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Security is of utmost importance, and it's of utter importance to take proper safety measures. Appointing security guards could be an old practice. However, with developing technology, a variety of surveillance aids are made accessible. This precaution is the most preferred one because it is convenient to put in and enhances traditional measures also. You would like security cameras for private use, for your home or workplace. Even public places like parks, shopping malls, and restaurants want surveillance cameras. A strategically placed camera will offer useful proof against any mishap, for instance, a thieving crime or any untoward incident.

Security Cameras Online

Buy surveillance cameras online for private as well as public use. Explore Bullet Cameras, Spy Cameras, Button Cameras, Dome Cameras and a lot of others serve completely different necessities. Bullet cameras are tiny cameras with a set distance and are ideal for little areas like homes, tiny offices, and more. A spy camera is typically fitted in as an associated object of daily use and might be carried on while not being detected. Dome cameras are named after their shape, which is like a dome. They are available in numerous colours and are designed to mix with your interior decoration.

You can’t continuously be there to shield your dear ones or the property within your home. However, you'll be able to continuously keep an in-depth watch on what’s happening in and around your house to make sure that there’s no suspicious activity going around. All you've got to try and do is install Security Cameras or CCTV (closed-circuit television) Camera systems. But, keep in mind that home CCTV cameras should be placed strategically in every corner to make sure that you can supervise the entire area. If you're reaching to purchase a CCTV Camera System for your home, then here are a number of the choices that you simply would possibly need to think about. offers a large range of Security Cameras. Browse our numerous styles of cameras and get the most efficient hidden camera or the other variety of security cameras that caters to your needs. You may additionally notice accessories needed for your cameras like Cables, Network DVR, and more. The choice includes surveillance cameras and accessories fromCP and Hikvision, Dahua, IBS, and lots more.

Buy Security Cameras Online

A Security Camera will have a large variety of options. That’s why it is wise to check as many choices as possible. helps you to try and do that and far more. By searching online, you can compare various Security Cameras’ costs and find them delivered right to the doorstep. Industrybuying is the most reliable E-Commerce Platform that offers great discounts and offers you the choice to decide on multiple modes of payment. 

Top Products in CCTV Cameras:

  1. IBS 6 Channel Wireless 1080P Audio Video Portable Night Vision Motion Detect Home Office Security Camera
  2. IBS 32 Channel WiFi Wireless 1080P Audio Video Portable Night Vision Motion Detect Home Office Security Camera
  3. CP Plus 5 MP 3.6mm Lens HD Bullet Camera CP-USC-TC51PL2-V3
  4. CP PLUS Ezykam CP-E21 Full HD Wi-Fi PT Indoor Camera - White
  5. CP Plus 4MP IR Network Bullet Camera CP-UNC-TA41PL3-D (3.6mm)
  6. YI Black 720p HD Smart 1 Channel Security Camera
  7. Cleverdog HD WIFI IP CCTV Security Camera Blue with MicroSD card Compatible dog-1w
  8. Securus WIFI ROBO NEO Ip Camera with Face Tracking 2.0MP
  9. CP PLUS 2MP CP-E21A Wi-Fi PT Camera

Buy High-Quality Safe Lockers Online:

In a world full of crimes and calamities, the one factor that we want to make sure of is to keep our valuables safe and secure for the least bit of time. After all, those prized possessions square measure a result of our years of diligence. Although we trust banks to keep most of them safe, there are still a number of options like our personal supervision, or there are things that you simply need for typical usages, like your insurance papers or a pair of diamond earrings. Do not forget, that bank lockers may be high-priced for a long-standing time. That is why you'd want a secure locker at your place. It'll shield your vital documents and belongings, keeping you tension-free.

There are numerous mechanical and digital lockers that are designed for various styles of valuables. Electronic lockers use security codes to lock and unlock them and they are ideal for storing jewellery and emergency money. These lockers will ensure the highest level of security. They're of superior quality by the best industrial manufacturers like Godrej, Swaggers, Ozone and many more. There are mechanical lockers that need keys to work and are ideal for medium valuable things. You can use them in offices, homes or maybe colleges. Thanks to online shopping, you can purchase lockers that may fit your necessities from the comfort of your home. Industrybuying is your one-stop shop for all Security equipment and safely delivers it at your doorsteps. Online stores even have numerous home improvement tools and residential organisers and storage choices accessible to suit numerous needs and demands.

Shop for Safes Online on

Defending capital, or in layman’s terms, money, has become a matter of great concern nowadays. With numerous burglaries happening, you can’t say one does your hard-earned cash fall prey to the looks of thieves and crooks. Keeping your assets safe from potential felony and thieving is of utmost importance. Whether or not it's your cash, jewellery, vital documents, or maybe your beloved ones, you have to keep them fortified with unparalleled safety and security victimisation Security tools online from You can browse our assortment of best sellers, sourced from leading bands like Godrej, Gobbler, and many others. The safes on the website have extraordinarily strong body frames with multiple-digit passwords and mechanical override, robust cracks and bolts and far additional. Buy these Security tools on to keep your belongings safe. 

