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Illuminate your creative projects with our versatile range of ring lights available. Explore top brands like Digitek for reliable lighting solutions. From the affordable ring light price starting at just INR 848 per piece to the high-performance Digitek ring light at INR 5,580 we offer a broad spectrum of options for your photography and videography needs. Achieve the perfect lighting for your shots with our ring lights, designed for consistency and quality. EcommOceans is another prestigious brand associated with Industrybuying. Find the ideal ring light for your requirements, available at competitive prices only at IndustryBuying.

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Introduction to Ring Light

A ring light is a circular light that is typically used for photography and videography. It is placed around the photographic device lens, creating a diffused light that evenly illuminates the subject. This helps to reduce shadows and create a more professional-looking image. They are also commonly used for makeup tutorials and live streaming, as they can help to create a flattering and well-lit video.

Where can ring light commonly be used?

It is also known as halo light. Here are some popular applications:

a. Photography: Capture stunning portraits, fashion shoots, or product photos with the help of a halo light. Its even lighting and adjustable brightness ensure professional results.

b. Videography: Whether you're filming YouTube videos, vlogs, or online tutorials, a halo light provides consistent illumination for clear and well-lit footage.

c. Makeup and Beauty: Perfect your makeup application or beauty tutorials with a halo light that minimizes shadows, enhances colors, and highlights facial features.

d. Video Conferencing: Impress your clients and colleagues during virtual meetings with a ring light that ensures you always look your best on photographic device.

e. Live Streaming: Whether you're gaming, streaming music, or engaging with your audience on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, a halo light enhances your visibility and presentation.

f. Content Creation: From TikTok videos to Instagram Reels, a halo light is an essential tool for content creators seeking professional lighting setups for their photos and videos.

Enhance your photography and videography experience with a halo light from Industry Buying. With its adjustable tripod stand, you can position your photographic device or smartphone effortlessly. Check out their range of photographic device accessories, including photographic device flashes, camera Lenses, and tripods, to complete your setup. Invest in the good ring light with stand for your needs and take your visuals to new heights.

Which features should you consider when buying a ring light?

When purchasing a halo light, it's important to consider several key features to ensure you choose the best option for your needs. At Industry Buying, you'll find a wide range of ring light with stand price at competitive prices.

Here are some essential features to consider before buying a ring light:

a. Size and Diameter: Determine the ideal size for your purposes, such as an 18 inch ring light, to ensure sufficient lighting coverage for your subjects.

b. Light Source: Opt for an LED halo light, known for its energy efficiency, durability, and adjustable color temperature options.

c. Adjustable Brightness: Look for a halo light with adjustable brightness levels to cater to different lighting requirements.

d. Color Temperature Control: Consider a halo light with color temperature control, allowing you to achieve warm or cool lighting tones as desired.

e. Mounting Options: Check if the ring light with tripod or stands for stability and flexibility in positioning your photographic device or smartphone.

f. Compatibility: Ensure the halo light is compatible with your camera, smartphone, or other devices to avoid any compatibility issues.

g. Portability: If you need to use the halo light on the go, consider a portable and lightweight option that is easy to transport.

h. Additional Accessories: Explore if the halo light includes extra accessories like diffusers, phone holders, or remote control for added convenience.

Why are ring lights popular among content creators?

Halo lights have gained immense popularity among content creators, and it's not without reason. Industry Buying offers a variety of halo lights, including those with stands and tripods, at competitive ring light price, making them accessible to all.

Here are some reasons why halo lights have become a go-to choice for content creators:

a. Flawless Lighting: They provide even and diffused lighting, reducing shadows and creating a soft, flattering glow on subjects.

b. Captivating Catchlights: The unique circular design of halo lights produces eye-catching catchlights in subjects' eyes, adding a mesmerizing and professional touch to photographs and videos.

c. Versatile Applications: Content creators can use halo lights for various purposes, including photography, videography, makeup tutorials, live streaming, video conferencing, and more.

d. Adjustable Intensity: Halo lights often come with adjustable brightness settings, allowing creators to customize the lighting according to their specific needs and desired ambiance.

e. Easy to Use: With their user-friendly features and intuitive controls, they are hassle-free to set up and operate, making them suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

f. Portable Options: Some ring lights are designed to be portable, allowing content creators to take their lighting setup anywhere they go, ensuring consistent lighting quality on the move.

g. Energy Efficiency: LED halo lights, available on Industry Buying, offer energy-efficient lighting solutions, helping content creators save on electricity bills while still achieving high-quality results.

