5 Most Popular Power Tools That Any Worker Must Have

5 Most Popular Power Tools That Any Worker Must Have

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What is a Power Tool and How Does it Power Tool Work?

A power tool to any worker employed in any setting is what air is to man. A power tool is a device that helps workers accelerate otherwise laborious tasks, reducing the efforts they put in simultaneously. Power tools are so indispensable that there is no worker who can claim that he has never used them ever. Whether it is a circular saw or a cordless drill, the uses of power tools are diverse and spread across every imaginable industrial sector, manufacturing unit or workshop setting today.

A few of the industries that make extensive use of power tools are shipbuilding, construction industry, woodworking, aeronautical and factories etc. Even engineering colleges house power tools to give direct hands-on experience to students.

List of Most Useful Power Tools Which Every worker Must Use

Here is a list of a few power tools that any worker can just not do without. Read on to know more:-

  1. Circular Saws

Circular saws help in cutting through twice the number of sheets that any other saw can otherwise normally cut through. If a job mandates cutting through wooden materials very frequently, then there is nothing better than a circular saw to perform the job at a brisk pace.

  1. Cordless Tools

Many power tools, today, have specially designed free of cables and cords to facilitate free and unhindered hand movements and ease of operation, in general. A cordless drill, for instance, is powered by rechargeable batteries and is used extensively to install and remove screws—so much so, that it has even replaced the screwdriver. In addition to this, it is also used for drilling pilot holes in wooden planks that are very vulnerable to splitting apart at the slightest exertion of pressure.

  1. Angle Grinders

This power tool is used for multifarious applications. It can be fitted with discs of various kinds—each kind of disc specializes in the cutting, grinding, and polishing of different kinds of materials and surfaces. Any worker employed in any setting may have to deal with metallic surfaces at some point or the other. An angle grinder, for this very reason, makes it to the list of ‘must-have’ power tools.

  1. Demolition Hammers

A demolition hammer is just the power tool you need for performing the utmost demolition of rock-solid concrete walls, sturdy thick materials, and solids that need to be brought down. The hammers are equipped with bits that repeatedly buffet the surface, demolishing it step by step.

  1. Electrical Screw Drivers

A screwdriver is one tool that needs no introduction at all! Modern times call for the use of modern-day screwdrivers! Electrical screwdrivers no longer require the user to twist or engage fingers in an exhausting clockwise or anti-clockwise motion until the screw is set in or removed completely from an object. Electric screwdrivers perform the same job, much more efficiently and faster by rotating the

Even cordless screwdrivers are available to make the user experience better than ever! With cordless screwdrivers, the user can work in even the most compact of spaces without having to worry about the dangling cords or having to look about for an electric outlet to plug the screwdriver to.

Final Words About the Use of Power Tools

Power tools are, indeed, of great help. However, they must be used with utmost precautions. When bought from trusted manufacturers, these power tools come enclosed with safety manuals that give a detailed go-about of using them. A few of the reliable manufacturers of power tools are Planet Power for angle grinders, Stanley for demolition hammers, Hitachi – Koki for cordless tools to name a few. Any reckless dealing with a power tool can be lethally dangerous!


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