Top Products in Safes:

  1. Godrej Safe NX Pro Digital Locker 40L Ebony
  2. Godrej NX Pro Digital 15L Home Locker Ebony
  3. Godrej Black and Gold Home Safe - Rhino V1 Gold
  4. Godrej NX Pro Digital 15L Home Locker
  5. Godrej Safe NX Pro Digital 8L Locker Ebony
  6. Godrej Rhino V1 Gold Home Safe
  7. Godrej NX Pro Bio 40L Ivory Home Locker
  8. Power House UNISEC Digital Locker
  9. Godrej Cash Box With Coin Trey Safe Locker (Brown)
  10. Godrej Aluminum Cash Box with Coin Tray
  11. GODREJ NX15L Home Locker

Biometric Machine :

The biometric time and attendance system use employee fingerprints to see who actually goes in and out of work every day. The system scans the employee's finger determines the coordinates, and then maps the end and intersection of the fingerprint.

Five Reasons to Use Biometric Machines 

  1. Getting Rid of Paper-Based Surveillance: Employees and school staff are surrounded by a lot of paper that will overwhelm Biometric attendance systems to help eliminate the use of paper-based attendance tracking and miscalculations.
  2. Most Accurate Tracking Solution: Humans are error-prone and attendance errors can be costly to the enterprise. Biometric machines eliminate attendance tracking inaccuracies. It is not possible to forge or duplicate the attributes of these machines. 
  3. Time Savings: Biometric devices save employers valuable time required for manual attendance management. The total employee time is calculated automatically based on the time of entry and exit. Employers can download and view employee attendance reports.
  4. Enhanced Security: Biometric system is the most secure system. No data can be stolen from the databases on these systems. It also eliminates the possibility of proxy participation. You cannot enter the premises without access to biometrics. This eliminates the possibility of theft. 
  5. Cost Savings: This is a one-time investment that meets the needs of your organization over the next few years. 

Top Biometric Attendance Machines :

  1. CP Plus 500 Finger Capacity Fingerprint Time Attendance CP-VTA-T2324-U
  2. Realtime T502A  Aadhaar Enable Biometric Attendance Machine
  3. Realtime T52F Biometric Machine
  4. Realtime Face with Finger Attendance Biometric - REALTIME T304F
  5. ESSL Fingerprint Access Control Terminal - X7
  6. Startek FM220U Registered Device Fingerprint Reader
  7. ESSL Simple Access Control System JS-32E

Buy Security Products Online at 

With the dramatic increase in crime rates, it has become imperative to install security equipment in homes and offices. Protecting your belongings has become a daunting task that requires more than you can see. To save your wealth, you need to find the best solution available online or offline. Browse's collection of safety equipment online and equip your home or workplace with high-quality safety equipment procured online from the most popular brands. Choose from a variety of online security tools such as sensors, horns and buzzers, GPS trackers, access control systems, anti-theft devices, CCTV cameras and accessories, safes, and security devices.


Top-Selling Security Products at Industrybuying 


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


V380 360 Degree 1.3Mp Wifi Camera With Internet Port 

Rs. 2,135

Rs. 1,845



Rs. 3,175

Rs. 2,897


Realtime T52F Biometric Machine

Rs. 15,399

Rs. 13,435


ESSL IDENTIX LX16 Biometric Attendance Machine

Rs. 5,099

Rs. 4,850


Godrej Security Solutions Ritz Digital with I-Buzz Electronic Safe

Rs. 32,647

Rs. 29,405


Ozone Aries Electronic Safe Aries

Rs. 11,399

Rs. 9,750


Dahua Starlight Image Camera DH-HAC-HDW1231SLP

Rs. 3,599

Rs. 3,353


ESSL Biometric Face Recognition Attendance Machine AiFace Mercury

Rs. 11,366

Rs. 9,354


Ozone Grey Electronic Safe - OES-BAS-10

Rs. 5,256

Rs. 4,315


Ozone WallCam OWC-P02-IE20A7L47-846 2 Megapixel IP PTZ Camera

Rs. 45,365

Rs. 41,675




1. Is it safe to buy Safety devices online?

Yes. It is perfectly safe to buy Security devices and accessories online. You can purchase a wide range of premium quality security products online at


2. Are high-range Security Cameras available online?

Yes. High-range and great quality Security Cameras are available at You can choose from a wide range of security devices online. 

Enticing Offers & Great Deals on Security

If you are looking for premium Security online at affordable prices, then Industrybuying is your one-stop solution. We offer an array of Security in a bevy of designs and specifications that meet every office need. If you want to buy Security online in India at reasonable prices, get the best deals at Industrybuying. We have an efficient logistics chain and the best Security distributors with us. We have Security dealers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. When you purchase Security online from Industrybuying, make sure you use the coupon codes to fetch an attractive deal on your purchase. We procure Security from renowned dealers to make sure that the items are genuine and that you don’t face any hassles after you have made your purchase. You will get the best Security prices online at Industrybuying.

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