Hydraulic Crimping Tools Buying Guide

Hydraulic Crimping Tools Buying Guide

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What is Hydraulic Crimping Tool

A hydraulic crimping tool is used to conjoin two pieces of metals by deforming one or both of them so as to make them hold on to each other. The result of this work is called a crimp. Hydraulic crimping tools allow advanced process control and have been designed so as to provide convenience, maximum functionality, and ease of operations.

General Maintenance Tips While Using Hydraulic Crimping Tool

  1. Keep the tool clean: Dirt and grit are the worst enemies of hydraulic equipment. Do not lay the tool on the ground. The entire tool should be wiped with a clean dry or slightly oily cloth after use.
  2. Do not operate this tool without a die-set installed: It can result in serious damage to the tool.
  3. Store the tool properly: The Rapid advance handle should be backed to a fully open position and the pump release handle should be depressed to fully retract the crimping die before storing the tools. This will protect the operating ram from moisture condensation and thus will ensure no hindrances at the time of the next use.

Operating Instructions for Installing a Die

  1. Pull both pivot and bridge pins to remove the bridge.
  2. Place the movable die half between the die rails. Carefully lower the die and mate the die snap retainer to the snap retainer located in the ram.
  3. The stationary die half should be placed between the rails and lowered so the flat spring fits into the spring recess of the die rails.
  4. After Replacing the bridge onto the die rails one should snap the stationary die into the mating snap located in the bridge.
  5. Replace both bridge and pivot pins.

How to Avoid loss of Hydraulic Oil

To avoid loss of hydraulic oil one should take the following precautions.

#1)Addition of hydraulic oil

Preferable viscosity of the oil for cold regions should be 100° F, SUS114. Caution should be exercised to ensure that the oil of different types are not mixed when tool reservoirs are replenished.

#2)Do not use brake fluid

  1. The advance handle should be rotated fully counterclockwise to retract the movable die and return the oil to the oil chamber.
  2. Actuate the pump release handle and confirm that the die is in the fully open position.
  3. Hold the tool with the crimping head down on a clean surface and remove set screw 2, and unscrew cover (Item 40) along with the handle assembly.
  4. Now, remove the plunger spring (Item 30) and loosen the oil fill screw (Item 7). Do not remove Item 7 at this time.
  5. Grasp the stem of plunger (Item 47) and lift it so the plunger is not higher than the oil reservoir section of the body (Item 37)
  6. Remove filler screw (Item 7) this will enable the O-ring (Item 13) to be removed with the filler screw as well.
  7. Fill the reservoir with the proper hydraulic oil Apply slight pressure to the plunger to allow the oil to just reach the surface of the fill hole and replace the filler screw (Item 7) and O-ring (Item 13).
  8. Reassemble the tool by reversing the order of operations described above (steps 5 through 3).

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