Overhead Stirrer Buying Guide

Overhead Stirrer Buying Guide

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What is Overhead Stirrer?

Overhead Stirrers are used for standard mixing of the higher viscosity substances, unlike magnetic stirrers. They majorly are mixers, used for suspending, gas intrusion and recirculation. Scientists use these for mixing paint chemicals that are used on cars or for mixing shampoos and other conditioner components. The torque, stirring capacity as well as the viscosity should be reviewed at the time of picking out the correct stirrer for your application.

List of Main Points to Consider While Buying Right Overhead Stirrer

When purchasing an overhead stirrer, it is important to know the application information and the result that needs to be accomplished as this will help to determine the best stirrer fit for the application. The following would be helpful when you are selecting an Overhead stirrer:-

#1)Type of Fluid

On the basis of Product being mixed (liquid/ liquid, Light Oil or liquid/powder) choose the suitable overhead stirrer.

#2)Stirring Capacity

On the basis of how much volume of product needs to mix select an overhead stirrer with suitable maximum stirring volume.

#3)Speed range required

Min and max. Speed is specified for every overhead stirrer. According to the requirement, you can choose the overhead stirrer with suitable stirring speed.

#4)Stirling shaft (Ø X length) & Type of Blade

The size and shape of the mixing vessel help to determine the size and shape of the mixing impeller. Know the ID (inner diameter) of the opening of the vessel as well as the height. Selection of Length of the rod, the diameter of rod and type of paddles and blade depends on sample viscosities and size of the mixing vessel. These are some most commonly used impeller.

#5)Type of Motor used in the stirrer

A brushless DC motor is very efficient and maintenance-free. A brushed motor contains brushes that wear and over time need replacing. Mainly overhead stirrer comes with PMDC Motor, AC/DC Universal motor, AC Brushless, DC Brushless, etc.

#6)Features needed for the application

Digital speed indicator, timer, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, a motor that can withstand usage (i.e. 24/7 or once a month)

#7)Sold in kits or individually

Have you purchased everything you need to start mixing? Sometimes stirrers are sold as kits and sometimes the stirrer motor, stand, clamp and mixing impeller accessories are sold separately.

What are the Major Applications of Overhead Stirrer?

Common in both industrial and academic laboratories, mixing is an important part of many tasks.  Overhead stirrers are the best fit for high-viscosity applications. There are a variety of overhead stirrer configurations as well as analog and digital options. Mostly overhead stirrers are used for:

  • Tissue grinding to create low and high dose medications
  • Wastewater purification
  • Inks, coatings, glues, and adhesives
  • Plastics, polymers, urethane
  • Media prep
  • Food and beverage production

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