Fasteners Buying Guide

Fasteners Buying Guide

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What is Fastener?

Fasteners might seem like a small component, but it a highly critical and important part of any structure or machine. A variety of fasteners are available in the market and thus some common things to know would be very beneficial.

The below article will help you to choose the best type of Fastener for your requirements.

List of Free Useful Tips to Choose the Right Fasteners

A fastener is generally a piece of hardware that joins two or more workpieces together temporarily or permanently. Generally, fasteners are used for non-permanent joining, but they can be used to unfasten and fasten time and again without causing much damage to the fastener or the workpiece.

The above describes the nomenclature of fasteners in general. First, the Head Type is mentioned, then comes the Diameter. Next, is the pitch/Threads per inch and lastly the Length.

Complete List of Different Types of Fasteners Available Online brings to you a wide range of Fasteners which includes

 Hex Bolt Pic 3 Hex Bolt:  Available in a range of lengths and diameters. Hex bolts are generally used in construction and repair industry.
Wood Screw pic 4 Wood Screws: These are used to join wood or something similar. Generally having coarse threads and a thick shank and an unthreaded portion on the shank as well.
 Socket Cap Screws Picture 5 Socket Cap Screws: These are also available in a wide range of sizes and are generally used in clamping and machine parts.
 Lag Bolts Picture 6 Lag Bolts: As the name suggest, these are used when connecting/joining heavy weight components or material that bear an intense load. These are one of the toughest screws available.
 Carriage Bolts Picture 7 Carriage Bolts: These are used to join and connect wood or similar material but for blind holes. These have a square shoulder and a head that is rounded.
 Machine Screws Picture 8 Machine Screws: The uniqueness of machine screw is that the diameter is constant on the entire length of the shank. Used for clamping machine components, appliances, etc.
 Sheet Metal Screws Picture 9 Sheet Metal Screws: Used for joining sheet metal parts to wood, plastic or other similar material

 Look out for the appropriate Fastener Head Styles

 Flat top Picture1 A countersunk head

Flat top

 Rounded Top Picture1 A countersunk head

Rounded Top

 Short vertical sides Picture1 A slightly rounded head

Short vertical sides

 Rounded Top Picture2 An extra wide head

Rounded Top

 Built in washer Picture1 A hex head

Built in washer

 Built in washer and slot Picture1 A hex head

Built in washer and slot

 Hexagon Head Picture1 A screw

Hexagon Head

 Hexagonal Drive hole Picture1 A small cylindrical head

Hexagonal Drive hole

 Hexagonal Drive hole Picture2 A rounded head

Hexagonal Drive hole

Slot Picture1 A domed head


Different Fastening Tools online at

 Spanner Picture1 Spanner- used for nuts and bolts
 Phillips Picture1 Phillips- used for most of the screws
 Slotted Picture1 Slotted- used for slotted screws
 Pozidriv Picture1 Pozidriv- used for Philips head machine screws
 Socket, Hex, or Allen Picture1 Socket, Hex, or Allen- used for Hex bolts, nuts and screws
 Star Picture1 Star – used for star head screws

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