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A Domestic Monoblock Pump is one in which both the pump and its principal mover, the motor, are built together inside a single housing. This is an example of a mechanical device where the rotating components are part of a general shaft. Without the use of a coupling mechanism, the pump and motor are coupled together in a housing that is comparable to that of the two shafts. Mono means alone, as suggested by its name, but a Monoblock Pump is a pump unit that is rigidly linked to a prime mover, such as a motor.


Types of Domestic Monoblock Pump

There are two major types of Domestic Monoblock Pumps-


Self-Priming Monoblock Pump


Self-priming Pumps are a particular kind of liquid pump made to start the pumping process with the correct amount of liquid within the cavity or pump body. This presents an opportunity for industrial plants where Pumps are employed for a range of repetitive yet intermittent processes to operate more efficiently.


These Pumps have precise operating components that trap fluids inside the Pump's body while it is not in use, restricting fluid flow from the Pump's discharge side to its suction side.


These kinds of Pumps are better able to tolerate air pockets because there is always fluid inside the Pump's body. Air pockets are a collection of air bubbles in the workings of the pump, which can prevent it from functioning properly.


Centrifugal Monoblock Pump


Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps are used for two principal applications - for freshwater and fluids that are not chemically aggressive to the Pump's parts. Due to their reliability and robustness, these Pumps are mostly employed in agriculture, industry, and civil construction.


These Pumps' performance spans a wide spectrum, making it straightforward to select the ideal type for any given application. These Pumps have a high performance efficiency and a low running cost.


The Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps are made of cast iron pump body with suction and delivery ports, as well as flanged suction. The motor bracket or cast iron backplate might be incorporated in the mechanical seal housing.

How to Choose a Domestic Monoblock Pump?

There are a number of factors that affect the choice of a Pump depending upon the usage. Take a look at a few of them-


Flow Rate

This describes the water pump's efficacy in general. The term "flow rate" describes how long it takes a water pump to move a certain volume of water, typically expressed in litres per minute. Any domestic use can be accommodated by a pump with a flow rate of between 100 and 200 litres per minute.


Size of Inlet

Inlets for most Pumps range in size from 1 to 6 inches, however they can occasionally be larger. Similar to reciprocating water Pumps, centrifugal water Pumps draw water in via the inlet and discharge it through the output valve. The more water the pump can pump out in that situation, the larger the size of an inlet valve.


Maximum Head and Pressure

The greatest height over which a water pump can move water is referred to as the maximum head of the pump. For instance, if you purchase a water pump with a maximum head of 60 metres, the flow rate will be zero if you attempt to pump water over that level. The sort of pump you select should typically have a maximum head greater than the height you intend to pump water. 


The Brand of the Pump

The brand of the water pump is the first thing to take into account. The quality of the pump can also be determined by the engine or motor. Make the appropriate inquiries and surveys regarding the standards for a water pump.


Advantages of Domestic Monoblock Pumps

The best possible efficiency is the fundamental goal of these Pumps' design. Take a look at some of the advantages-

1. These Pumps are small and practical.

2. These Pumps can stand on their own.

3. They can be installed without additional foundation plates or a connector.

4. The complexity of installation is decreasing as the overall size grows.

5. They are economical.


Applications for Domestic Monoblock Pumps

Domestic Monoblock Pumps can be used for the following things-

1. Gardens, flats, bungalows, small farms, hospitals, hotels, agricultural operations, and farmhouses are just a few household settings where these Pumps are used.

2. Freshwater and fluids that are not chemically aggressive to the pump's parts are the two principal applications for centrifugal monoblock Pumps.

3. Due to their reliability and strength, these Pumps are mostly employed in agriculture, industry, and civil construction.


Top Brands Dealing in Domestic Monoblock Pumps at Online Industrybuying

CRI, Crompton, Havells, Kirloskar, KSB, V-Guard, Usha, Texmo and many other leading manufacturers and suppliers are available with high-quality and heavy duty Pumps at Industrybuying.

Best-Selling Domestic Monoblock Pump at Industrybuying


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Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Kirloskar Chhotu 0.5HP Domestic Monoblock Water Pump, Total Head: 85 ft




Havells 1 HP AQUA FLOW A1 Domestic Water Motor Pump 




Aashirvaad Mini Gem 0.5HP Single Phase Self Priming Monoblock Pump




Kirloskar SPARKLE BLUE Mini Domestic Monoblock Pump Self Priming Pump Single Phase 25 x 25 mm




EKKI 5DZ-R 0.5HP Single Phase Self Priming Water Pump




CRI 0.5 HP Single Phase Self Priming Monoblock Centrifugal Water Pump Royal 52




Texmo ACS 15100 2 HP Single Phase Self Priming Monoblock Pump





1. How does a Domestic Monoblock Pump works?

In a Domestic Monoblock Pump, a suction lift is produced at the impeller's eye while it revolves on the prime mover shaft. Water enters the impeller vanes, accumulates kinetic energy, leaves, and travels via a volute where the kinetic energy is transformed to pressure (head).


2. Is it safe to be used at home?

These water pumps are portable and used in homes. They may also be used to water plants and lawns. The flow rate of these water pumps is the best in class.


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