9 Basic and Essential Power Tools For Your Home

9 Basic and Essential Power Tools For Your Home

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What are Power Tools?

Power tools, as the name suggests, are used more and more to finish tasks such as drilling and wrenching in a relatively effortless manner. Power tools reduce the amount of manual efforts that need to be put in for accomplishing such tasks by providing advantage which is realized by the use of electric motors, compressed air, etc.

Power tools are used in various environments for a wide range of tasks. Having the right set of power tools in your toolkit can not only let you fix your own things yourself but also save you the expenses of calling a professional.

List of Necessary Power Tools You Must Use at Home

Here are the nine power tools, you can buy online, which are essential for your power tool kit and will assist you in all your do-it-yourself tasks at home:-

#1)Hammer Drills

Hammer drills are a sub-type of rotary hammers. These rotary drills are used to pulverize any brittle substance with the help of their incessant battering thrusts. They are used around the house for hanging pictures and anchoring furniture. They also find use in various masonry jobs at home such as drilling stone, mortar and brick.

#2)Cordless Drills

Drills operating on batteries that can be re-charged are known as cordless drills. They can be used for accomplishing a wide range of jobs around the house – inserting screws in wooden furniture by making pilot holes and hence preventing it from cracking, cutting out perfect rounds for furniture fittings such as doorknobs, putting plastered wall panels into place with the help of screws and driving nuts and bolts into concrete.


They are electrically powered tools used to make straight cuts, zigzag cuts and rounds in mostly wooden and metallic materials. They can be used by DIY-ers to produce smooth splinter-free cuts. The jigsaws come in handy for cutting ceramic tiles to make room for various kitchen and bathroom fittings. Jigsaws are also used to cut through carpets, leathers, cardboards and concrete materials by deploying the right blades.


Sanders smoothen surfaces by means of abrasion. Sanders chafe the surface that is to be made smooth by using sandpapers which are attached to their bodies and rotated by means of electricity or compressed air.

Orbital sanders are used in applications that don’t require large amounts of materials to be smoothened. The sanders rotate in small orbits to render a smooth finish to the surface. Random orbit sanders are used for extremely refined sanding purposes as well as stock removal purposes; it has a round-shaped pad that makes small circular movements to achieve the desired results.

#5)Angle Grinders

Power tools that are driven by an electric motor, petrol engine or compressed air and used to cut, grind and polish surfaces. You can easily cut metals and stones for various jobs around the house using these tools.

#6)Electrical Screw Drivers

Electric screwdrivers can be used to turn screws to a predefined torque for fixing a radio, fixing a car in your garage, assembling a piece of furniture, fixing a door handle et al.


Shearing is the process of cutting large metallic pieces of sheets into smaller pieces by means of shears.


They are used to turn nuts and bolts by providing a firm grip while turning. You can use wrenches to fix your washbasins at home.


You can use these power tools to easily cut marble, concrete, and tiles at home.

Final Conclusion About Power Tools

The nine power tools listed above will gear you up for all fixes and renovations you look forward to making at your home. You can easily buy power tools online these days from the best brands; some of them are Bosch, Hitachi – Koki, Black & Decker, Ralli Volf, Xtra Power, Power Tec and Makita.