Door Closer Buying Guide- Free Tips to Choose Best Door Closer

Door Closer Buying Guide

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What is a Door Closer?

Door Closer or Door Control Devices are mechanical devices that allow a door to close automatically once it is opened. Door control devices play a significant role in case of fire; they control the rate of closing while providing complete safety and durability at minimized risk of vandalism. There are plenty of things than you have to consider before you buy a Door Closer. Make sure that you have evaluated the requirements and are well informed of the architecture of the place to choose the right Door Closer.

List of Main Questions to Ask Before Buying TOP Door Closer

Here are a few pertinent questions that you need to ask yourself before you go out to buy a Door Closer:

  1. Interior or Exterior Door?
  2. Left Hand or Right-Hand swing?
  3. Door closer to be mounted on the push or pull side?
  4. Door width?
  5. Pivot hinges or butt hinges?
  6. What is the door made of? Wood? Metal? Glass and aluminum?
  7. If there is glass, what is the size of the piece of material onto which you want to mount the door closer?

List of Free Useful Tips to Choose the Right Door Closer

The two prominent types of Door Closer are Surface Mounted Door Closer and Concealed Overhead Door Closer. The final choice between the two boils down to your own requirements. Check out the applications and features of both to make a wise decision.

#1)Surface Mounted Door Closer

Surface-mounted door closer are by far the most common kind of door closer. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Unlike concealed door closer for which doors are almost always prepared by the door manufacturer, surface mounted door closer needs no special prep. The surface-mounted closer can be mounted in standard, top jamb or parallel arm configurations.

Standard configuration is used on the pull side of the door whereas parallel arm and top jamb installations are for the push side. Surface-mounted track closer which uses a single arm and a slide track instead of the double lever arm. Non-track surface mounted door closer are available with different kinds of arms that perform different functions.

#2)Concealed Overhead/Floor Door Closer

The Concealed Door Closer are fitted within the door leaf or frame to provide the functionality of an overhead door closer. This type of installation is aesthetically pleasing and can help reduce vandalism as most of the door closer is hidden from sight. Concealed Overhead/Floor Door Closer is hidden by a cover plate in the frame and floor.

The opening range of these closer are 90º degree 105º degree Hold Open or Non-Hold Open models and can be offset or center-hung in the application. These closer can be used on wooden, glass, steel and aluminum and all-glass doors.

Concealed door closer are always used when a door is “double acting,” that is, it swings both ways, and are often used in high traffic applications, such as the front door of a large office building. Concealed closer offer designers a cleaner look than surface mounted door closer.

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