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Discover precision in measurement with IndustryBuying's Spring Scales! Explore a world of accurate weighing solutions with trusted brands like Alpa and RS Pro. Our collection offers reliability at various price points, starting as low as ₹46. We present premium spring scales priced at ₹7,990 for those who demand top-tier performance. Whether you're in a classroom, laboratory, or any professional setting, our spring balances provide a dependable and cost-effective way to measure with precision. Elevate your measuring experience with spring scales from IndustryBuying!

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Everything You Need to Know About Spring Scales

Spring scales are a type of weighing instrument that uses the elasticity of a spring to measure the weight of an object. They are simple yet effective weighing instruments that have a wide range of applications in different fields and are commonly used in schools, laboratories, and households for a variety of purposes. Spring Balance work on the principle of Hooke's law and are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and portable. Read on and look in-depth at spring scales, how they work, and their applications.

How do spring scales work?

Spring weight machines work on the principle of Hooke's law, which states that the force required to extend or compress a spring is proportional to the distance of extension or compression. The spring in a spring scale is attached to a hook or a pan, where the object to be weighed is placed. When the object is placed on the pan, it exerts a force on the spring, causing it to compress. The amount of compression is proportional to the weight of the object, which can be read from a calibrated scale on the spring scale.

Types of spring scales

There are two main types of spring scales: Analog and Digital. 

  • Analog hanging scales use a needle or pointer to indicate the weight of an object on a - calibrated scale. This scale is based on the idea that if the spring's spring constant is known, applying a force will cause the spring to expand a predetermined distance.
  • Digital hanging scale on the other hand, use electronic sensors to measure the weight of an object and display it on an LCD screen. In the business, digital scales are by far the most popular measurement tool because they are the most accurate. 

Applications of spring scales

Spring scales have a wide range of applications in different fields.


- Spring Scales are widely used in packaging industries, textile industries, electronics, aviation industries and for other industrial purposes.

Education Sector:

- In schools, they are used to teach basic concepts of weight and mass to students. In laboratories, they are used to measure the weight of chemicals and reagents accurately. 

Building security and accessibility:

- Spring Scales are used in filling level of fire extinguishers, measuring of door closing and opening force among other accessibility utilisations. 


- In households, they are used to weigh food items and ingredients for cooking and baking. 

- Spring scales are also used in fishing to measure the weight of the catch, in weighing luggage scale at airports, and in the automotive industry to measure the weight of vehicle components. 

Advantages of spring scales

Spring scales or digital hanging weighing scale have several advantages over other types of weighing instruments. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and portable, making them ideal for fieldwork. They also do not require any external power source, unlike digital scales, which makes them more reliable in outdoor settings.

Limitations of Spring Scales

While spring scales have many advantages, they also have some limitations in terms of accuracy and range of measurement. They are not as accurate as other types of weighing instruments, such as electronic balances, and their accuracy can be affected by changes in temperature and humidity. The accuracy also depends on the way it is calibrated and the conditions under which the scale is used. Additionally, spring scales have a limited range of measurement, which can be a constraint in certain applications. 

Best Selling Brands at Industrybuying and their Exceptional Features

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Dua Export:

a) With the capacity of weighing 50 kg and 100 kgs, Dua Export is one of the leading manufacturers of Spring Scales.

b) Different models of this brand are available which are apt for carrying the weight of fish, luggage, body weight and more.


a) Different types of product including weighing machine for luggage, weighing scale and weight machine are avaialble of the brand Ionix

b) It specilises in carrying with the capacity of carrying 50 kgs. 


a) StealODeal is one of the top companies selling their product in the category of spring scales. 

b) Hanging Digital Pocket Smiley Travel luggage weight scale, digital smiley travel luggage weighing scale and portable digital bag weight machine are some of its popular product type which one can find. 


a) The two type of products that one can find in the category of spring scales of the brand Presige are- hanging scale and spring balance dynamo meter. 

Top Selling Spring Scales at Industrybuying:

You can now buy branded Spring Balancers and digital luggage weighing scale at great prices with special discounts from IndustryBuying.

S. No

Product Name



Dua Export Dial Balance Veenus Suspension 100 Kg Luggage Weighing Scale Portable (Silver)

 INR 309


Dua Export 100kg Fish Spring Balance Luggage Weighing Scale Portable

 INR 148


Dua Export 50kg Fish Spring Balance Luggage Weighing Scale Portable

 INR 148

4 StealODeal CS50 50 Kg Black Portable Digital Luggage Travel Weighing Scale

 INR 288


MCP A08 Weighing Scale 50kg

 INR 338


Bellestone Capacity 100 Kg Spring Balance - BO-60S

 INR 238


Fish Gold Double Spring Commercial Hanging Weighing Scale Weighing Scale 100kg

 INR 348


Samso sm Measuring Capacity 50 Kg Hanging Scale

 INR  1180


StealODeal Smiley-Grey 50 kg Digital Smiley Travel Luggage Weighing Scale

INR 238 


HG Aluminum Tubular Spring Balance Capacity 10 Kg

 INR 328

Why choose Industrybuying for Ordering Spring Scales?

Industrybuying is a one-stop destination for fulfilling all your shopping needs, right from testing and measuring instruments to spring weighing scale and systems. You can buy a wide variety of industrial as well as business related items from our site at wholesale prices. 

We offer the best-quality suitcase weighing machine and portable weighing scale for luggage from leading brands and manufacturers. Along with supplying quality assured products, we strive to provide a comfortable online shopping experience for our customers. You can find an affordable spring hanging scale at our website. You can enjoy flexible payment options and avail fast delivery for all the products pan India.

Spring Scale - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How do I use a spring scale?

Hang the spring scale somewhere and put the item you want to weigh on its hook. Stop moving the scale and let it settle. Take note of where the indicator is pointing as you look at the spring scale's dial. That figure represents the weight of your object in the scale's displayed units.

2. What does a spring scale measure ?

A spring Scale is a utility tool which is used to measure the weight of an object.

3. What is the accuracy of spring scales?

The accuracy of spring scales can vary depending on the specific scales and its designs. In general, the accuracy level stays around 1-2% of the measured weight.

4. What is the least count of a spring scale?

By measuring a 1 kg object and counting the number of divisions the needle is pointing at when the weight is applied, which is equal to 10 divisions, the least count can be ascertained. As a result, the lowest count comes out to be 100g or 0.1 kilogramme per division.
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