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Industrial Automation is everywhere today, and it is not easy to imagine a production line without automation. It uses control systems and equipment, such as software and robots, to perform tasks that were previously done manually. These systems operate industrial equipment in an automated way, reducing the necessity for oversight. Feedback loops and sensory programs are present in such systems. They meet the desired values based on real-time data. Industrial Automation has grown significantly in the past years due to the digitalisation of manufacturing, more so with the Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) – opening up more and more chances for industrial growth.


Benefits Of Industrial Automation

1. Quality Improvement: Compared to humans, automation is less prone to errors. There is a higher chance of precision that is received by using automated machines. Also, automation makes the manufacturing process faster, more accurate, and better.


2. Being efficient: Robots can work non-stop, unlike human operators, thus diminishing the break time and increasing productivity. Another factor about automation is that modifications can be done if and when needed. The work cell can be adjusted according to the requirement. All these factors greatly contribute to the rise of Industrial Automation.


3. Being ‘Cheaper’: Operating robots is much less expensive than human operators. Once the initial expenses of the robot are taken care of, only the maintenance costs remain. This is much less as compared to operator’s salaries and other benefits. In addition, the result in automated processes is of better quality, resulting in lesser loss, adding to the cost savings.


4. Faster Market Reach: Industrial Automation can be given credit for keeping a lot of work in-house rather than the work being outsourced.


5. Better Safety:  Many of the hazardous tasks that the operators previously performed can now be avoided. Such dangerous tasks involve working with chemicals, picking up bulky objects, and working in unfavourable conditions. Robots remove the chances of casualties and accidents at the workplace.


Types Of Industrial Automation:

Unmanned systems are also autonomous systems and are used in automotive, aerospace, construction and other heavy industries. Industrial Automation specialists may engage in tasks such as monitoring malfunctions, calibrating machinery, troubleshooting problems and initiating backups. 


Automation technicians can work on small or large systems, overseeing everything from robots to complicated control panels. Often, this is overseen by a computer which includes the ability to monitor process flow and alarm conditions that may indicate a problem.


Industrial Automation solutions are used across a variety of industries to accomplish a seemingly endless number of tasks. There are countless types of Industrial Automation solutions, with one or multiple systems performing each task following defined processes and protocols. The application of modern industrial control systems (ICS) is quite large, covering everything from small machines, such as ATMs, to large factories and manufacturing plants. Industrial Automation systems are often built on 1 of 3 types: fixed programs, programmable controllers and flexible industrial robots. 

Today’s Industrial Automation solutions are required to provide a seamless experience for users in the factory environment. Whether you’re looking for fixed automation or a programmable or flexible solution, we can help you find the right product and support your operation with factory integration services, training, and technical support.


1. Fixed: Fixed automation is the most expensive option and is typically reserved for large-scale production shops with stable processes. The fixed automation solution is often a one-size-fits-all solution that does not offer many options for process optimisation, equipment adjustments or model changes. Typically, these solutions are implemented in an existing production facility to reduce labour costs and improve productivity. This form of automation is not common in start-up companies or those in the R&D phase.


2. Programmable: Programmable automation is best used when the process or product is too complex to be handled by a computer control system that has a very limited ability to change. It can also be used when the number of units produced is high, making it economical to make changes and modifications without the need for equipment reconfiguration. When an electronic system is used with programmable automation, reprogramming will often take longer as each change results in a new set of instructions for the hardware.


3. Flexible: Flexible automation is a system that can easily and quickly change to run different products, which is why it is often referred to as soft automation. Similar to programmed automation, this type of automated machine provides flexibility for product changeovers. The big advantage of flexible automation is that the product changeovers are conveyed via the control system and occur quickly and automatically – eliminating the time required to reconfigure the equipment in between batches. 


4. Integrated Automation: This type of automation completely removes the need to include the need for human intervention. Here, one control system manages and syncs all the devices and data.


Components of Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is a vital part of modern business processes. As industries worldwide continue to automate and streamline operations, it’s important to understand the different Industrial Automation protocols that keep operations running at peak efficiency.

Control Networks: To connect software applications, control systems and devices into one channel, Control networks are vital. 


There are some common components of Industrial Automation as discussed below:

1. Supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA)- this helps speed up operations by processing real-time data

2. Distributed control system (DCS): It controls different functions by using a central monitoring system

3. Human-machine interface (HMI): this software works as a translator when it transfers data to human operators

4. Programmable logic controller (PLC): it uses a mini microprocessor to monitor and sensor data and initiate certain actions

5. Programmable automation controller (PAC): They are similar to PLCs the only difference being that they use multiprocessors to support larger operation tasks

6. Artificial Neural Network (ANN): It is a computing system that simulates the data processing by the brain for the identification of network patterns

7. Robotics: They improve the speed and quality of production.


Industrial Automation is the use of automated devices and software to control operations in factories, assembly lines and other industrial settings. This technology has become an invaluable asset for businesses worldwide today, especially at a time when consumers have become accustomed to quick operations. Automation is here to stay for a long time and will rule the future of technology.


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Panasonic Vertical Limit Switches, for Regular-use AZC11113H 85937293 - Made In Japan

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the types of Industrial Automation?

There are four types of Industrial Automation:

1. Fixed: This is an expensive option which is used for large scale production.

2. Programmable: It is used when the product is too complex for the computer.

3. Flexible: This type of automation provides flexibility for changes.

4. Integrated: This removes the need for any human intervention.


2. Mention some of the advantages of Industrial Automation?

Some of the advantages of Industrial Automation are:

1. Quality Improvement

2. Efficiency

3. Faster Market Reach

4. Cheaper Price

5. Better Safety


3. Name some components of Industrial Automation?

Some components of Industrial Automation are:

1. Supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA)

2. Distributed control system (DCS)

3. Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

4. Robotics


4. Name some brands that deal in Industrial Automation?

Some of the brands include Omron, Delta, Mitsubishi, Havells, and BTH


5. Why is Industrybuying a reputed name in the industry?

Industrybuying offers all types of Industrial Automation tools, machines and equipment. Delivering premium quality products has made the company a known name.



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