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A Mitre Saw, also known as a Power Mitre Saw, is used to make precise cuts and crosscuts into a workpiece by mounting the blade onto a board. There are Miter Saws that are called Motorised Circular Saws that can be angled at different angles and is dropped onto a board that is placed against a backstop known as the fence. The first Mitre Saw was made up of a rear saw in a mitre box.


Power Mitre Saws also bevel a piece of work by altering the machine's top portion's vertical tilt axis while the table is level to the ground. A single compound Mitre Saw is a saw that has just one direction in which the axis may be inclined. A double bevel compound Mitre Saw is one that can tilt both left and right. Some can cut bigger workpieces when they are set flat on the saw's table and flush against the fence because they are fitted with a sliding rail system or have pivot arms. A sliding compound mitre saw is what it is.

Preparation Before Operating a Miter Saw

A Miter Saw is a Power Tool and there are proper measures that need to be taken before operating it-

1. Always use safety eyewear.

2. Take off any jewellery, including rings and watches. Sleeves should be rolled up, and clothing should be fastened that hangs loose (hoodie strings, etc.)

3. Use caution while using this saw to cut items that need to be firmly secured or that need you to place your hand in the "No Hand" zone close to the blade. 

4. When cutting tiny or asymmetrical components, fasten the workpiece to a jig or fixture beforehand, or switch to a different saw.

5. Before cutting, check your workpiece. If the workpiece is warped or bent, clamp it with the distorted face of the workpiece facing the fence.

6. Always make sure there is no space along the line of cut between the workpiece, fence, and table. Additionally, check the workpiece for any nails or other foreign items.

7. Aside from the gate for the mitre saw, turn on the dust collecting system and shut all other gates.

Important Features of the Miter Saw

Following are some of the crucial features of a Miter Saw-

1. The saw motor's power is measured in amps. Greater amps equal greater cutting power.

2. When choosing a Mitre Saw, blade size is a crucial factor. 8, 10, and 12-inch mitre saws are the most popular sizes. Remember that blades with a bigger diameter might produce longer cuts.

3. Positive stops are factory-set positions that enable you to make accurate cuts on particular angles rapidly. The time required to set up cuts is reduced by more positive stops. For rapid adjustments, some saws include stops that are triggered by the thumb.

4. You may regulate how deeply the blade cuts into the workpiece by adjusting the height of the blade using depth stops. 

Precautions While Operating the Miter Saws

Necessary safety precautions while using the Miter Saw-

1. Put on safety goggles, glasses, or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles).

2. Use a dust extraction device, a respirator, or a dust mask if the task is dusty.

3. Put on the proper hearing protection.

4. When necessary, put on protective footwear.

5. Working at waist height, tightly fasten the saw to a workbench or other solid structure. By mounting the saw on a piece of plywood that is at least 13 mm (1/2 in) thick, the saw may also be transported to far-off areas. Large "C" clamps must be used to secure this plywood (and saw) to a work surface that is waist high on the construction site.

6. Before cutting, make sure all modifications are solid. When the machine is not operating and the power is off, only make adjustments.

7. Hold the stock against the fence with one hand while keeping the other on the trigger switch and handle.

8. Keep your hands away from the blade's path.

9. Keep the guards in place and operational.

10. Remove the wrenches and adjustment keys.

11. Use a blade with a crosscut or combination.

12. Make sure that the blade is rotating in the appropriate direction.

13. Make sure that the blade and arbour collars are in place and in good condition. 

14. To ensure that it cuts freely and effortlessly, keep the blade tight, clean, sharp, and correctly adjusted.

15. Only cut one piece or portion at a time.

16. Prior to taking the piece out of the saw, wait for it to stop moving.

17. Pay attention to the lubrication and accessory replacement directions.

18. Keep the workspace tidy. Incidents are encouraged by cluttered spaces and benches.

19. When not in use or before service, unplug your tools.

20. Look for any damage. Replace or fix broken components.

21. Keep the motor air slots clear of chips and dust.

Leading Brands Dealing in Miter Saws at Industrybuying

Makita, Hikoki, Metabo, Ingco, Dewalt, Hitachi, Dongcheng, Bosch, Xtra Power, Voltz, Hi-Max and other international brands provide high-performance Miter Saws online at Industrybuying. 

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4 Bosch 4800 RPM GCM 10 MX Professional Miter Saw




Makita LS1040 1650 W 12.4 kg Compound Miter Saw




Metabo KGS 254 M Mitre Saw 602540000




Frequently Asked Questions

1. What precautions to take when using Miter Saws?

Here are a few of the safety measures-

1. Put on safety goggles, glasses, or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles).

2. Use a dust extraction device, a respirator, or a dust mask if the task is dusty.

3. Put on the proper hearing protection.

4. When necessary, put on protective footwear.


2. Can Miter Saws make straight cuts?

Power Mitre Saws are made to cut at an angle for rafters, trim, moulding, and other typical carpentry tasks. Additionally, the saws produce straight crosscuts when using the appropriate blade.


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