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Unlock the future of digital documentation with our selection of top-tier document scanners at our website. Choose from renowned brands like Canon, Epson, and HP to ensure crisp, high-quality scans every time. Whether you're looking for the best document scanner for professional use or a cost-effective option for occasional needs, our range covers it all. Some of the other brand names include Motorola and Epson. It starts from affordable rates like INR 2,380 and extends to a range of INR 1,59,000. You will also find portable document scanners at our website. Our prices cater to every budget, from the most affordable to premium choices. Experience seamless digitization with us!

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What are Document Scanners?

A document scanner is an essential tool for efficiently digitizing physical documents. Whether you need to scan invoices, contracts, or receipts, these scanners offer quick and accurate scanning solutions. There is a wide range of these scanners at competitive prices. Choose from the best document scanner, including portable options, like the Epson Document Scanner. With features such as an automatic document feeder, these scanners streamline your workflow. Explore our website to find the perfect document scanner machine at an affordable document scanner machine price. Don't forget to also consider a barcode scanner for your business needs. 

What are the types of Document scanners?

There are a variety of scanners, including the best scanners known for their performance and reliability.  

Here are the different types: 

  1. Flatbed Scanners: These scanners feature a flat glass surface where documents are placed for scanning. Ideal for scanning books, photos, and fragile documents.

  2. Sheetfed Scanners: Compact and efficient, these scanners can scan multiple sheets of paper at once using an automatic document feeder (ADF).

  3. Portable Scanners: Designed for on-the-go use, portable scanners are lightweight and offer convenient scanning of documents outside the office.

  4. Network Scanners: These scanners are connected to a network and allow multiple users to scan and share documents remotely.

  5. Document Cameras: Also known as visual presenters, these cameras capture images of documents or objects and display them in real-time.

  6. Handheld Scanners: These scanners are small and handheld, allowing for easy scanning of documents on the go.

  7. All-in-One Printers: Many printers come with built-in document scanning functionality, offering a convenient all-in-one solution.

  8. Photo Scanners: Specialized document scanners designed specifically for scanning photographs with high resolution and color accuracy.

  9. Document Feed Scanners: These scanners automatically feed and scan a stack of documents, saving time and effort.

  10. Document Management Scanners: These scanners come with software for organizing and managing scanned documents efficiently.

  11. Book Scanners: Designed to scan bound books without damaging them, these scanners often feature a V-shaped book cradle.

  12. Large Format Scanners: Used for scanning oversized documents, such as architectural drawings or maps.

  13. Microfilm Scanners: Specifically designed to digitize microfilm or microfiche documents for archival purposes.

  14. Portable Wand Scanners: These handheld scanners are moved over the document, capturing the image as they pass.

  15. Business Card Scanners: These scanners are optimized for scanning and organizing business cards electronically.

  16. Cloud Scanners: These scanners integrate with cloud storage services, allowing direct scanning and uploading to the cloud.

  17. 3D Scanners: Advanced scanners that capture three-dimensional objects, creating digital 3D models.

  18. Mobile Scanners: Compact scanners are designed for scanning documents using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

  19. Automatic Batch Scanners: These scanners can automatically detect and separate multiple documents within a single scan.

  20. Slide and Film Scanners: These scanners are specifically designed for digitizing slides, negatives, and film strips. 

How do Document Scanners work?

Here is the working of document scanners: 

  • a. Document scanners use optical sensors to capture images or text from physical documents.

  • b. The document is placed on the scanner's flatbed or fed through an automatic document feeder.

  • c. The scanner's sensor captures the image or text by scanning it line by line.

  • d. The captured information is converted into digital data through optical character recognition (OCR) or image processing.

  • e. The digital data is then stored as a file on a computer or other storage device.

  • f. Some scanners offer duplex scanning, allowing both sides of a document to be scanned simultaneously.

  • g. Advanced features such as auto-crop, color correction, and image enhancement ensure high-quality scanned results.

  • h. These scanners can be connected to a computer via USB or wirelessly for seamless data transfer.

  • i. The software accompanying the scanner enables users to organize, edit, and manage scanned documents efficiently.

  • j. These scanners play a crucial role in digitizing and archiving paper documents, improving accessibility and saving space. 

Where are document scanners commonly used?

Here are some common applications: 

  • a. Offices: Document scanners streamline document management and facilitate paperless workflows.

  • b. Banks and Financial Institutions: Scanners digitize customer forms, checks, and other important documents.

  • c. Healthcare: Scanning medical records and patient documents improves accessibility and enhances efficiency.

  • d. Libraries and Educational Institutions: Document scanners help preserve and digitize books, articles, and other reference materials.

  • e. Government Organizations: These scanners aid in archival, record-keeping, and document retrieval processes.

  • f. Legal Firms: These scanners assist in scanning and digitizing legal documents, contracts, and case files.

