another kind of woodworking machine that features an adjustable, tilted working table used to perform cuts of particular depths on the workpiece. This machine is a high performance-driven woodworking tool that is used especially for crafting highly precise straight cuts.

#7)Planers and Jointers

Planers and jointers are woodworking machinery that are used to perform similar functions. A jointer is used for performing cuts along the edge of the board so as to form a 90-degree angle with the top of the board. One can make very small cuts to form a straight surface.

Planers are mostly used to flatten the upper and lower surfaces of wood by removing some thickness of the wood. These are a must at the time of putting a smooth finish or leveling the surface of the wood. Power rollers pass the wood through the cutting blades and trim small amounts of the surface of the wood. By using a combination of planer and jointer, a piece of wood can be formed with straight angles on each of the four corners.

Functions of WoodWorking Machinery

Woodworking machinery are devices that are primarily involved in wood carving, cutting and shaping. Besides these facts, however, there are a few other functions that are highly dependent upon the presence of these machines. Woodworking machines significantly reduce the noise and vibration that is generally faced with manual operations.

It also provides smoothness on the surface that is being operated. Moreover, a woodworking machine serves all the requirements for any house repair project. Woodworking machinery makes the workload much easier and at the same time delivers the output that is required. Therefore, most industries favor the use of these woodworking machines. They are also favored for industries that are involved in producing screw threads and making use of drill holes.

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