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Non Sparking Spanners

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Get to Know All About Non-Sparking Spanners

Non-sparking spanner sets are indispensable tools explicitly designed for use in environments with a high risk of explosions or fires. Unlike traditional spanners that are made from materials that can create sparks when struck against certain surfaces, non-sparking spanner sets are crafted from non-ferrous metals such as bronze, aluminium-bronze, or copper-beryllium alloys. These specialised tools offer a crucial safety measure in industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, mining operations, and other hazardous settings where flammable gases, vapours, or combustible dust are present. By eliminating the potential for sparks, non-sparking spanner sets help to mitigate ignition risk and contribute to a safer working environment. Whether it's tightening or loosening bolts and nuts, these reliable tools provide efficiency and peace of mind for workers operating in potentially explosive atmospheres. Check out a range of safety products and hand operated machines on our website.

Where are Non-sparking spanners used?

i) Oil Refineries: Spanner sets are essential for maintenance and repairs in oil refineries, where flammable gases and liquids are present. They ensure the safe handling of bolts and nuts without the risk of ignition.
Chemical Plants: In chemical plants, where volatile substances are handled, adjustable spanners made of non-ferrous materials are used to tighten and loosen connections safely.
iii) Mining Operations: Spanner tools find application in mining operations where explosive gases and dust can pose serious hazards. Double-ended spanners and combinations are used to work on machinery and equipment.
iv) Petrochemical Industry: A combination spanner set and open-ended spanners designed for non-sparking environments are used in petrochemical facilities, ensuring secure and spark-free maintenance of pipelines, valves, and flanges.
v) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: These spanners are crucial in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants where volatile substances are handled. Combination sets and adjustable spanners are employed for equipment maintenance.
vi) Gas Plants: In gas plants, double open-end spanners and combination sets made of non-sparking materials are utilised to tighten and loosen fittings and connections safely.
vii) Hazardous Environments: Non-sparking slogging spanners are commonly used in hazardous environments such as explosive storage facilities, where the risk of sparks must be minimised.

By incorporating non-sparking spanners into these industries and applications, the risk of sparks and subsequent fires or explosions can be significantly reduced, ensuring a safer working environment for operators and personnel. Check out our affordable range of socket sets and accessories.

How do non sparking spanners ensure safety?

i) Non-Ferrous Construction: Non-sparking spanners, including adjustable, ring, and double-ended spanners, are crafted from non-ferrous materials such as bronze, aluminium-bronze, or copper-beryllium alloys. This composition prevents the generation of sparks when the spanners come into contact with certain surfaces.
Spark-Free Operation: By using non-ferrous materials, a non-sparking spanner eliminates the potential for sparks, reducing the risk of ignition in environments where flammable gases, vapours, or combustible dust are present.
iii) Industry Compliance: They comply with safety regulations and industry standards, ensuring that they meet the necessary requirements for use in hazardous environments.
iv) Versatility and Functionality: Non-sparking sets, combinations, and open-ended spanners are available in various sizes and types to accommodate different bolt and nut sizes. This versatility allows for seamless application across a wide range of tasks.
v) Durable and Reliable: Crafted from high-quality materials, non-sparking spanners are built to withstand demanding conditions. They offer durability and long-lasting performance even in harsh environments, providing peace of mind to users. Check out our website for clamping and positioning.

Features to look for in non sparking spanners:

When selecting them, it's important to consider the following key features to ensure optimal safety and performance:

1.  Non-Ferrous Material: Look for spanners made from non-ferrous materials such as bronze, aluminium-bronze, or copper-beryllium alloys. These materials eliminate the risk of sparks, reducing the potential for ignition in hazardous environments.
2. Range of Sizes and Types: Choose non-sparking spanner sets and individual spanners that offer a wide range of sizes and types. This versatility ensures compatibility with various bolt and nut sizes, allowing for efficient and effective usage in different applications.
3. Ergonomic Design: Opt for spanners with ergonomic designs, including comfortable grips and user-friendly features. This enhances ease of use, reduces fatigue, and promotes safer handling during tasks.
4. Durable Construction: Ensure that the non-sparking spanners are built to withstand demanding conditions. Look for spanners crafted from high-quality materials that provide durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments.
5. Compliance with Safety Standards: Verify that the non-sparking spanners meet relevant safety regulations and industry standards. This ensures that the spanners are specifically designed for use in hazardous environments, providing an additional layer of confidence in their safety features.

