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The word tyre is a short form of attire, from the idea that a wheel with a tire is a dressed wheel. A tyre is a ring-shaped component which surrounds a wheel's rim to transfer a vehicle's load from the axle through the wheel to the ground and to provide traction on the surface over which the wheel travels. Generally all tyres have rings of rubber, synthetic rubber, wire, fabric and/or other materials around their rims. 


Some tyres have these materials laminated into them. The main purposes of tyres are to cushion a vehicle by providing resilient support, generate traction for acceleration from rest, and provide driving control by communicating information through feedback from the road surface via an occupant's sense of touch via pneumatic pressure in case of internal air pressure; protect rims from damage by keeping them accurately positioned relative to one another through control while driving or braking, and protect other components of the wheelset such as the bearings 

Functions of a Tyres

1. Supports the load of the vehicle

2. Maintains contact between vehicle and ground by providing the desired traction

3. Enables the vehicle to take a turn right or left

4. Deals with various motions acting on the vehicle during its motion

5. Provides cushion against shocks and dampens them

Types of Tyres

Tube tyres are the most commonly used but are prone to punctures. A tubeless tyre has no inner tube but instead is filled with a gas, called air, to provide cushioning. This can reduce the risk of puncture.

Tube Tyres:

Tube Tyres are the most commonly used tyres. Tube tires consist of a tube of air that is placed inside the tyre to create a cushion between your vehicle and the road. It also helps maintain the shape of the tyre, support its weight and keep it stable.

Tubeless Tyres:

A tubeless tyre is a true alternative to standard tube tyres. It's compatible with an existing rim and requires no inner tube. Once seated, it forms an airtight seal with the rim that makes it difficult for air to escape.

Main components of a Tyres



The tyre is the most essential element of your vehicle, possessing rubber-coated layers of rayon, steel, fibreglass and other materials which are located in mid of the tread and plies, across at angles, which hold the plies in place. It provides resistance to punctures and helps treads to be in contact with the road.



These are special kinds of treads within tread which improves tractive effort on different road surfaces.



The tread is a part of the tyre that comes in direct contact with the road. It should have higher strength for the good life of the tyre. Tread pattern must be designed to provide traction, control and wear resistance (particularly lateral grip) in rain and snow driving conditions.



Grooves are the spaces provided on the outer layer of the tyre which come in contact with the road. It provides space for water to flow. The grooves on your tyres are designed to supply grip, yet still allow your tyres to roll smoothly



It's the outer edge of the tread in the tyre that wraps into the sidewall area.



The sidewall is the portion of a tyre that is exposed to the environment, and not in contact with the road. It protects cord plies and also features tyre markings and information such as size and type.


Inner Liner:

The sidewall is the innermost layer of a tubeless tyre. It helps in preventing the flow of air from inside and outside. This allows for puncture-resistant tyres that are lighter, more comfortable and durable than conventional tyres.

What are the properties of a good tires?

 1. The tyre should have a good grip so that it can overcome skidding

 2. There should be minimum noise coming from tyres during driving

 3. The tyre's size and material should be selected in such a way that it can carry vehicle load and withstand fluctuating stress during the revolution

 4. Tyres transmit power from engine to road so there should be minimum power loss in the tyre to get better efficiency

 5. The wear around the tyre should be cohesive so that there is no unbalancing

 6. The weight and dimensions of all tyres are such that, that it is dynamically balanced

 7. A tyre should have good shock-absorbing properties so that it can absorb vibrations on road to provide cushioning effect

Best Brands Dealing in Tyres

Pirelli, CEAT, Bridgestone, Apollo, and Michelin are some of the best brands dealing in Tyres at Industrybuying. 

Top-Selling Tyres at Industrybuying


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Pirelli Sport Demon 100.80.17 Tubeless Bike Front Tyre

 Rs. 2,500

 Rs. 2,056


Apollo DHRUV TT (5 Deg.) 9.00-16 16PR Tyre For Tractor Trailer Tyre

 Rs. 19,240

 Rs. 18,374


Michelin Pilot Sporty 140/70-17 Tubeless Tyre For Motorcycle

 Rs. 4,780

 Rs. 4,441

4 Bridgestone B290 165/70 R14 Tubeless Tyre For Car

 Rs. 4,799

 Rs. 4,519


CEAT Gripp 42P F 2.75-18 Tube Type Tyre For Motorcycle

Rs. 1,718 

 Rs. 1,514


Pirelli XL P ZERO 245/45 R18 Tyre For Car

 Rs. 21,300

Rs. 19,067 


General frequently asked questions


Q1. Why is it necessary to purchase quality tires?

Good quality tyres provide a flexible and lightweight cushion that facilitates the friction between a car's wheels and the ground. In addition, tyres also help in steering, braking, protecting the rim of the wheel from damage, bearing heavy loads and transmitting the driving force from the engine to the wheels.


Q2. What are the components of a Tyre?

The components of a Tyre are its Belts, Sipes, Shoulders, Grooves, Tread, Shoulder, Sidewall and Inner Liner.


Q3.What are the properties of a good Tyre?

1. It offers good load-carrying capacity

2. It is skid resistant 

3. It is noise resistant 

4. It should have uniform wear

5. It should be well balanced

6. It should have a good amount of cushioning 


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