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Optimise your clamping solutions with Our website's Universal Screw Cam Clamps. Explore trusted brands like Inder and Ozar, ensuring durability and versatility. Our collection features a variety of screw clamps, including metal clamps with screws, designed for secure and adjustable clamping. Uncover budget-friendly choices starting at the lowest price of INR 200 per piece, or opt for high-quality selections at the highest price of INR 9,990 per piece. Our website offers a comprehensive range of universal screw cam clamps, combining strength and precision. Elevate your woodworking and metalworking projects with our top-quality clamps, designed for efficient and controlled fastening. Shop now for dependable and high-performance screw cam clamps to enhance your workmanship.

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What are Sash Clamps?

They, also known as C clamps, are essential tools for various applications. These versatile clamps provide a secure grip and are widely used in woodworking, metalworking, and other industries. With their sturdy construction and adjustable design, they offer excellent alignment and hold workpieces firmly in place. offers a wide range of clamps along with other clamping supplements like alignment clamps and automotive clamps. 

Whether you need to secure hoses, pipes, cables, or wires, these clamps provide reliable fastening solutions. Designed to provide a strong and secure grip, they are ideal for woodworking, metalworking, and more. With their adjustable features and durable construction, these clamps ensure precise alignment and hold workpieces firmly in place during projects. 

Explore the collection of clamps and related products to find the right clamp for your specific needs. Discover the diverse selection of clamps and related products available at our website- We offer high-quality clamping solutions that cater to your specific requirements, making your work more efficient and reliable.

What are the types of Sash Clamps?

There are various sash clamps available in the market. Some of the types are as follows:

a. Standard Clamps: These are the most common type of clamps, featuring a sliding bar mechanism and adjustable jaws for securing workpieces of different sizes.

b. Parallel Jaw Clamps: With jaws that remain parallel throughout the clamping process, these clamps are ideal for maintaining consistent pressure on wide workpieces.

c. Quick-Release Clamps: These clamps have a quick-release mechanism that allows for rapid opening and closing, enabling efficient workflow.

d. Pipe ClampsSpecifically designed for holding pipes, these clamps have a curved jaw that wraps around the pipe, providing a secure grip.

e. Deep Throat Clamps: Deep throat clamps have extended jaws, allowing them to reach deeper into the workpiece for improved clamping reach.

f. Bench Clamps: These clamps are designed to be attached to a workbench, providing a stable and secure clamping surface for various woodworking and metalworking tasks.

g. Edge Clamps: Edge clamps are specifically designed to clamp along the edge of a workpiece, allowing for secure and precise clamping in applications such as edge joining and panel glueing.

h. Angle Clamps: Angle clamps are used to hold workpieces at a specific angle, ensuring accurate and perpendicular jointing or welding.

i. Bar Clamps:These clamps feature a long bar that provides a wide clamping capacity, making them suitable for larger workpieces and projects.

j. F-Clamps: F-clamps, also known as bar clamps or sliding clamps, have a fixed jaw and a sliding jaw that can be adjusted along the bar for versatile clamping options.

There is a range of clamps, including clamps and automotive clamps. Find the perfect clamp for your specific needs and enhance your clamping efficiency.

How do Sash Clamps work? 

They are versatile tools used in various industries and applications. Here's a brief overview of how they function:

a. They feature a sliding bar mechanism that allows for adjustable tightening and release.

b. The clamp consists of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, which can be positioned and secured according to the workpiece size.

c. By turning the handle, the movable jaw is brought closer to the fixed jaw, exerting pressure on the workpiece.

d. This pressure ensures a tight and secure grip, holding the workpiece in place during woodworking, metalworking, and other projects.

e. They utilize a threaded spindle that enables precise adjustment of the clamping force. This allows users to achieve the desired level of tightness for different materials and project requirements.

f. The jaws of these clamps are often equipped with protective pads or non-slip surfaces to prevent damage or slippage during clamping, ensuring the workpiece remains secure and intact.

g. They are designed with a robust construction using durable materials such as steel or cast iron, providing strength and stability during heavy-duty applications.

h. These clamps typically feature a quick-release mechanism that allows for easy and rapid opening and closing, enabling efficient workflow and minimizing downtime.

i. There is a wide range of clamps and related supplements, including clamps and automotive clamps. Explore our collection to find the perfect clamping solution for your needs.

