Safety Shoes Buying Guide- Compare and Buy Best Safety Shoes Online
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Safety Shoes Buying Guide- Compare and Buy Best Safety Shoes Online

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What are Safety Shoes?

There are many workplace hazards that can prove to be harmful for the workers. An array of workplace hazards, especially in the industrial or construction sector, make the Safety shoe a necessity. Be it a danger of heavy tools falling on the feet or an electric wire or wet floor, Safety shoes with the appropriate Sole prevent any injury due to the workplace hazards.

What is the Importance of Wearing Safety Shoes?

There are several kinds of workspaces either factories, home, or adventure sports and activities where foot protection becomes necessary from heavy or sharp objects, safety shoes bear steel toes and full-grain leather texture on its upper surface to provide that sturdiness and layered protection for your feet.

Safety shoes act as a barrier against heat, chemicals, oils, shocks and harmful acids. These shoes are lightweight and not heavy. The soles are well padded and hence they provide a good amount of comfort to the wearers, decreasing their fatigue level. Safety Shoes inlined with moisture retention materials that help in keeping the feet dry and warm. The inclusion of tough material in the shoe composition makes the shoes more durable and sturdy.

Complete List of Things to Look Out Before Buying Safety Shoes

These are the entire list of things that you need to check out before buying the right Safety Shoes.


The basic criteria to ensure that the safety shoes are standard make and certified is to check the EN certification of shoes. The specification vary as European test standards are written into EN ISO 20344:2004 (revised by ISO 20344:2011)

#2)EN ISO 20345:2004 Specification for Safety Shoes

It specifies a standard of 200 joules impact resistance (equivalent to a 20kg weight dropped 1020mm onto the toes), and a 15KN compression test (equivalent to 1.5 tonnes resting on the toe area).

#3)EN ISO 20346:2004

It states that a lower standard of 100 joules impacts resistance and a 10KN compression test. Upon completion of the EN regulation, the shoes are provided with the CE mark. In addition to the CE mark, the Bureau of Indian Standard required provides certification of ISI mark under various sections. In the mining industry, the shoes which confirm to these sections of BIS norms are approved for usage by the Director-General of Mines Safety (DGMS). There the safety shoes bearing ISI & DGMS approved mark are considered to be of Highest Quality.

#4)Properties of Safety Shoes

We need to select the shoes by looking at these qualities in the specification of the safety shoe. Various types such as antistatic shoes, ECD (Electro Static Discharge) safety shoes, cut-resistant boots have a unique features to protect that are specifically designed to protect particularly delicate parts of the foot like the metatarsal. Some common specification are mentioned below:

  • P: penetration Resistance
  • I: Electrically Insulated
  • A: Antistatic
  • C: Conductive
  • WR: Water-Resistant
  • CRE: Chemical Resistance
  • HI: Heat Insulated
  • AN: Ankle Protection
  • AS: Antiskid
  • CR: Cut Resistance
  • HRO: Outsole Resistance to hot contact

Free Tips to Choose the Right Safety Shoes by the Application

There are several applications across different industries like mining, manufacturing, Heat Work, Construction, Chemical production area or mountaineering and trekking activities. Antistatic Shoes are required in Petrochemicals, inflammable chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints & adhesives, and Automobiles. ESD Safety shoes are mandatory in the field of computers, electronics & circuits, ordinance arms & ammunition.

Choose the correct Sole Type

  • PU SOLE-Excellent safety features, lightweight, comfortable
  • PU DOUBLE DENSITY- Enhanced safety and comfort
  • PU SINGLE DENSITY- Average safety and comfort
  • PVC SOLE- Good safety features, heavy, low on comfort
  • RUBBER SOLE-High temperature Operations

How to Choose the Correct Toe Cap?

Average load that a safety Shoe should bear is 200 J, there are three major types of toe caps :

Steel: High Carbon Alloy Steel Toe Caps for safety against falling objects and crushing under moving objects

Composite: Thermoplastic polymeric or non-metallic toe cap for safety against falling objects and crushing under moving objects

Fibre Toe Caps: Nonmetallic, lightweight fibre Toe Caps having no impact resistance

Weight of the safety shoe: The comfort of the safety of shoes is not dependent upon the weight.Β  Heavier the PU sole shoe more comfortable it is going to be and Weight reduction is possible only by compromising on safety and comfort.Β  20 cm thick foam mattress is more comfortable than 5 cm thick mattress. Fire boots weighs 3 Kg per pair and yet fireman runs.

Different Types of Select Safety Shoes

Check out the different types of top-rated safety shoes before buying them.

1.Metatarsal Safety Shoes

Drop hazard type shoes designed to protect upper part of toe, used in areas of where there is risk of falling objects, provides internal and external protection of foot. These shoes are suitable for construction work and heavy machinery.

2.Electric Hazard Safety Shoes

Sole is designed to provide high resistance against electric shock for an employee working in high voltage electricity area. Highly recommended for Areas involving dangers of electricity, circuits, wiring etc. Online safety shoes for men also have a stylish collection to offer in this category. Indutrybuying offers Acme Atom, Acme Gravity, E-volt safety and many more shoes in this category.

3.Safety Toed Safety Shoes

The most common safety shoes having special covering around the toe area. This area has a special capping to keep your toes safe. Suitable for workers in factories, mills, and places involving heavy industrial goods. Industrybuying offers Hillson Rockland, Tiger Leopard, Allen Cooper and many more option in this category.

4.Steel Insole Safety Shoes

When work involves riding bikes, driving heavy vehicles etc.Β  then steel insole shoes are recommended. Steel inserts are provided inside shoe padding. Shoes provide High comfort and stabilize the movement and shifting of feet, preventing bone and joint problems.

5.Metal Instep Safety Shoe

Provides protection from pointy and metal objects. Applicable in Workplaces or industrial units that deal in machinery, glass etc. Injuries from penetration of glass pieces and metal objects can be prevented by these safety shoes.


These are recommended for usage in wet or muddy workplaces, also used to prevent the employee acid showers. The High length of shoe ranging from 13 inch to 15 inch provide protection from knee to toe. Application can be found in fisheries, cleaning work or Fire boots.

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You can opt for any of the convenient among Online transactions via Net Banking and Credit/Debit Card transaction or opt for Cash On Delivery or any of the available EMI plans. For every purchase order above Rs,1 ,000 the company ships the product right at your doorstep free of cost. In case of any query or doubt you can reach out to us for professional assistance at our Toll-free number 1800-300-09551.

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