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Garden Hand Tools

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What are Garden Hand Tools?


Garden Hand Tools are important tools necessary to use for the maintenance of gardens, lawns, parks, and other such places. They can be used in gardening, landscaping, agriculture, and horticulture.


Some of the most used garden tools are hand trowels, secateurs, spades, forks, shovels, rakes, pruning spears, watering cans, and gardening gloves.


Why should you use Garden Hand Tools?


Having the right gardening tools can help you grow anything that you want in your backyard or farm as well. Whether it is fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers, one needs to have the proper tools for completing these tasks. 


Different gardening tools are used for different purposes. Sprinklers, hose pipes, and watering cans are some examples of Watering tools. 


Hedge shears, creatures, and lopers are some examples of cutting tools. 


Trowels, dribbers, and bulb planters are some examples of planting tools, and cold frames are some examples of propagating tools. 


Safety guidelines to follow when using Garden Hand Tools?


Some of the guidelines that need to be followed while using Garden Hand Tools are as follows:


1. Always use the right tools for the right job. For instance, don't use a shovel as an axe.


2.Make sure to clean your tools post usage. It is important to clean the tools to make sure that there is no residue when you are doing another job.


3. Store your tools carefully in their place, it is important to prevent your tools from oxidization and to keep them in good condition for a long time.


4. Make sure that you are regularly checking your gardening tools to make sure if they need repairing or replacement.


5. Always wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts, soil, potting mix, insect bites and skin irritants.


6. The cutting edge, also known as the red zone of the gardening tool should be held down while facing the ground.


7. Carry your tools with care, make sure that you read the instruction manual and safety data sheet before operating them. 


8. Make sure that you are trained for the job that you are performing. Perform the job under the supervision of a trained person if you have any doubts.


Shop the Best Garden Hand Tools on Industrybuying


Industrybuying offers the best deals on garden hand tools. We offer premium quality products at wholesale rates. There are 10 Lac+ products available on our website in different categories. We offer bulk dispatch of products under 24 hours. Bulk orders will always help you in getting attractive deals. 


Things to keep in mind while purchasing Garden Hand Tools? 


Some of the important things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing Garden Hand Tools are: 


1. Pick the tool according to your needs. For instance, make sure if you need a sprinkler or a watering can for your backyard


2. Make sure that you are purchasing only good quality gardening tool 


3. Check the guarantee and warranty of the gardening tools


4. Check the weight of the tools and make sure that you can handle them without any trouble


What are the Best Brands Available for Purchasing Garden Hand Tools?


Some of the best brands that deal in Garden Hand Tools at Industrybuying are as follows: 


1. Falcon 

2. Ketsy

3. Makita

4. Vimal

5. GSK

6. Moti garden 

7. Kisankraft

8. Sharpex

9. Parco 

10. Wolf Garten and many more 


Industrybuying sells the best Garden Hand Tools in India. We offer great deals and 24-hour assured dispatch on bulk orders.


Tabular representation of the top selling Garden Hand Tools at Industrybuying

S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Falcon FPSC-44 1220mm Snake Catcher

Rs. 1,350

Rs. 1,133


Falcon Snake Catcher Stick 6 Feet FPSC-66

Rs. 1,995

Rs. 1,295


Falcon Grass Sword SGS-2008

Rs. 350

Rs. 280


Ketsy Gardening fork 592.0

Rs. 350

Rs. 190


Falcon Premium Garden Rake Without Handle FGR-14

Rs. 250

Rs. 190


Wolf Garten 50 mm Power Cut Telescoping Bypass Lauper RR900T

Rs. 5,950

Rs. 4,100


Falcon Premium Plastic Leaf Rake With Handle FPLR-49

Rs. 360

Rs. 340


Makita 25.5 cm (10") 25.4 mL MM4 Telescopic Pole Saw EY2650H25H

Rs. 88,000

Rs. 69,960


General Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1. Are Garden Hand Tools important to use?

 Garden hand tools are important to use in the agriculture and horticulture sector. Vegetables, fruits, or flowers. No matter what we are growing, garden tools are necessary for them.


 Q2. Are Garden Hand Tools safe to use?

 Garden Hand tools are safe to use by yourself. Make sure that you read the instruction manual and safety data sheet very carefully before using them. Make sure that you are purchasing good quality items. Industrybuying sells the best quality garden hand tools


Q3. Is Garden Hand Tool safe to purchase online?

 Garden Hand Tools are safe to purchase online. Make sure that you are buying from a trusted brand and website.


Q4. What are the advantages of having Garden Hand Tools?

 There are many advantages to having garden hand tools. A few of them are

  • Helps you in efficiently planting anything in your backyard
  • Very important in agriculture and horticulture 
  • Helps in the maintenance of gardens


Q5. Where can we shop for the most affordable Garden Hand Tools in India?

 At Industrybuying you can shop the most affordable and exclusive products in India at wholesale rates 


Q6. Can you recommend some good Garden Hand Tools?

Yes, some of the best-selling Garden Hand Tools at Industrybuying are Falcon, Ketsy, Makita, Vimal, GSK, Motigarden, Kisabkraft, Sharpex, Parco, and Wolf Garten, and many such brands. 



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