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Stay connected with clarity and convenience using our range of landline phones at Discover trusted brands like Panasonic and Beetel, offering reliable landline and cordless phone options. Explore our selection, with prices starting at just ₹558 for affordable choices, and premium cordless phones available at ₹14,800. Whether it's for home or office use, our landline phones ensure seamless communication from brands like Alcatel. Experience the best in telephony with competitive prices and top-quality landline phones available on our landing page.

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Read All About Landline Phones Here

Also known as a wired or fixed-line telephone is a communication device that uses physical cables or wires to transmit voice signals over a network. They were the primary means of communication in households and businesses for many years before the advent of mobile phones and the Internet. 

What is a Landline Phone?

It is a telephone that connects to a physical line, usually provided by a telecommunications company. It allows users to make and receive calls by using a wired handset. Unlike mobile phones, they use a physical compost ordinary connect to the network. They were once the most common phone, but their usage has declined in recent years due to mobile phones and internet-based communication services.

Alrthouh with advancements in network components their uses have been limited, they still prove to be of great use. Today, they come equipped with various features, including caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and conference calling. Browse our website and come across affordable range of landline phone price and get quality-ensured products delivered at your doorstep. 

How does a Landline Phone work?

The working can be broken down into three main parts: the microphone and speaker in the handset, the electrical signal transmission through the physical cable, and the exchange that connects the call to the recipient.

1. Microphone and Speaker:
When a person speaks into the microphone of the handset, the sound waves are converted into electrical signals by a small device called a microphone. These electrical signals are then transmitted through the physical cable. At the receiving end, the electrical signals are sent to a small speaker in the handset, which converts the electrical signals back into sound waves that can be heard by the person on the other end.

2. Electrical Signal Transmission:
The electrical signals travel through the physical cable that connects the landline to the exchange. This cable is usually a pair of copper wires that run from the telephone jack to the exchange. When the electrical signals travel through the cable, they encounter resistance and other distortions that can affect the clarity of the call. To prevent these issues, the signals are boosted by small amplifiers along the way.

3. The Exchange:
The exchange is a central office that connects calls to the recipient. When a call is made, the telephone jack in the home or business sends a signal to the exchange, identifying the phone number of the person who is making the call. The exchange then connects the call to the recipient's telephone jack, and the electrical signals are transmitted through the physical cable to the recipient's handset. If the recipient is not available, the exchange may provide features like voicemail or call waiting to ensure that the caller can leave a message or be notified when the recipient is available.

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What are the various parts of a Landline Phone Set?

1. Handset:  This is part of the phone that the user holds to their ear and mouth during a call. It typically contains a speaker for listening and a microphone for speaking.
2. Base Unit: This is part of the phone that the handset rests on when not in use. It may also contain controls for the phone's various features, such as volume control or call waiting.
3. Cord: This is the physical cable that connects the handset to the base unit. It allows electrical signals to be transmitted between the two parts of the phone.
4. Telephone Jack: This is the socket in the wall that the phone is connected to. It provides a physical connection to the telephone network.
5. Display Screen: This can show the time, caller ID, and call duration.
6. Keypad: This is used to enter phone numbers and access features such as voicemail or call waiting.
7. Function Buttons: These buttons on the base unit allow the user to access various phone features, such as redial, mute, or speakerphone.

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Modern day landlines can work well with other mobiles & accessories.

What are the types of  Landline Phone?

a. Cordless Landline Phones: They are traditional phones with a wired handset connected to the base unit by a cord. These phones require a physical connection to the telephone network and do not rely on batteries or electricity.
b. Cordless Phones: They use radio waves to transmit signals between the handset and the base unit, allowing the user to move around freely while on a call. These phones require a base unit connected to the telephone network, but the handset can be used anywhere within range of the base unit.
c. Speakerphones: Speakerphones are designed to be used hands-free and have a built-in speaker and microphone. They allow the user to make and receive calls without holding the handset, which can be helpful in a group setting or during a conference call.
d. VoIP Phones: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones use the internet to transmit voice signals instead of physical cables. These phones require a high-speed internet connection and may be integrated with other communication tools, such as video conferencing software.
e. Smartphones with Landline Functionality: Some smartphones can be used as a wireless landline phone by connecting them to a base unit connected to the telephone network. And allows users to make and receive calls on their smartphone using their landline-phone number.

The need for an Intercom System as well as different point of sale has also increased. 

What are the advantages of using?

1. Reliability: They have a more reliable connection than cellular phones, especially in areas with weak or no coverage. They are unaffected by power outages or internet connectivity issues, and calls are less likely to drop or be lost.
2. Sound Quality: Cordless phones typically have better sound quality than cell phones, providing more precise and consistent audio during calls.
3. Security:  They are more secure than cell phones since they are harder to hack and intercept. Therefore these are a better option for confidential or sensitive conversations.
4. No Need for Charging: Unlike cell phones, landline telephones do not require charging, so they are always ready to use.
5. Cost-effective: They are typically less expensive than cell phones, and long-distance calls are usually cheaper. They also do not require data plans or contracts, making them a cost-effective option for many people.
6. Suitable for Business: They are still the preferred choice for many businesses as they provide reliable and professional communication. They also have features like multiple lines and call forwarding that can enhance business operations.

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What are their applications?

1. Personal Communication: They are commonly used for personal communication, such as talking to family and friends. They provide a reliable and precise connection, making it easier to have long conversations.
2. Business Communication: They are widely used in businesses for communication with clients, customers, and employees. They provide a more professional means of communication than cell phones and can have features like call forwarding and multiple lines.
3. Emergency Services: Cordless phones provide a fixed location for emergency services to find in an emergency. They are also reliable during power outages and can still be used to call for help.
4. Telemarketing and Surveys: They are still used for telemarketing and surveys, as they provide a more reliable means of communication than cell phones. However, they must comply with regulations like the National Do Not Call Registry.
5. Internet Services: They can also provide internet services such as DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), which uses the same copper wires as phone lines to provide high-speed internet access.
6. Medical Alert Systems: They can be used with medical alert systems designed to help people with medical conditions live independently by providing a way to call for help in an emergency.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Landline-Phones:

1. How can I check if my landline phone is working?

You can make a call from it to another phone. It is working if you can hear a dial tone and the call goes through. If you don't hear a dial tone, check that the phone is correctly connected to the wall jack and the power source.

2. Can I keep my landline phone number if I switch service providers?

Yes, you can keep your number when switching service providers. It is known as number portability and is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). However, you may need to check with your new service provider to ensure they support number portability and any additional requirements or fees.

3. Do I need a landline phone for internet service?

No, you do not need it for internet service. Various types of internet connections, including cable, fibre optic, and satellite, do not require a landline connection. However, some types of internet service, such as DSL uses the same copper wires as phone lines and may require a landline telephone connection. It is best to check with your internet service provider for their requirements.

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Top Selling Products of Landline Phones

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Beetel M88 Teletwin Landline Phone Black Rs.3990 - 24 hrs
Beetel C51 Corded Phone Black Rs.1290 - 5 days
Yealink SIP-T33G Ip Phone Black Rs.7990 - 15 days
Beetel FWP F5-4G Corded Landline Phone Black Rs.6990 3% OFF 5 days
Alcatel T-16 Landline Phone Black Rs.1790 - 2 days
Beetel C11 Corded Phone Black Rs.569 - 8 days
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