Led Panel Light Buying Guide

Led Panel Light Buying Guide

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What is an Led Panel Light-Complete Overview?

Led panel lights are a type of lighting apparatus designed to replace existing fluorescent conventional ceiling lights. They are one of the best options for indoor lighting purposes. The outer part (frame) is one of the most important parts as it is designed to prevent light leakage. Replacing your existing fluorescent ceiling lights with energy-saving LED panels is a fast and easy way to enjoy the major amount of savings both on your bills as well as on energy. You also gain with reduced maintenance and electricity costs as well as a brighter environment.

List of Different Types of Led Panel Light Available in the Market

Led Panel lights are classified according to their size.

Currently, LED producing panels are designed to fit the following ceiling grids:-
600 X 600, 1200 X 600,  1200 x 300 mm

You will need to make sure that there is enough depth and adequate ventilation for the new panel to be fitted. If replacing traditional conventional panels, LED back-lit panels to provide a perfect drop-in solution.

Power Consumption of Led Panel

With conventional fluorescent fixture up to 40% of the light is “lost” in the fitting itself. Integral LED panels deliver a wider beam angle with more usable light and less power consumption when compared to traditional fluorescent fittings. Some of the advantages are as follows;


Enjoy better light levels by replacing existing panels one-for-one with no changes to the ceiling grid.


Achieve similar or brighter light levels by using fewer LED fittings than existing. E.g. in a room that is provided with 5 light fittings across, you may be able to reduce to 3 across using LED panels.


Upgrading and optimizing lead to cost savings to the best possible extent.

Advantages of Led Panel Light

Just check out these benefits of using led panel lights in India.

  • Variety of colour options
  • Shock-resistant
  • Light adjustment
  • Customizability
  • Longer life & durability
  • Heat dissipation is good
  • Flexibility in design and variety of options

How to Choose the Best-Led Panel Light for yourself?

You can opt for the LED panel that best suits your needs depending on the following few factors :


Lumens are a measure of the total light output. The higher the lumens, the higher and better the light output. Lumens divided by power (Watts) gives a measure of the efficiency of an LED panel. The higher the lumens per watt, the more efficient an LED panel is. This is comparable to litres-per-100km for fuel-efficiency. Make sure you check the lumens-per-watt rating. One should always look for lumens per watt before buying led panel light. Always remember, the higher the rating, the better the light.

#2)Colour temperature

This is a matter of preference and use. The colour temperature denotes how the light from an LED panel will look and is denoted as Kelvin (K).

2.1)Cool White

4000 to 5000K for clean modern look ideal for offices, schools, retail and commercial areas. This is the most popular choice for LED panels

2.2)Warm White

2700 to 3000K for a more traditional golden colour associated with filament lamps for areas like nursing homes.

2.3)Natural white

3000 to 4000 k colour mimics sunlight mostly used in basements, garages.

3)Emergency Versions

In most installations, it is necessary to consider emergency lighting for numerous panels. In case of a power failure, the emergency LED panel will regularly provide some light in definite areas such as escape routes for a minimum of three hours. Since LED panels use less power, they are best used as emergency panels. Integral LED panels even have ready to fit emergency versions available.

 Applications of LED Panel Light

Led Panel lights have a wide range of applications varying form warehouse, corporate office spaces, hospitals, Garage, commercial spaces like restaurants, supermarkets, malls, hotels, etc. It covers a diverse section of applications.

The main reason for this vast field of application is the hassle-free installation. Easily replaceable variety of colour to choose from coupled with customizability makes LED panels the best option.

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