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Explore top-quality Power Sprayers for agriculture on IndustryBuying. These tools are vital for agriculture. Featured brands like Neptune, Agripro and Kisankraft are reliable options. Prices on this page vary to suit different budgets. Entry-level Neptune power sprayers start at around INR 6,000, while mid-range Kisankraft models range from INR 12,000 to INR 18,000. Whether you're a small-scale farmer or managing large agricultural operations, our selection ensures you find the right power sprayer to suit your budget and agricultural needs.

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Buy Power Sprayer Online

A power sprayer for agriculture is a mechanical device used to spray liquids effectively over a large area. This tool allows you to spray the material easily without wasting time and manual effort. A power sprayer tool is widely used for agricultural purposes. Not only that, if you are looking for other agricultural products like a knapsack sprayer etc., you are in the right place. 

What is a Power Sprayer?

A battery powered sprayer or a spraying machine is a convenient tool which allows the user to spray large volumes of liquid over a widespread area. A spraying machine is the best example of technological advancements in the agricultural sector. Farmers extensively use a sprayer to simplify their job and get them done in less time. 


A power sprayer price is affordable when buying online. It is an indispensable agricultural tool and thus is also referred to as an agriculture spray machine. An agriculture spray machine plays a vital role in maintaining crop health and is ideal for supporting many applications during the entire crop production cycle. Knapsack power sprayers have been engineered to optimize their applicability in various agricultural practices. It plays an important role in ensuring the best crop health and growth.

What are the types of Power Sprayers? 

An agriculture spray pump comes in different sizes and variations, for example, 4 stroke power sprayer. Each is meant to set a different purpose. Based on specifications, size and crop requirements, agriculture sprayers can be classified into 4 main categories:


1. Low-Pressure Sprayers- a low-pressure sprayer works on the principle of hydraulics and comprises three main components; air compartment, pressure gauge and regulators. This sprayer can further be classified into 3 sprayers:


(a) Tractor mounted- fixed with a tractor and features a capacity of 150-500 gallons

(b) The trailer is mounted, placed on a trailer and holds a capacity of about 1000 gallons

(c) Truck mounted- powered by an auxiliary engine placed in a truck and can hold up to 2500 gallons


2. High-Pressure Sprayers- a high-pressure battery sprayer has a similar function as that of a low-pressure sprayer but can operate at a pressure of up to 6800 kilopascals. These sprayers are widely used for applications which require spraying at a height in dense foliage. These can be used as pesticide pressure sprayers for fruit and vegetable gardens.


3. Air Carrier Sprayers- these sprayers come in handy for applications requiring dense chemicals spraying. The air transports the chemicals from the sprayer to the desired area and dilutes them to ensure even distribution. An orchard sprayer is a commonly used air carrier sprayer for fruit trees.


4. Foggers- small farmers widely use a fogger to spray pesticides and insecticides in vapors. These sprayers are operated manually and are effective for areas infested with crop pests. For instance, a knapsack sprayer is used to spray pesticides and insecticides to keep crops healthy.


Several other sprayers are available in the market, for example, electric power sprayer, which is becoming the people’s demand. There is a power sprayer spare parts price list, which you can look at below for a better understanding to make a smart decision. 

What Are The Uses Of A Power Sprayer?

The best agricultural power sprayer tools ease the farmer's job and reduce manual labour. This product can be used for several applications mentioned below:


1. Spraying liquid fertilizers- a power sprayer can spray liquid fertilisers in dryland. Sprayers allow the users to target a specific section of the crops without wasting much product. 


2. Spraying water- a water sprayer is used in small gardens or fields. The high-pressure water sprayers are used for irrigating small fields and gardens. A water sprayer for plants is also used for cleaning the crops before harvesting.


3. Pest control- a power sprayer can spray pesticides to ensure the best crop health. A pesticide sprayer ensures that the crops are free from pests and are thus healthy. 


4. Spraying livestock- a hand sprayer can spray livestock. A sprayer can kill ticks and other insects that can lower production.


5. Spraying herbicides- a hand sprayer can spray herbicides effectively removing unwanted vegetation. 

How to select an appropriate Power Sprayer?

A suitable power sprayer ensures crops' best and healthy yield. To maintain crop health and ensure pest protection, users can choose from various sprayers, such as a battery sprayer.


A power sprayer should be selected based on the application that it has to be used for. The correct type of power sprayer can be selected based on the application to ensure high productivity. 


An agriculture sprayer should be selected after carefully examining its specifications and performance. Before selecting a pesticide sprayer, one should always check the chemical compatibility. This will ensure that the sprayer can handle corrosive and hard substances without getting damaged. 

Why Choose Industrybuying For Purchasing Power Sprayers?

Industrybuying is a leading e-commerce platform that collaborates with top brands and manufacturers and delivers assured quality products for all consumers. Our site deals in all industrial goods and related products with assured quality. 


We offer the best power sprayers for agriculture, such as electric power sprayers, portable sprayers and many others. The retailers provide assured quality sprayer accessories. Industrybuying offers flexible payment and convenient delivery options to ensure customers' most comfortable shopping experience. 

Top-Selling Products Available at Industrybuying

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


Agripro Knapsack Power Sprayer MH767 

Rs. 7,880 


Sam Kubuta Knapsack Power Sprayer MH768 

Rs. 7,680 


Neptune NF-767 Power Sprayer With 4 Stroke Petrol Engine 

Rs. 14,800 

4 Matsukawa Knapsack Power Sprayer MK767 



AgriPro 2 Stoke Petrol Engine Portable Power Spayer MH-768P 

 Rs. 6,990


Greenleaf 4 Stroke 25 Ltr Power Sprayer - GL909 

Rs. 9,780 


NEPTUNE 2-Stroke 43 CC Engine Petrol Powered Backpack 

Rs. 10,900 


Neptune PW-768 4 Stroke Petrol Air Cooled Portable Power Pressure Sprayer 

Rs. 10,800 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Power Sprayer

1. What is the use of a power sprayer in agriculture?

Power sprayer equipment is a method of applying liquid substances to plants or crops using portable sprayer equipment. They are essential for maintaining crop health during the crop growth cycle. HTP spray pumps are available in many different styles and sizes depending on the type of application, with various features and benefits.

2. Can a pressure washer hose get clogged?

If you have no water from the pressure washer, it could be a clogged wand, hose or inlet filter. Begin isolating the problem by hooking a water hose to the washer's inlet and turning it on.

3. What is the price of a power sprayer for agriculture?

The price range of a power sprayer can take up from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 30,000. You get quality-assured products, durability and efficiency.
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