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Temperature & Humidity Logger

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Dive into our stellar selection of Temperature & Humidity Loggers to monitor environmental conditions with precision. Our collection showcases trusted brands such as Extech and RS Pro. Whether you require a humidity sensor for intricate tasks or a humidity metre for broader applications, we've got you covered. Our range spans from competitively priced models starting from INR 308 per piece to top-of-the-line devices at INR 405,938, ensuring quality and value. Fluke is another prestigious brand associated with Industrybuying. Ensure optimal conditions with our dependable humidity and temperature loggers!

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Know All About Temperature & Humidity Loggers

Temperature & humidity loggers are devices that record temperature and humidity data over time. They are used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. Temperature and humidity loggers can help to ensure the quality of products, prevent equipment damage, and protect people from health hazards.

What are the different types of temperature & humidity loggers?

Temperature and Humidity Loggers come in various types, each offering unique features and functionalities to suit specific monitoring needs. Here are the different types: 

  1. Wired Loggers: These loggers are directly connected to a data collection system, providing real-time monitoring and easy access to temperature and humidity data. 

  1. Wireless Loggers: With wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, these loggers offer remote access to data, allowing convenient monitoring and analysis. 

  1. Data Loggers with Displays: These loggers have built-in displays, enabling on-site data readings without the need for additional devices or connections. 

  1. Cloud-Connected Loggers: Advanced loggers automatically upload data to the cloud, facilitating secure storage, data sharing, and multi-site monitoring capabilities. 

  1. Single-Use Loggers: Ideal for one-time use or applications where continuous monitoring is not required, these loggers offer a cost-effective solution. 

  1. Multi-Channel Loggers: These loggers support multiple sensors, allowing simultaneous monitoring of temperature and humidity in various locations or different parameters. 

  1. Specialized Loggers: Some loggers are designed for specific industries or applications, such as pharmaceutical-grade loggers for precise temperature control in pharmaceuticals. 

Choose the right type of temperature meter and Humidity Logger for your specific requirements from the wide range available at Data Loggers Peripherals. Maximize your monitoring capabilities and ensure accurate measurement of temperature and humidity in your industry. 

How does a Temperature & Humidity Logger work?

A Temperature and Humidity Logger is a versatile device that accurately measures and records temperature and humidity levels in various environments. Here's how it works: 

  1. Sensors: The logger is equipped with a humidity sensor and a temperature sensor, often combined into a single unit or module. 

  1. a Collection: The sensors measure the temperature and humidity at regular intervals, capturing data points. 

  1. Data Storage: The logger stores the collected data internally, typically in its built-in memory or an external storage medium like an SD card. 

  1. Data Logging: The logger records the timestamp along with each data point, creating a time-stamped log of temperature and humidity readings. 

  1. Power Options: The logger is powered by batteries or can be connected to a power source, ensuring continuous operation over extended periods. 

  1. Data Retrieval: Depending on the logger type, you can retrieve the recorded data by connecting the logger directly to a computer or using wireless connectivity options. 

  1. Data Analysis: Once the data is retrieved, you can analyze it using software provided by the logger manufacturer. This allows you to visualize trends, generate reports, and extract valuable insights. 

  1. Monitoring and Alarms: Some loggers offer real-time monitoring capabilities, where you can set threshold limits. If the temperature or humidity exceeds the set limits, the logger can trigger alarms to alert you of potential issues.

Why do you need a Temperature & Humidity Logger for your industry?

Here's why you need one: 

  1. Accurate monitoring: With a temperature and humidity sensor, these loggers provide precise measurements, allowing you to monitor and maintain ideal environmental conditions. 

  1. Remote monitoring: With wireless data loggers, you can conveniently access real-time data from anywhere, ensuring peace of mind and efficient management of critical environments. 

  1. Quality control: Temperature and humidity play a crucial role in industries like pharmaceuticals and food. A temperature and humidity meter helps you comply with regulatory standards and preserve product quality. 

  1. Comprehensive data collection: A temperature and humidity data logger captures data over time, enabling analysis of historical trends, identifying patterns, and making data-driven decisions. 

  1. Preventive maintenance: By using a temperature data logger, you can identify potential issues and take proactive measures to prevent equipment failures, saving costs in the long run. 

  1. Easy integration: These loggers can be seamlessly integrated with another instrument for measuring humidity or electrical properties, providing a comprehensive solution for your industry.

Where can you use Temperature & Humidity Loggers effectively?

