Soldering Iron Buying Guide

Soldering Iron Buying Guide

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What is Soldering Iron?

Soldering-Iron is a handheld tool used in several manufacturing and repair industries to join two metals temporarily. If you are getting started in electronics or you are an industry veteran, chances are that you are confused about buying your next soldering iron. With the plethora of choices available in the Indian market today it is a little difficult to select the appropriate one for your application.

Free Tips to Buy the Best Soldering Iron

The most important factors to consider while buying an Iron are:-

  1. Wattage
  2. Temperature
  3. Tip size & shape
  4. Type of Iron

1)Power Wattage

Wattage is a measure of electrical power and is the most important factor to consider while buying a Soldering Iron is wattage. It varies between 20W – 60W for most of the popular ones in the electronics industry. Irons with lesser wattage (20W-40W) like this 25W Soldron Soldering-Iron is ideal for DIY projects and hobbyists where power requirement is lesser.

The higher wattage soldering-iron has more power, thus making them better suited for heavy-duty projects than their low-wattage counterparts. Brands such as Pro’skit, Weller, Goot, Hakko are maintaining the industry standards with their high wattage irons tailor-made for high-volume industrial usage.


The majority of soldering irons have three basic temperature settings:

  1. Temperature-controlled soldering-irons allow you to be sure that the soldering-iron tip maintains the right temperature, but they are more expensive than basic soldering-irons.
  2. No temperature control designs, which are usually the least expensive and suitable for household soldering jobs, plugin and are ready to go after they have warmed up.
  3. Soldering stations — Soldering stations are bench-top control unit and a soldering iron specifically designed for the unit, and which are the most expensive type of soldering iron — typically offer digital temperature readouts, adjustable soldering-iron temperature, and a number of other features.

If you are a professional or you plan to do a lot of soldering, consider a soldering station first.

3)Tip Size & Shape

The selection of the correct style/shape of the tip is important and depends on the job you are planning on doing. Further, the size is also an important parameter because, if it is too small, heat will not be transferred efficiently and, if it’s too big, you can overheat and damage the circuit board.

List of Different Types of Soldering Irons Available in the Market

There are majorly 4 types of Soldering-Irons and are so because of their usage and their shape.

#1.Soldering Pencil

The most basic and simple type of soldering tool which can simply be used for small DIY projects. These pencils range from INR 150 to 500 depending upon the wattage and build quality. You can find good deals here at Industrybuying; India’s leading B2B e-commerce. Although these soldering pencils are not recommended for fine soldering as they do have any temperature control system for the iron tip.

#2.Soldering Gun

A higher and a little more sophisticated form of soldering pencil is soldering gun. The main component that differentiates is from a soldering pencil is the transformer on the machine. This transformer is capable of converting 110 V AC to a lower voltage. As the secondary winding of this transformer has only one turn, the transformer is capable of producing extremely low voltage and several hundred amperes of current.

#3.Soldering Station

High in functionalities, sophistication and usage from soldering pencil and guns the third level of soldering tools are the Soldering stations. These stations consist of soldering pencils that are attached to a power station. This power station can control the temperature settings for the soldering pencil tip.

Higher versions of these soldering stations also come with electronic temperature control that allows you to set and maintain the temperature very precisely. These electronics temperature controller automatically keeps an appropriate temperature at the iron tip.

Some of the popular stations are Soldron variable Wattage Micro Station, Toni 936A, Soldron 878D & Weller WTCP 51. The price ranges from INR 500 to 20000 based upon the wattage and size of the soldering stations. Due to their temperature control capability, these Soldering stations are safe to use with most of the soldering projects.

#4.Rework/repair systems

These are even more complex soldering equipment, which is most commonly used by professionals in industry or by the high-volume manufacturers. These soldering systems have a combination of several handpieces which includes a soldering iron, hot-air guns, de-soldering guns, thermo-tweezers, etc.

If you are still not sure about the right choice to make, we here are happy to help you, just get in touch with one of the Industrybuying sales representatives and you will be taken care of.

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