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When choosing lubricants for industrial gears, varied factors should be kept in mind together with product accessibility, the operation conditions and popular lubricating substances. Correct lubricating substance choice could be the cornerstone of any lubrication program. A good understanding of the use of gear oil and other lubricating agents will help in maximising machinery reliability along with solving problems in abnormal conditions.

Properties of Gear Oils

High Temperature High Shear: This is a less common metric for body, however it tells you ways that help the oil in keeping its protecting properties beneath severe conditions. Generally, the upper the body, the upper the HTHS range. However, once the amount is on top of the minimum for anybody, it indicates the oil is additional shear-resistant.

Mineral oils tend to check less than synthetics of a similar grade. With SAE 30 and 40 internal-combustion engine oils, rock bottom HTHS is roughly two .9 CP. The minimum is regarding three.7 CP for diesel oils with SAE of forty or higher. Oils with HTHS higher than four CP square measure sturdy. Among a specific grade, the next HTHS is healthier.

Cold cranking simulator: This activity may additionally be referred to as “low temperature pumping consistence.” And it helps you assess the performance of oil in cold temperatures. CCS is applicable to the winter grade part of the oil. Totally different grades have varied minimum ratings, taken at varied temperatures.
If you compare 2 numbers at a similar temperature, the upper variety can mean a poorer flow.

Types of Gear Oils

Fully Synthetic Gear Oil

Fully artificial oil is a high performance gear oil used for extended oil-change intervals and extreme loads. Totally artificial oils area unit blending with numerous totally different additive packs to get the specified body (e.g. 10w40) and characteristics. A totally artificial oil offers the simplest levels of protection for the engine and there ought to be no noticeable wear within the engine if a full syntheses oil is employed.

Fully artificial oils are appropriate to be used in nearly all road going, track and off road motorcycles and scooters and might be employed in several fashionable bikes that run at high operative temperatures while having tiny oil sumps. Fully synth oils are appropriate for athletics and use low drag mix (meaning less friction within the engine) which they provide the simplest levels of engine protection, cleanliness and anti-corrosion.
Because totally synth oils area unit superb at handling heat, they’re smart for engine that run very popular and engines that don’t have superb cooling systems (like several scooter engines).

Semi Synthetic Gear Oil

Semi artificial motorcycle oils are sometimes mixed from cluster three base oils (group three may be a lower specification base oil that is created by employing a method known as ‘hydro-cracking’ to convert natural oil into appropriate base oils). Some higher quality semi synth oils will contain some cluster one base oils (group one base oils are utterly non-natural, artificial base oils made of varied blends of chemicals).

Semi artificial oils provide medium levels of protection for the engine and are appropriate to be used in nearly all road going bike as well as commuters, some off road bikes and ‘weekend thrashers’.
Lower specification semi artificial oils aren’t very appropriate to be used in athletics and competition bikes. However, some higher specification semi synth oils are often utilized in athletics bikes (for example, crude Guardian 10w40 has been used with success for years by several winning race teams!)

Mineral Gear Oil

Mineral oils area unit basic description oils that area unit made up of natural oils. They’re usually appropriate for traveling, moving bikes and a few older bikes. They are not commonly appropriate for a few trendy bikes that need the next oil description (especially extreme temperature, tiny oil sump bikes) or for many athletics and competition use or wherever engine oil service/change periods could be exceeded (so if your not dynamical the oil each four to six, 000 miles you’ll be comfortable employing a higher quality oil).
Mineral oils area unit typically accustom mix of most bike workshop oils. Mineral oils provide all-time low levels of protection however area unit appropriate for several bikes if the oil is being modified frequently. They can even be used as a ‘running in’ oil in some remodeled engines (because this provides the engine components an opportunity to ‘bed in’ together).

Selection Criteria

In order to choose the best lubricant for a gear set, the following criteria needs to be addressed:

  • Viscosity – Often referred to as the most important property of a lubricating oil.
  • Additives – The additive package used in the lubricant will determine the lubricant’s general category and simultaneously affect various key performance properties under operating conditions.
  • Base Oil Type – The type of base oil used should be determined by the operating conditions, gear type and other factors.

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