General Purpose Motors Buying Guide

General Purpose Motors Buying Guide

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Uses of General Purpose Motors

Electric Motors can be seen almost everywhere these days. They are the building blocks for every industry and also find a vast application in household items. This buying guide will enable you to understand the basic construction and working of an AC Electric motor which will help in the selection of the proper model. The basic factors for selecting a general-purpose motor are mainly motor specifications and application. Electric motors have a wide range of application which includes conventional industrial uses like pressure blowers, fans, pumps, and power tools. Also, they are used in many small applications pertaining to electronics and robotics.

List of Factors to Remember While Choosing the Best Electric Motor

Key factors to be kept in mind while selecting electric motors are:

#1)Phase of the Electric Motor

We have either single-phase supply or three-phase supply at our premises and depending on it one should select single or three-phase models. A single-phase motor can run on a three-phase supply. However, the reverse is not true.

#2)Current of Electric Motor

This is the basic requirement for the operation of any motor and improper current rating may lead to overheating or underperformance of the product. Operating current is the amount of current withdrawn by the motor under normal load. If we choose a motor that draws excessive current at a normal load it may result in overheating and eventually damaging it. The current rating of a motor is measured in Amps.

#3)Voltage of the Electric Motor

Voltage is responsible for maintaining a constant flow of current to the motor and avoiding any back current. Voltage is directly proportional to torque. If we choose a motor with a higher value than our load then it may lead to excessive current and overheating affecting the performance adversely.


Rotation per minute is a key factor in the selection of a motor and it depends completely on its basic applications like juice machine, flour mill, and small hoist application You are advised to go for a motor with 1440 RPM. For more industrial applications like pressure blowers, industrial washers you can go for 2880 RPM.

#5)Frame Size of the Motor

It plays an important role while mounting the motor in the required set up. Depending on type of mounting available and junction box location the frame size is standardized and should be selected accordingly.


Depending on the environment where the motor is to be installed a proper enclosure should be selected. Enclosures protect the internal parts of the motor. Motors that are supposed to be used in ambient atmosphere have Open Drip Proof enclosures. For maximum protection, even in hazardous conditions, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) enclosures are preferred.

What are the Application of Motors in Diverse Industries

Due to their highly efficient characteristics, three-phase induction motors are some of the most widely used electric motors in the country today! In fact, at approx. 75% of the mechanical power that is harnessed by industries is due to three-phase induction motors that rely upon– good speed regulation and several operating characteristics. They are also used in the agriculture industry. Taking facts into consideration, with the large-scale farm mechanization, three-phase induction motors have gained increased prominence if we take into account the electrical power requirement that is used for carrying out farm renovations or expansions.

Best Branded General Purpose Motors at Industrybuying

We at Industrybuying have the best assortment of brands like Crompton Greaves, Kirloskar, MXVOLT, Marathon, Bharat Bijlee, Siemens, Hindustan Electric motors, Eagle, Havells and many more to select from. All the brands have respective warranty policies as well, a minimum of 1 year. The most popular models in this category are the 1440 RPM low voltage (1 – 5 HP) models which serve most of the application.

Shop Online at Industrybuying for Best in Class General Purpose Motors in India

At we are always eager to recommend the right solution as per your needs. All general-purpose motors are designed to meet the ever-increasing need for enhanced energy conservation and reliability.

Available in different variants like open drip-proof, totally enclosed fan cooled, and totally enclosed explosion-proof enclosures, these general-purpose motors offer the highest efficiency and torque ratings while simultaneously producing some of the lowest vibration ratings in the industry, leading to a longer life and greater reliability.

For more variants of motors like Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, Geared Motors, DC motors please visit The output power of these motors varies greatly, depending on your nature of use you may choose from 0.5 hp, 0.75 hp, 1 hp, 1.5 hp, 2 hp, 3 hp, and 4 hp to even 425 hp.

These 100% genuine products can be purchased via various online payment options as well as via cash on delivery. Businessmen looking for bulk purchase can avail heavy discounts. With exciting deals and offers on various products at our e-store, you are sure to get an economical purchase.


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