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Plastic Crate Buying Guide

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Overview of Plastic Crate

Plastic Crate is a large container that helps to store and move the items together. These are made of plastic y & wood generally but, crates are also made up of steel & aluminum. Plastic Crates are tough and durable but wooden crates are customized as per the item dimension. These are used to transport or store large, items with different volumes. Steel & aluminum crates are made for a particular purpose. Plastic Crates are most saleable and can be customized often like milk crates, crates for carrying cold drinks, etc.

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Top brands available with to purchase a plastic crate are Supreme & Aristo.

List of Main Points to Remember While Buying a Plastic Crate

During the purchase of a crate, the following factors matter the most:

  • Dimension (Length, Breadth & Height),
  • Color of a crate,
  • Design
  • Material

Dimension is important because it decides the volume of the crate that is the storage limit. The color of a crate determines its usage and coding as per different colors to make storage more efficient. Design is important as the same helps in determining the specific purpose or application to which the particular crate is best suitable for. The material of the crate is equally important as it is the parameter that decides the durability.

Complete List of Different Type of Plastic Crates Available in Market

These are some of the different types of crates available in India for general purposes.

  • General-purpose crate
  • Bottle crate
  • Beer crate
  • Stackable Utility crate
  • Milkcrate
  • Cold drink crate
  • Completely closed crate
  • Completely perforated crate
  • Open-ended crate

Industry-Specific Crates

Crates nowadays are mainly designed to meet industry-specific requirements with features that include ease of handling, increased efficiency in transportation and help to extend the life of goods stored.

#1)Horticulture Crates

With the help of plastic crates, fresh fruits and vegetables are transported throughout the world! The main properties of these crates are easy handling and the ability to accommodate temperature-sensitive perishables. They should be nestable and stackable to help save floor space.

#2)Grocery Crates

 These crates can further be classified as Milk crates and bottle crates. Dairy crates easily house in the pouched milk which is delicate to handle whereas bottle crates ensure ease of loading, stacking and storage.

#3)Pharmaceutical Crates

Emission-free crates and insulated containers for temperature-sensitive medicines, as well as autoclavable crates for tablet punch, comes under the range of pharmaceutical crates.

#4)Automobile Crates

These crates hugely supplement the automotive supply chain efficiency and performance by avoiding damage to automotive parts during transportation.

Free Tips to Choose the Best Plastic Crate

Just learn these below-mentioned tips to choose the best right plastic crate.

#1.Size of the plastic crate

This is a very important factor that is necessary for you in order to avoid cases where you will buy a plastic crate which will not serve you well. The appropriate sizes and dimensions need to be figured out well before purchase.

#2.Reason for buying the plastic crate

There are different crate for different kinds of jobs. There should be a right crate for the right job. You can go through the product description to choose which crate suits you the best.

#3.Easy to clean

You should opt for a crate that is easy to clean. Bright colors can develop more stains. If you intend to use the crate on a surface that has a lot of dust, then it is better for you to buy a crate that is made of dull colors.

#4.Cost of the Crates

The cost of crates differs on the basis of the material it is made of as well as based on brands. Ensure that the crate you order is well kept in your budget.

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