LED Flood And Outdoor Lights Buying Guide

LED Flood And Outdoor Lights Buying Guide

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What is an led floodlight?

A light-producing diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a p–n intersection diode that transmits light when activated. The LED lights are available in the number of colors.

Led flood and outdoor light

Led floodlights are basically heavy metal body with led chip integrated inside that is used to illuminate bigger fields like sports stadiums, markets, stage lighting purpose etc. The number of led vary specifically with wattage from unit quantity and can go up to hundred in numbers.

How to operate led floodlight?

The operation of a floodlight is very simple. Connect the mains lead from the floodlight to an IP rated junction box. Ensure that the correct polarities for Live, Earth, and Neutral are observed. After wiring, check that there are no bare wires, all the wires have been correctly connected.

Before connecting power, perform all the tests as per the mentioned guidelines. Switch on the electricity to check that floodlight illuminates. Adjust the angle of the floodlight so that it illuminates the required area.

Installation of flood light

  • Check that the floodlight and all its point and components are not damaged. Do not attempt to repair it yourself.
  • Choose your location to fix the floodlight, and location should be chosen by consider the beam angle and area required to illuminate.
  • Use the floodlight bracket to mark the position of the fixing holes.
  • Drill the holes, and place the floodlight into position using the screws and wall plugs provided. Check that it is securely fixed.

Advantages of applying led flood light in-place of obsolete filament or mercury bulb are as follows:

  • Long lasting.
  • Safety standards are higher than normal bulb.
  • Don’t get affect by the temperature and weather conditions.
  • Less heat emission.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Cost effective.

Uses of led flood light are as follows:

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes such as :

Indoor applications

  • Inside theatre
  • Shopping complex
  • Stage lighting
  • Indoor stadiums

Outdoor applications

  • Sports fields & stadiums
  • Live concert and stage shows
  • Hoarding and advertising
  • Garden fields

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