Socket Set Buying Guide
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Socket Set Buying Guide

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What is a Socket Set?

A socket set is a comprehensive toolkit for fastening and loosening nuts, bolts, and other threaded components. This versatile tool ensemble typically includes a variety of sockets in different sizes and configurations to fit an array of fastener types. The set also incorporates ratchets, enabling controlled rotational movement, extensions, and universal joints for added flexibility in reaching confined or awkward spaces. Adapters allow seamless transition between drive sizes, enhancing the set’s adaptability. Socket sets are indispensable in automotive maintenance, household repairs, and construction projects, providing users with a convenient and organized solution for various tasks.

These socket sets range from basic entry-level to professional-grade catering to every set of skill and budget thus becoming an essential kit for every job. Each set includes a hard case for easy carrying and portability. The socket set is an essential part of your DIY or maintenance work and a perfect addition to your garage tools.

List of Free Tips to Choose the Right Socket Set

A Socket Set comprises of many tools and accessories. To choose the right socket set, it is essential to know about the various tools and their respective features. Keep the below-mentioned points in mind next time you want to buy Socket Set.

#1)Metric, SAE and Inches

While SAE, Metric or standard-sized sockets with measurements in inches are widely used for older domestic vehicles, most modern vehicles largely use metric hardware, measured in millimetres. It is important to choose a metric or SAE set depending on your needs, or stock your garage with both to ensure you always have the ideal tool for the job.

#2)Drive size of the socket set

Both metric and SAE measurement system sockets are available in three drive sizes: ¼-inch, 3/8-inch and ½-inch. Each requires a different ratchet handle and other accessories like extension assortments. Smaller sockets are typically used for smaller drive sizes, while larger sockets are used for the larger drive sizes. If your socket set is limited to one drive size, choose a right drive size to cover the majority of sockets. The smallest and largest drive sizes both deliver useful work, though.

Small, ¼-inch drive sockets are largely used to reach small nuts or bolts in tight spots more easily. Large, ½-inch drive sockets are required to handle more torque and are ideal for larger fasteners that require a longer ratchet or breaker bar to loosen or fully tighten the screws.

#3)Points of Socket Set

A six-point socket is believed to be stronger than a 12-point socket because its inner walls are set against all six sides of the hardware. The advantage of a 12-point socket is convenience and ease of operation. It can slide onto the hardware in any one of 12 positions, so it’s easier to line up. While 12-point sockets are fine for most light and domestic work, six-point sockets are chosen for larger hardware applications where serious torque is required. Six-point sockets are less likely to slip in this situation.

#4)Shallow vs. deep sockets

A normal or shallow socket may not even touch the nut before the top of the stud or bolt hits the end of the socket.  A deep socket is necessary in this case to accommodate the long end of the bolt and fit snugly around the nut. Having some deep sockets on hand can be helpful for situations like this. Without them, you may require a spanner instead of a socket to loosen that nut.

Spark plug sockets are a special type of deep socket that every DIY enthusiast must have at hand. These are deep enough to reach the bottom of a spark plug and include a small rubber piece inside to protect the top of the spark plug from damage.

#5)Finish of the socket set

Chrome plating and black oxide are the two common finishes applied to sockets to protect the socket from corrosion and wear. If you are a technician, then you must knowing what type of finishes used for different sockets. 

Black oxide is mainly used on impact sockets because chrome and matt chrome coating can chip off when subject to impact from an impact wrench or power tool. This would remove the corrosion protection from the surface of the socket if it had one of these finishes. Different types of finishes, such as CRV, matt and satin, along with heat treatment are provided on the sockets to make it more durable, robust and wear-resistant.

#6)Impact sockets

Not all sockets are designed or can be used with power tools. If you use a pneumatic or electric impact wrench, you need a set of impact sockets specially designed for use with these high-torque tools. Tougher construction and black oxide finish allows impact sockets to withstand the forces of use with power tools.

What is the List of Accessories Included in a Socket Set?

A socket set typically includes a variety of tools designed to fit different types of fasteners. While the specific contents may vary depending on the brand and set size, here’s a common list of accessories found in a socket set:

  1. Sockets:
    • Standard (SAE) and Metric sockets
    • Deep and shallow sockets
    • Different drive sizes (1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, etc.)
  2. Ratchets:
    • Ratcheting handles in various drive sizes
    • Quick-release mechanisms for easy socket changes
  3. Extensions:
    • Various lengths to reach different depths
    • Extensions with wobble or flex for tight spaces
  4. Universal Joints:
    • Allows sockets to pivot, useful for reaching angles
  5. Adapters:
    • Convert between different drive sizes (e.g., from 3/8-inch to 1/4-inch)
  6. Spark Plug Sockets:
    • Specialized sockets for removing and installing spark plugs
  7. Hex Bits:
    • Hex-shaped attachments for driving hex screws
  8. Torx Bits:
    • Star-shaped attachments for Torx screws
  9. Screwdriver Bits:
    • Various types and sizes for different screw heads
  10. Allen/Hex Keys:
    • L-shaped or T-shaped tools for hexagonal screws
  11. Storage Case:
    • A durable case to keep all the components organized
  12. Breaker Bar:
    • A longer handle for additional torque when needed
  13. Spinner Handle:
    • A short handle for quick turning in tight spaces
  14. Storage Rack or Tray:
    • Some sets include a rack or tray for easy storage in a toolbox

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