Temperature or PID Controller Buying Guide

Temperature or PID Controller Buying Guide

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What is a Temperature or PID Controller?

As the name suggests, a Temperature Controller is otherwise called a PID controller, which stands for Proportional Integral Derivative Controller (PID controller). A PID works on the principle of control loop feedback mechanism which figures an error value e(t) as the difference between a set point and a deliberate process value and applies a solution which is based on proportional, integral, and derivative which is represented by P, I, and D respectively.

Temperature Controller Working

The Controllers gets input signals from a temperature sensor which is generally a thermocouple or RTD. These are associated with a controller which contrasts the sensor signal and a set point and performs computation as per the deviation between those qualities.

Characteristics of the Controlled Object

It is important to check the qualities of Controlled object before making a choice or selecting a product.

Picking the Right Temperature Controller

It is important to know precisely how the temperature controller will be utilized while choosing the correct controller. The kind of input sensor (thermocouple, RTD) and temperature range is an important factor while choosing the Pid. Additionally, the sort of output required (electromechanical hand-off, SSR, simple yield) and the control action (on/off, corresponding, PID) is urgent in the choice.

You need to realize what number and sort of yields (warm, cool, alert, confine) will be required. These are the factors which must be considered while picking the right controller :-

  • Type of input sensor (thermocouple, RTD, etc)
  • Temperature range
  • Kind of Output required (electromechanical transfer, SSR, simple yield)
  • Control Action  (on/off, relative, PID)
  • Number and kind of yields (warm, cool, alert, constrain)

Control Methods

1.ON/OFF Control Action

On-Off control is the least complex type of feedback control. Here the control action will be either On or Off, with no middle state. An On-Off controller will switch the output just when the temperature crosses the set point. For heating control, the output is On when the temperature is below the set point and will turn Off when above-set point.

If the process value is lower than the set point, the output will be turned ON and power will be provided to the heater. If the process value is higher than the set point, the output will be turned Off and energy to the warmer/heater will be stopped. This control method where the control output is either turned ON and OFF in order to keep the temperature steady or controlled, is known as ON/OFF control action.

2.P Action or Proportional Control Action

P activity also known as Proportional Control Action is used to determine a manipulated variable (control output variable) that is proportional to the deviation in order to decrease the deviation between the process value and set point.

Proportional controls are intended to dispose of the cycling process related with on-off control. A proportional band is set on the set point and the output is determined with the following rules which are as follows :-

  • A manipulated variable which is proportional to the deviation is measured when the process value is within the proportional band.
  • A 100% manipulated variable is measured when the process value is lower than the proportional band.
  • A 0% manipulated variable is measured when the process value is higher than the proportional band.

3.I Action or Integral Control Action

I action is also known as Integral action which increases or decreases the manipulated variable according to the size and duration of the deviation. The temperature will stabilize at a temperature off from the set point (offset) with only the proportional action, but the deviation with the passage of time will be decreased and the process value will be the same as the set point by combining the proportional and integral actions.

4.D Action or Derivative Control Action

D action is also known as Derivative Control Action which gives manipulated variables because of sudden changes in the process value due to external disturbances with the goal that control will rapidly come back to the original status.

The proportional and integral actions both have control over the control results so that reaction to sudden changes is deferred. The derivative action makes up for that disadvantage and gives a large manipulated variable for rapid external disturbances.

PID or Proportional Integral Derivative Controller

As the name suggests PID stands for Proportional Integral Derivative Controller which is a combination of Proportional, Integral, and Derivative control actions which helps the unit to automatically compensate for changes in the system.

It is necessary that the proportional, integral and derivative terms should be individually adjusted in order to be “tuned” to a particular system using the hit and trial method. It provides the most accurate and stable control and therefore is widely used these days.

Choice of Sizes

Since temperature controllers are for the most part mounted inside an instrument board, the board must be sliced to oblige the temperature controller,so as to give compatibility between temperature controllers, most temperature controllers are intended to standard DIN sizes. The most widely recognized DIN sizes are demonstrated as follows:-

  • 1/4 DIN
  • 1/8 DIN
  • 1/16 DIN
  • 1/32 DIN

Uses of PID Controller

Controllers are widely used in industrial control systems to adjust the desired output of specific processes within a required range. The PID is generally utilized as a part of the industry are executed in enterprises through different sections Distributed Control Network, programmable rationale controllers (PLCs) or as board mounted advanced controller.

Programming executions have the points of interest that they are generally modest and are adaptable concerning the usage of the PID calculation. PID temperature controllers are connected in mechanical broilers, plastics infusion apparatus, hot-stamping machines and pressing industry, plastic processing, packaging, ovens, water bath, furnaces, etc.

List of Brands Provides PID Controllers at Industrybuying

In spite of the fact that there are numerous choices accessible, it is essential to lead examine and pick the correct instruments for the venture. It is additionally imperative to peruse the different alternatives accessible in the wake of settling on the choice to buy a temperature controller and channel the outcomes for the best choice.


Autonics Analog or Digital PID temperature controllers, offer fast setup and gives the exact temperature administration and control for an assortment of uses while offering a better value, plain and simple operation. They will be the positive decision-makers for your fruitful control in any temperature applications.


Selec offers controller in different sizes in Single / Dual display modes, Single / dual set point. With TC / RTD input resistance temperature detectors. The controllers are easy to use and easy to install.


Multispan offers various types ranging from Economy type to advanced ones with Modbus communication, applications are wide like Plastic Processing Machinery, Packaging, Machinery, Furnace & Boilers, Laboratory Testing Machinery, Ovens & Incubators, Food Industry, etc.


Honeywell Controller is a microprocessor-based controller that screens and controls prepare factors, for example, temperature, weight, and level in applications, for example, natural chambers, heaters, stoves, and bundling and plastic machines.

The Controller is the perfect and the savviest answer for applications that require a solid, elite controller that fits into a little board space. Additionally addresses the issue of little board space and joins a high level of usefulness and dependability at an aggressive cost.


OMRON Controllers meet an extensive variety of utilizations requirements in food processing, handling machines, bundling machines, semiconductor generation hardware, and numerous different zones with fast, superior, simple settings, and simple display system.

These are moderately simpler in functions and economical Temperature Controllers. They can likewise be utilized for temperature alert applications. The PV Display is simple to use and handles more applications.

Buy high-quality Temperature/PID Controller from Industrybuying

Since there are such a large number of alternatives for temperature controllers, it is imperative to investigate with a specific end goal to spare time and cash. With different, styles, and models, customers must assess the conditions to locate a decent arrangement. Like most hardware, costs will shift and certain things will dependably cost more than others.

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