Office Chair Buying Guide

Office Chair Buying Guide

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Overview of Office Chairs

If a normal businessman or work area bound individual were to decide how much time they spend in their office seat, they would be shocked. At 40 hours for every week, they’d pile on around 1900 hours through the span of a year. Increase that by the normal number of years a man works, and it’s anything but difficult to see that a vast bit of one’s life is spent in an office.

List of Different Types of Chairs Available in the Market

So here’s a buying guide which helps you select the best office chair for all your needs.

1)High back office chairs:


The strength of a high-back office seat is verifiable. This kind of seat gives solace and support to even the longest workdays. Boost up your working environment with this modular office furniture for maximum comfort and improved performance.

2)Medium back leather chairs:


Low back leather chairs are as firm as the high back leather chairs and provide a price advantage over the high back chairs. Available in different styles to choose from, the back of the chair has to be comfortable so that you don’t have to take regular breaks to stretch yourselves.

3)High back mesh chairs:


The high-back office chair has extraordinary esteem and is ideal for the normal 8-hour work day. It arrives in an assortment of choices to fit your interesting workplace. Mesh chairs are lined with a net-like fabric which provides them good air circulation. Mesh lining amalgamated with its cushioned seats, allow one to sit comfortably without feeling hot and sweaty.  It is very comfortable and gives proper support to your back.

4)Low back mesh chairs:


The mid-back undertaking seat arrives in a substantial exhibit of styles and hues, making it perfect for home workplaces. It is the ideal mix of structure and style. It’s mainly popular in the workplace as it gives proper ventilation, something which other designs can’t provide. Apart from office use, you can also use this chair for the computer desk at your home.

5)Visitor chairs:

The visitor chair offers help and solace for your visitors and customers with its smooth yet solid plan. Though generally not mobile, flexible and adjustable, this type of office chair can make a comfortable seat for visitors and guests. It may be made of wood or plastic and comes in a variety of colours. These chairs can even be custom-made as per the choice of the companies.

6)Executive chairs

Executive chairs are ergonomic chairs that have wheels that can rotate at all directions. These chairs feature a high backrest, lined with layers of polyurethane foam and soft material often in the form of leather. Apart from the padding on the armrest, you can even adjust the backrest as per your preference. These chairs are certainly more expensive due to their unique features. Generally, it’s used by the company’s top executives and that’s where the name is derived from.

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Things to Look Out for While Buying an Office Chair

An office chair should be stylish, comfortable and practical. Your budget, style, comfort, area of use are some primary factors that are of utmost importance at the time of opting for the perfect office furniture. Besides these, some other factors to look for in an office chair to help you make an informed purchase are discussed in details:-

#1.Lumbar Support

A decent office seat will have bolster for the lower back. A portion of the better ones will even have a flexible lumbar bolster that enables the client to fit the seat to their lower back. This is essential in anticipating back strain that can exacerbate and progress toward becoming sciatica, a condition which can be crippling.


All office seats have tallness and arm alteration; in any case, these are not the most vital changes in accordance with the search for when looking for an office seat. It would be highly preferable if there is a pneumatic adjustment lever in the office chair which makes adjusting the height possible in the easiest way. At the same time, the forward or backward tilt of the seat should be adjustable.

#3.Wheel Base

About all office seats have a wheelbase; in any case, if the workplace is covered it might be important to get a seat with wheels particularly made for cover. Any modern style ergonomic chair should be able to rotate easily so that the user can reach different areas of his desk without straining. It further offers improved comfort and enhanced convenience at the workplace.


The texture ought to be breathable to shield the seat from being plainly hot. What’s more, it ought to have enough pad to bolster the individual sitting in it without feeling the base of the seat through the pad. The fabric used should be such that the user gets maximum comfort while sitting. Stitching should last long and hold up to wear and tear, as well as the seams should be placed at a point where they won’t irritate the skin.

What is the Importance of a Good Office Chair?

There are a whole list of benefits of having a good office chair apart from having less back strain. A good as well as a supportive office chair prevents fatigue and ends all discomfort that can come from sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours.

It has been proven that comfortable employees are more productive and can give a better output thereby contributing to a more positive work environment than uncomfortable employees. To brief up, it can be said that a comfortable office chair would significantly reduce the number of breaks the employee will need to take due to being uncomfortable.

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