Temperature and Humidity Loggers find wide applications across various industries, ensuring optimal conditions and precise data monitoring. Here are some key areas where these loggers can be used effectively: 

  1. Food industry: Monitor temperature and humidity levels in food storage facilities, production areas, and transportation to maintain freshness, prevent spoilage, and comply with safety regulations. 

  1. Pharmaceutical sector: Ensure strict temperature control in pharmaceutical manufacturing, storage, and distribution to preserve product efficacy and meet regulatory requirements. 

  1. Laboratories: Accurately measure and record temperature and humidity in research laboratories, testing facilities, and controlled environments to maintain the integrity of experiments and sample storage. 

  1. HVAC systems: Monitor indoor temperature and humidity in commercial buildings, offices, and residential spaces to optimize energy efficiency, improve comfort levels, and prevent mold growth. 

  1. Museums and archives: Preserve artefacts, documents, and valuable collections by monitoring temperature and humidity to prevent degradation, mold, and insect infestations. 

  1. Greenhouses and agriculture: Optimize crop growth and yield by maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels in greenhouses, nurseries, and agricultural settings. 

  1. Server rooms: Ensure optimal conditions for server and IT equipment by monitoring temperature and humidity, preventing overheating and equipment failures. 

  1. Manufacturing processes: Control environmental conditions in manufacturing plants to maintain product quality, prevent moisture-related issues, and ensure consistent production. 

By using a reliable temperature & humidity logger, like the ones available at Data Loggers Accessories, you can effectively monitor and optimize conditions in these diverse industries. Achieve regulatory compliance, enhance efficiency, and protect valuable assets with the right temperature and humidity logger. 

What are the advantages of using a temperature & humidity logger?

Using a Temperature and Humidity Logger provides several benefits in various industries and applications. Here are the advantages: 

  1. Accurate Data: Temperature Loggers and Humidity Loggers provide precise and reliable measurements, ensuring you make informed decisions based on real-time data. 

  1. Process Optimization: By monitoring temperature and humidity levels, you can identify inefficiencies, improve processes, and maintain ideal conditions for enhanced productivity. 

  1. Quality Assurance: In industries like pharmaceuticals and food, loggers play a crucial role in preserving product quality and complying with regulatory standards. 

  1. Remote Monitoring: Wireless data loggers offer the convenience of remote data access, enabling you to monitor critical environments from anywhere. 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Temperature & Humidity Loggers help reduce operational costs by minimizing wastage, improving energy efficiency, and preventing equipment failures.

  1. Data Trends Analysis: Loggers allow you to analyze historical data trends, spot patterns, and forecast potential issues, empowering you to take proactive measures.

    Explore the wide range of digital temperature meter and Humidity Loggers available at Data Loggers Peripherals and leverage the advantages of accurate data monitoring, process optimization, and quality assurance in your industry.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 Fulcrum -35 to 80°C Dew Point Temperature and Humidity Logger FC4S

 Rs. 2980


Instrukart One Degree Temperature Data Logger

 Rs. 718


 Elitech RC-4HC Temperature and Humidity Data Logger -30°C to +60°C

 Rs. 3380

4 Elitech RC-51H Multi Use Temperature & Humidity Data Logger -20℃~40℃

 Rs. 5580


 Elitech RC 5 USB Temperature Data Logger -30°C to +70°C

 Rs. 3280


 Rotronic HygroLog HL 1D Temperature Humidity Datalogger

 Rs. 13800


 Testo 174H Temperature and Humidity Mini Data Logger

 Rs. 7980


 Rotronic HYGROPALM – HP32 – Versatile Handheld Instrument For Humidity And Temperature

 Rs. 99800

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Temperature and Humidity Logger

1.Can a temperature & humidity logger be used for HVAC system optimization?

Yes, high-voltage detectors are commonly used for testing and maintenance activities. They help identify live wires, verify voltage levels, and ensure a safe working environment. For comprehensive testing and maintenance, consider our Voltage Test Set, which provides accurate measurements and assists in the proper maintenance of electrical systems.

2.What are the advantages of using a multi-function temperature & humidity logger?

A multi-function temperature and humidity logger offers versatility and expanded capabilities. It allows you to monitor multiple channels simultaneously, enabling the measurement and recording of temperature and humidity in different locations or various parameters. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in complex environments where monitoring multiple variables is required. Consider the advantages of a multi-function temperature and humidity logger and explore the options available, including the Multi Function Logger offered by Data Loggers Peripherals.

3.Which type of Temperature & Humidity Logger is suitable for my specific needs?

Wired loggers offer real-time monitoring with direct data collection. Wireless data loggers provide remote access and convenience. Data loggers with displays allow on-site readings without additional devices. Specialized loggers are available for specific industries and applications.
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