  • g. Insurance Companies: Scanners help process insurance claims, policy documents, and customer records.

  • h. Real Estate Agencies: Document scanners are used to scan property contracts, agreements, and legal paperwork.

  • i. Logistics and Shipping: Scanners enable the digitization of shipping documents, invoices, and delivery receipts.

  • j. Government Offices: Scanners play a vital role in digitizing and archiving official government documents and records.

  • k. Research Institutions: These scanners aid in digitizing research papers, manuscripts, and scientific documents.

  • l. Retail Businesses: Scanners are used to scan and store receipts, invoices, and inventory-related documents.

  • Engineering and Architecture: Document scanners assist in converting technical drawings, blueprints, and schematics into digital format.

  • Non-profit Organizations: Scanners help in digitizing donation records, grant applications, and important administrative documents.

  • Home Offices: Portable scanners are commonly used in home offices for scanning personal documents, receipts, and bills. 

Browse our collection at Industrybuying to find the perfect document scanner machine at a competitive document scanner price. 

What are the advantages of Document scanners

There are the best document scanner options, like the Epson Scanner. Here are the advantages:

  • a. Enhanced Efficiency: These scanners streamline workflows by quickly converting physical documents into digital files.

  • b. Space Savings: Digitized documents reduce the need for physical storage space, promoting a clutter-free environment.

  • c. Accessibility: Digital files can be easily accessed, searched, and shared, enhancing collaboration and information retrieval.

  • d. Data Security: Scanned documents can be encrypted and password-protected, ensuring data confidentiality.

  • e. Cost-Effective: These scanners reduce paper consumption, printing costs, and manual labor expenses.

  • f. Versatility: Various types of scanners are available to suit different document types and scanning requirements.

  • g. Time-Saving: Automatic document feeder scanner enable bulk scanning, saving time and effort in handling multiple documents.

  • h. Improved Organization: Scanned documents can be easily organized, labeled, and categorized, enabling efficient document management.

  • i. Quick Searchability: Digital documents can be searched using keywords or phrases, allowing for swift retrieval of specific information.

  • j. Data Backup and Recovery: Scanned documents serve as backups, protecting against loss or damage of physical copies.

  • k. Integration with Workflow Systems: These scanners can be integrated with existing software or workflow systems, ensuring seamless integration and automation.

  • l. Environmentally Friendly: By reducing paper usage, these scanners contribute to eco-friendly practices and sustainability.

  • m. Mobile Access: Digitized documents can be accessed remotely using mobile devices, enabling flexibility and remote work.

  • n. Collaboration: Digital documents can be easily shared and collaborated on with colleagues or clients, facilitating teamwork and feedback.

  • o. Reduced Physical Handling: Scanned documents eliminate the need for manual handling, reducing wear and tear and preserving document integrity.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 EPSON V39 Scanner

 Rs. 9590


Canon Scanner LiDE 300 Flat Bed USB Scanner

 Rs. 5990


 Canon CanoScan LiDe 400 Scanner

 Rs. 7790

4 Rugtek LS 3000R Scanner, Multi-coloured, 173x67x94 mm

 Rs. 2380


 TVS Barcode Scanner BS-C101

 Rs. 3480


 Fujitsu S1300i Scanner

 Rs. 24800


 Foxwell I70pro Car Tablet Scanner with 2GB DDR3L RAM

 Rs. 228000


 Epson WorkForce DS-730N Network Color Document Scanner with 100 Page Auto Document Feeder White

 Rs. 37637

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Document Scanners

1.What factors should I consider when choosing the best document scanner for my needs?

When choosing the best scanner, consider factors such as scanning speed, resolution, connectivity options, and compatibility with your operating system. Additionally, evaluate features like automatic document feeders (ADFs) for efficient scanning and software compatibility for document management.

2.Are portable document scanners suitable for on-the-go scanning requirements?

Yes, portable scanners are designed to cater to on-the-go scanning needs. They are lightweight, compact, and offer convenience for scanning documents while traveling or in remote locations. Portable scanners provide flexibility without compromising scanning quality, making them ideal for professionals who require mobility.

3.How does the presence of an automatic document feeder (ADF) benefit document scanning?

An automatic document feeder (ADF) simplifies the scanning process by allowing you to load multiple documents at once. The scanner automatically feeds the documents, saving time and effort compared to manually placing each page for scanning.

Top Selling Products of Document Scanner

Product Name Expected Price Discount
Canon Scanner LiDE 300 Flat Bed USB Scanner Rs.6590 -
Epson DS-1630 Flatbed Scanner EPIL Rs.29990 -
HP ScanJet Pro N4000 snw1 Sheet-feed Scanner 6FW08A Rs.49990 -
Canon CanoScan LiDe 400 Scanner Rs.7490 -
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