All you need to know before buying axial fans

All you need to know before buying axial fans

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What’s an axial fan?

Axial fans are just like any other fan. They are designed to circulate air throughout a room. Smaller axial fans are suitable for spaces like a workshop, garage, etc and larger ones would work well for bigger facilities like factories, warehouses, and other commercial spaces.

Why buy Axial fans?


Cooling is mainly the main function of a commercial fan. They provide quick relief during hot weather conditions and are extremely effective at the time of cross ventilation. Using an electric fan to cool your work area is a great way to improve air circulation and make your space more comfortable.


Small axial fans are not as effective as the larger ones but they are good to control fumes and unpleasant smells caused by various industrial activities.


Industrial fans and blowers are quiet helpful to dry out a confined space. Depending upon the room size, large fans are usually very effective at quickly drying out a room. This is especially true when they are used with a dehumidifier. It’s important to dry a room as soon as possible after a flood because it helps prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

What features should I consider when shopping for Axial fans?

When shopping for a unit to help cool your workspace, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of Axial fans that are available. It’s also easy to get distracted by attractive features that you won’t use very often. Generally, a fan’s cooling power is derived from its blades.

Factors such as the number of blades, the angle of orientation of the blade, the length of the blades, and the number of revolutions per minute play an important role in how effectively a fan can move air throughout a room. The majority of residential fans and certain heavy-duty and water damage restoration fans make use of an axial blade configuration, which means that the blades are facing the same direction as the direction of the airflow created.

Keep reading to learn about the basic features you should consider before purchasing your new fan.

#1.Size of the Space

Before purchasing a new fan, it is important to consider the size of space it’ll be used in. If you’re working in a particularly large space, you may need a powerful fan that circulates a large amount of air.

Some brands offer coverage area information in the product specifications, which is helpful for determining if a fan will be effective in a space. If this information isn’t available, take a look at the Cubic Feet Per Meter listed for each fan speed to compare how much it’ll be able to circulate.


While looking for a new fan, keep an eye out for a unit that’s durable and won’t require a lot of maintenance. Pay attention to what the fan housing is made of and the blade construction. Look for axial fans that are made of lightweight metal or durable plastic.

Also, look for units that have an enclosed motor that’s permanently lubricated. These features will allow you to enjoy years of use without worrying about costly maintenance or repairs.

3.Energy efficiency

In 2006, the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) launched a star rating scheme for ceiling fans. It is important to note that the star rating changes every year with the improvement in technology. So a five star rated fan in 2011 may not be as efficient as five star rated fan in 2017.

Normally inefficient fans are of about 80 watts and efficient ones are of about 45 watts, therefore switching to efficient one can save about 45% electricity. Based on numerous other factors like speed, voltage, size and motor power, you can opt for the desired product type online within your budget.

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