Pair your halo light purchase from Industry Buying with photographic device accessories like camera flash accessories, photographic device lenses, or tripods to complete your professional setup.

What are the different types of ring lights?

There are diffetenr types of halo lights available in market. All types have different features and functionality. Let's explore the types:

a. Halo Lights with Stands: These halo lights come with a sturdy stand, providing stability and flexibility in positioning the light source.

b. Halo Lights with Tripods: Designed for convenience and versatility, these ring lights feature an adjustable tripod stand, allowing you to set up the light at different heights and angles.

c. Dimmable Halo Lights: These halo lights offer adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to customize the lighting intensity according to your needs.

d. Ring Light for Phones: Compact and portable, these halo lights are specially designed for smartphone photography and videography, providing optimal lighting for capturing stunning shots.

e. LED Ring Lights: They are energy-efficient and provide consistent lighting with a long lifespan. They offer various color temperature options and adjustable settings for precise control over the lighting effects.

Who can benefit from using a ring light?

Here are some individuals and industries that can reap the advantages:

a. Photographers: Professional photographers can enhance their portrait, fashion, and product photography by using a halo light to achieve even and flattehalo lighting.

b. Videographers: Video creators, vloggers, and YouTubers can elevate the quality of their videos with a halo light, ensuring well-lit and captivating visuals.

c. Makeup Artists: Makeup artists can rely on ring lights to create precise and flawless looks, enabling them to showcase their artistry with excellent lighting.

d. Content Creators: Whether you're creating TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, or other social media content, a halo light ensures professional lighting setups for captivating visuals.

e. Live Streamers: Streamers on platforms like Twitch or YouTube can level up their streaming game with halo  light,  providing clear and well-illuminated video feeds to engage their audience.

f. Online Sellers: If you're selling products online, a halo light can help showcase your items in the best possible light, attracting potential buyers with high-quality product photos.

g. Professionals: Professionals participating in video conferences or virtual meetings can present themselves professionally with a halo light that ensures optimal lighting conditions.

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Product Name

Expected Price


 Prolite 10 inch LED Ring Light with Mobile Holder 3 Natural Color Modes Brightness Control

 Rs. 699


Prolite 18 inch Professional Big LED Ring Light with 9 ft Stand, Mobile Holder, Ball Head Knob Control

 Rs. 5990


 Prolite 18 inch Professional Big LED Ring Light with Mobile Holder, Ball Head, Carry Bag Color and Brightness Control

 Rs. 5790

4 EcommOceans18 Inche Ring Light

 Rs. 2580


 EcommOceans 10 Inch Ring Light

 Rs. 1580


 EcommOceans10 Inche RGB Ring Light

 Rs. 1580


 EcommOceans MJ33 13 Inch RGB Ring Light with Mini Light Stand

 Rs. 1890


 EcommOceans 8 Inche RGB Ring Light

 Rs. 1480

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Ring Light

1.Which is the best ring light for professional use?

Choosing the best halo light depends on your specific needs and preferences. Factors to consider include size, adjustability, brightness levels, and color temperature options. Check out our selection of high-quality halo lights to find the best halo light for your professional requirements. 

2.Can I use a ring light with a tripod for phone photography?

Absolutely! Many halo lights come with a tripod stand and are designed to accommodate smartphones. These versatile halo lights allow you to achieve professional lighting for your phone photography. Browse our range of ring light with tripod stands suitable for phone usage.   

3.Are LED halo lights better than other types of ring lights?

LED halo lights offer numerous advantages, making them a popular choice. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and provide consistent lighting with adjustable brightness and color temperature. LED halo lights available at Industry Buying are highly recommended for their superior performance and reliability. 
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