What are the safety guidelines for using non sparking spanners?

i) Training: Ensure that all personnel using them are adequately trained in their proper handling and usage. Training should cover the specific hazards of the work environment and the correct techniques for using non-sparking tools.
Inspection: Examine them for evidence of damage or wear. Discard any spanners that show cracks, deformities, or other defects that may compromise their safety or performance.
iii) Compatibility: Use the appropriate size and type for the specific task at hand. Using the wrong size or type of spanner can lead to improper fit, increased risk of slippage, and potential accidents.
iv) Avoid Overexertion: Do not apply excessive force or torque when using them. Applying excessive force can lead to tool failure, potential sparks, or personal injury. Use additional tools or techniques if necessary to prevent overexertion.
v) Storage: The designated areas or toolboxes when not in use. Proper storage helps prevent damage, and contamination and ensures easy accessibility when needed.
vi) Maintenance: Clean non-sparking spanners regularly to remove debris, dirt, or any substances that may affect their performance. Lubricate movable parts as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain smooth operation.

What Are The Types of non-sparking spanners?

These are the different types of non-sparking spanners available in the market:

1. Adjustable Spanner: Adjustable Spanners feature a movable jaw, allowing for versatility in gripping different sizes of bolts and nuts.
2. Ring Spanner: Ring spanners are spanners that have a ring-shaped end that fits over bolts and nuts, providing a secure grip for tightening or loosening.
3. Double Ended Spanner: Non-sparking double-ended spanners have two open-ended spanner heads of different sizes, offering flexibility in handling various fasteners.
4. Combination Spanner: They have a ring end on one side and an open end on the other, providing the convenience of two types of spanners in one tool.
5. Open Ended Spanner: Open-ended spanners have U-shaped jaws on both ends, enabling easy access to bolts and nuts in confined spaces
6. Slogging Spanner: They, also known as striking or hammer spanners, have a thick, sturdy build for heavy-duty applications that require impact force.
7. Double Open End Spanner:  Double open-end spanners have two U-shaped jaws of the same size on both ends, allowing for quick and efficient tightening or loosening of fasteners.

Top Selling Non Sparking Spanners:

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


Eastman Aluminium Bronze Non Sparking DOE Spanner 24x26 mm ENS-01

 Rs. 2,580


De Neer Non Sparking Ring Spanner 25 x 28 mm

 Rs. 1,180 


Eastman Aluminium Bronze Non Sparking DOE Spanner 25x28 mm ENS-01

 Rs. 3,980

4 De Neers 32 mm Beryllium Copper Non Sparking Slogging/ Hammering Ring Spanner

 Rs. 4,990


De Neers 120 mm Aluminium Bronze Non Sparking Slogging/ Hammering Open Ended Spanner

 Rs. 48,900


Eastman Aluminium Bronze Non Sparking Ring Spanners 25x28 mm ENS-03

 Rs. 4,480


De Neers 27x30 mm Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Double Open End Spanner

 Rs. 4,380


De Neers 27x32 mm Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Double Open End Spanner

 Rs. 5,380

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Non Sparking Spanners:

1. Can non-sparking spanners be used for industrial maintenance and repair tasks?

Yes, they are designed specifically for industrial maintenance and repair tasks. They are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, mining, and pharmaceutical. These spanners ensure safety by eliminating sparks, making them suitable for environments where flammable substances are present.

2. What are the advantages of using non sparking spanners in hazardous environments?

They offer several advantages in hazardous environments, including:
i) Minimising the risk of ignition and explosions due to sparks.
ii) Ensuring the safety of workers and equipment in areas with flammable substances.
iii) Compliance with safety regulations and industry standards.
iv) A wide range of sizes and types are available for various applications.

3. Are non-sparking spanners durable and long-lasting?

They are built to be durable and long-lasting, even in harsh industrial environments. They are crafted from high-quality materials such as bronze, aluminium-bronze, or copper-beryllium alloys, which offer corrosion resistance and excellent strength. This ensures that the spanners can withstand demanding conditions and provide reliable performance over time.
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