10 Reasons to Switch From Natural Grass to Artificial Grass

10 Reasons to Switch From Natural Grass to Artificial Grass

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Artificial Grass Overview in Detail

Artificial grass, as the name suggests, is a bed of unnatural grass which is made of synthetic fibers; the bed of this synthetic-fiber grass is made in such a manner that it effortlessly resembles natural grass.

A large number of sports and games, today, are played on artificial turfs—from football, rugby, hockey, baseball, lawn tennis and golf to even cricket! Artificial grass has found use in many indoor applications as well; indoor golf is one of the most noteworthy examples.

List of Key Benefits of Using Artificial Grass Over Natural Grass

If you maintain your garden yourself or have employed someone to maintain it, then artificial grass is definitely the way to go for the following reasons:-

#1.To save the money you spend on maintenance

Natural grass requires back-breaking maintenance—from weeding and aerating to mowing! This can get really tasking and time-consuming. Besides, the sum of money that goes into transpiring the heavy-duty maintenance of natural grass can get overwhelmingly large. With artificial grass, however, the maintenance is very low and easy.

As a matter of fact, the use of artificial grass rids gardeners of the need to use tools such as lawnmowers, spreaders, sprinklers et al. This, in turn, not only implies that you will spend lesser money on looking after your chunk of green land but also implies that you will save on your storage space by not having to store these tools anymore!

#2.To fulfill your dream of having your own green space, nevertheless

Are you still very obdurate to have a piece of green land in your backyard despite the low exposure to sunlight ruining all your attempts? You needn’t worry! Artificial grass is here to your rescue, helping you fulfill your dream! With artificial grass, you can still manage to breathe the smell of a fresh garden. Moreover, artificial grass is also available in different blade types, densities and hues which you may choose as per your wish.

#3.To fuel your xeriscaping dream

Xeriscaping has come to become a fad among all garden lovers. The fact that this technique can help plants survive in high-temperature conditions, where there is a scarcity of water, has made it even more popular among avid gardeners. When artificial grass is incorporated in xeriscape designs, the results are even better than ever.

#4.To save on excess utilization of water

Watering lawns, simple as it may seem, is not just cumbersome physically but also cumbersome monetarily. The cost of keeping your garden well hydrated and its thirst quenched can cost you an arm and a leg, making you pay through your nose.

To add to the financial woes are water scarcity problems; if you live in an area where water is a luxury, then maintaining your garden may just reduce to an unfulfilled dream for you.

The use of artificial grass can be a viable solution. This is because the per acre utilization of water to keep the artificial grass hydrated is substantially less, making your dream of having a lush green garden possible without exploiting the natural resources of your area.

#5.To buy a durable alternative to natural grass

Bare patches are common in gardens and lawns. Whether it is drastic weather conditions or a bit too many people stepping on the grass bed, grass does get worn out in patches despite all the endless hours of tilling, watering, weeding, and mowing you put in.

Artificial grass is resilient enough to stand the worst of weather conditions. Also, the synthetic grass will not give way irrespective of the number of people stepping on it.

#6.To reduce dependency on sunlight

Plants need sunlight to survive. The grass is no exception to the rule. Many people have tried growing grass in shade but only to no avail. Patches of grass right under the sprawling branches of the trees to fail to grow properly because of their limited exposure to sunlight. Artificial grass can be easily installed in the most unimaginable of places—from shady areas and rocky terrains to sand-textured soil.

#7.To curtail instances of seasonal allergies

Does the change of season bestow you with allergies galore? Have you been wondering all the time as to what has been causing all the allergic reactions in you? It is none other than the grass in your lawn!

Taking care of your lawn also means that you have to learn to take runny noses, burning eyes, and bouts of coughing, to name a few, in your stride. Taking care of artificial grass, however, does not entail taking such allergic reactions in your stride.

#8.To have a child and pet-friendly green garden

Most lawns and gardens do not allow pets for the reason that they soil the grass with their bodily wastes or, more often than not, chew at it. With artificial grass, a pet dog will not get the urge to chew at it, preventing any kind of damage to your well-maintained grass bed. Artificial grass prevents slips and falls—it is great to have artificial grass by the pool or other places where kids are bound to slip.

#9.To have a modern and better replacement for astro turf

The world has, indeed, come a long way—from the bright green astro turf used back in the day to present-day artificial turfs which are deceptively close to the texture, colour, and density of natural grass by all measures.

#10.Other uses

Artificial grass is used not just by homeowners, but also by apartment units, modern townships and commercial developers of properties.

Final Note About the Use of Artificial Grass Over Natural Grass

Now that your belief in the benefits of artificial grass is validated and strengthened, you may proceed with your assessment of which artificial grass would be the best for you—whether it is turf grass that you would like to buy, fun grass or heavy grass, you must enlist your requirement and weigh your options before proceeding to buy one for your garden. Artificial grass by Vitofloor and Otex is unanimously preferred by many buyers.


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