5 Modern Packaging Trends on the Rise

5 Modern Packaging Trends on the Rise

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Packaging Machine Overview in Detail

Times have changed, and so have packaging methodologies. We are no longer living in an age where brands and the consumers are separate entities that are mutually exclusive of each other. The modern consumer is more aware than ever – it does not come as a surprise that he is more demanding and finicky as well.

To cater to a wide array of never-ending consumer requirements, the packaging industry is revolutionising the way it functions – drastic changes have been brought about in the way the packaging machines work.

Packaging machines are used in every industrial sector you can think of—from pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, dairy supplies, beauty product supplies, paint and varnish industry and workshop supplies to irrigation industry. In the age of e-shopping, many small scale industries and do-it-yourself enthusiasts even buy packaging machines online from bulk suppliers of these machines.

List of Top 5 Modern Day Packaging Trends

Let us analyse the ways in which the modern consumer has changed the packaging conventions adopted by the industries, bringing about the brink of much-anticipated freshness:-

  1. Packaging for Fast Pace Lives

The modern man is on his toes – very literally at that! Packaging needs to be such that products such as food and beverages can be utilized even on the go. The count of the people who skip that coveted hearty breakfast in the morning is ever-soaring. Exploiting this reality, the packaging industry has come up with convenient packaging for food and beverages that snap open effortlessly without spilling over or leaking out. With this revolution, people can easily eat in their cars, buses, tubes and workplaces.

One more factor that makes a consumer decide in favour of a particular packaged commodity over the other is its ‘health and nutrient quotient’. Despite the fast-paced nature of the modern man’s life, he is very well informed of what is healthy for him and what isn’t –fresh, leafy and less processed foods come out as clear winners in the game.

  1. Portable Packaging

Packaging not only has to be convenient but also has to be light in weight. For people consuming packaged food, say, on their walks or treks, it is very important that the packaging is portable. It is not just edible commodities that count, even a medicinal oil or a knife should be as easy to ferry. People prefer packaging that is easy to open and that can be easily sealed after one use.

  1. Aesthetics Matter  

We, humans, are victims of visual appeal – not just when it comes to buying our favourite cars, but also when it comes to selecting grocery and confectionery. Catchy designs, refreshing campaigns — especially for the health-conscious — always sell more than do their bland and dull counterparts.

The self-conscious generation of today is almost always aiming at looking presentable; hence the aesthetics of the packaged commodity also rank high among the factors that fuel the conversion rate of a particular product.

Humans have also been intrinsically curious and paranoid; thus if a product is in transparent packaging, it not only gives the potential buyers a chance to superficially survey the contents but also helps in relationship building – the users start showing more faith in the brand in their subsequent purchases.

  1. Exclusive Packaging for You

Having a nuclear family is nothing new; in fact, a large population of today’s youth is living in families that are sized between two to three. To target such families exclusively, packaging industries have come up with small-sized packages of commodities that can be easily zipped & sealed after one use.

The reason why such families don’t generally buy large packages for edible and non-edible commodities are manifold – products, once opened, have to be utilized within a particular number of days and large quantities often end up, unconsumed, in the trash cans; products, despite being re-sealable, often lose their taste or lustre and lastly, hoarding a product for more than a few weeks does get a little cumbersome.

  1. Packaging for Nature Lovers

In order to avoid the wrath of nature lovers, many packaging industries have ingeniously incorporated the best interests of environmentalist and aware consumers into their packaging designs. Packaging these days is made of renewable materials. Also, the packaging is made of materials that, once disposed of, will not pollute the environment in any manner. A lot of industries also use materials that can be re-cycled and re-used over and over again.

Final Words About Packaging in India and Latest Trends

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