Where are Sash Clamps commonly used? 

They are versatile tools that find applications in various industries. Here are some common uses of clamps:

a. Woodworking: They are extensively used in woodworking applications for securing wood pieces and holding them in place during sawing, sanding, drilling, and glueing operations.

b. Metalworking: These clamps are also widely used in metalworking applications to hold metal pieces firmly in place during cutting, drilling, welding, and other operations.

c. Automotive: They are commonly used in the automotive industry for clamping hoses, cables, and pipes in place, providing secure and reliable connections.

d. DIY projects: Sash clamps are also popular among DIY enthusiasts for their versatility, making them ideal for various home repair and improvement projects.

e. Cabinet Making: They are essential tools in cabinet making and furniture construction, ensuring precise alignment and secure clamping of components during assembly.

f. Metal Fabrication: In metal fabrication processes such as welding or soldering, they are used to hold metalwork pieces together firmly, allowing for accurate and controlled joining.

g. Construction: They play a crucial role in construction projects, providing a strong clamping force to hold large beams, boards, or panels in position while they are being secured or joined.

h. Carpentry: They are widely used in carpentry for tasks like edge joining, panel glueing, and general woodworking, enabling accurate and secure clamping of wooden pieces.

i. Exhibition and Set Design: They are utilized in the exhibition and set design industries to hold large structures, frames, or panels in place during the assembly and installation process.

There is a vast selection of clamps and related supplements like clamps and automotive clamps, catering to different industry requirements. Explore our range of clamping solutions to find the ideal product for your application.

What are the advantages of Sash Clamps? 

They offer several benefits that make them indispensable tools in various industries. Here are some advantages of using clamps:

a. Versatility: They can be used for a wide range of applications, including woodworking, metalworking, automotive, and construction projects.

b. Secure Clamping: These clamps provide a strong and secure grip, ensuring workpieces remain firmly in place during operations.

c. Adjustable: They feature adjustable jaws and sliding bars, allowing for precise alignment and accommodating different workpiece sizes.

d. Durability: Constructed from robust materials like steel or cast iron, clamps are built to withstand heavy-duty use and offer long-lasting performance.

e. Easy to Use: With their simple and intuitive design, they are easy to set up, operate, and adjust as needed.

f. High Clamping Force: Toggle clamps are capable of exerting substantial clamping force, allowing for secure and reliable holding of workpieces.

g. Precise Pressure Distribution: With their adjustable features, clamps enable precise distribution of pressure across the workpiece, minimizing the risk of distortion or damage.

h. Easy Alignment: They assist in achieving precise alignment of workpieces, ensuring accurate and seamless assembly or joining.

i. Time and Cost Savings: By securely holding workpieces in place, clamps reduce the likelihood of errors, rework, or damage, resulting in time and cost savings.

j. Versatile Sizes and Configurations: They are available in various sizes and configurations, accommodating different project requirements and workpiece dimensions.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


STEEL-SMITH Light Duty Latches-Non Adjustable Clamp Capacity 0.25 kN PAH-CT-10103

 Rs. 87


CLIMAX MINI C-CLAMPS 1 inch (Set of 3)

 Rs. 428


CLIMAX Carpenter's T-Bar Heavy-duty Clamps 4 feet

 Rs. 2480

4 Inder 2 Inch T with 7 Ft. T-BAR CLAMP P-92F

 Rs. 1890


Irwin 12 Inch Heavy Duty Bar Clamp 1964712

 Rs. 1780


STEEL-SMITH Horizontal Hold Down Action 1kN H-217-U

 Rs. 1156


STEEL-SMITH Pull Action Toggle Clamp Capacity 100 Kg PAH-1210

 Rs. 598


Stanley C Clamp 50 mm 0-83-032

 Rs. 308

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Sash Clamps

1. What are the different types of clamps available besides sash clamps?

In addition to clamps, there is a wide variety of clamps available for different applications at Some common types include hose clamps.

2. Can sash clamps be used in automotive applications?

Yes, they can be utilised in automotive applications as well. While they are primarily known for woodworking and metalworking, these clamps can also provide effective clamping solutions in the automotive industry.

3. What are some essential accessories to consider along with sash clamps?

Along with these clamps, several essential accessories / supplements can enhance their functionality. Some include clamps, which aid in the precise positioning and alignment of workpieces, and automotive clamps designed specifically for automotive applications.
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