Safety Measures and Protective Gears

Secure your homes and offices with these easy safety measures and protective gears

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How to Become Your Home and Offices Safer Using Protective Gears and Safety Measures

Making one’s dwelling place safe is everyone’s topmost priority. We might be unaware but, our lives and property are always on the verge of danger. A variety of hazards always lurk around our residential and commercial places like falls, fires, power agitations, earthquakes, etc. causing destruction on a massive scale. However, by opting right safety measure one can easily avoid these disastrous occurrences. A study shows that the maximum of these disasters are results of ignorance and can be prevented easily.
In this article, we will address the Three most common deadly hazards that destroy property and life. In addition, we will also talk about simple safety measures and protective gear.

1. Falls

Falls are the most common domestic hazard. Falling prey to slippery floors, ankle twists, scattered objects, uneven flooring, etc. is something that happens to us on day to day basis. One must not ignore these hazards. They can even cause fatal crises other than regular fractures, sprains, strains, etc.

You might like to opt following preventive methods and gears according to your requirement:

1) Safety shoes:

These safety shoes and slippers are not only made for factories and outdoor works but for regular requirements as well. It will prevent 80% of slipcases.

2) Adequate lighting:

Inadequate lighting could also result in falls and bumps. You would like to use CFL LED lights saving battery, bright glow and avoid fluctuations.

3) Install supports

4)Marble Flooring

Try to replace tile flooring with marble flooring: They ensure better gripping of shoe and slippers sole.

2. Electric Accidents

Electric accidents can cause great damage to life and property. Electric accidents contribute to a maximum number of disasters that happen in our country. A simple short circuit can result in burning down the whole building to debris.

Adopt the following remedies to stay safe from electric defaults
1) Safety gloves and safety shoes: These products are made from high-quality rubber and a mixture of polyester to prevent electric shocks.
2) Make sure your office and homes have a proper earthing system.
3) Switch off main power in case someone is getting shocked or there are voltage fluctuations.
4) Stabilizers: In case your area gets frequent voltage fluctuation, use good quality stabilizer to prevent your electronics items.


The man has rightly called fire- a necessary evil. Fires have been destructing man’s work since time immemorial. According to a study, in 2016, more than 60 people die daily because of fire in different parts of our country.
Fighting fire is difficult but preventing it is quite easy with the following measure:

1) Fire Extinguisher:

Fire extinguishers come really handy in stopping the growth of fire till the time fire people come and take control of the situation. It is a life-saving device that must be installed in every household and commercial place.

2) Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm Systems:

They are fire and smoke-sensitive digital alarm system. It automatically releases water in case it catches traces of smoke.

3)Unplug Appliances

Unplug appliances after use. we have a habit of leaving our phones and laptops in charge and not closing off lights, fans, A/C and other appliances after use. It may lead to sparking and in turn fire. Other than these, one must have First aid kit near to oneself. Other than these day to day gears Industrybuying offers a variety of safety equipment like safety helmet, fall protection kits, safety glasses, road safety kit, industrial wears, warning lights, fire protection, for averting an accident that could possibly harm you.


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