Air Cooler Buying Guide- Tips to Choose Right Air Coolder

Top Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Air Cooler This Summer

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Overview of Air Cooler

Outdoor revelers be forewarned! Now that the searing summers have arrived, it is time to go back into your comfy cocoons shaped in the form of lush air-conditioned rooms. Unless, of course, there is a dire need to get work done or get something fixed (P.S- pun intended). Don’t we all just loathe it when the summer sun beats down on our face and everything in front of us looks like a mirage while we take an early morning stroll down the road?

A mishmash of tad bit of humidity with the heat makes things unbearable, to say the least. Parched throats, sweaty robes, flaring tempers, dehydration, and irritation bouts, these symptomatic conditions of the summer sun will ensure that no one rests in peace, EVER!  The scorching summers have already begun to inflict their wrath on our daily lives as going outside for even running petty errands seems like a colossus task.

Add to that, the woeful cribbing about the constantly rising air conditioner bills and the cringe becomes REAL!  To wish away all your diatribes against these ruthless summer months, Air Coolers can be used as nifty solutions that can solve the travesty that are huge bills amongst a lot of other things.

Albeit, evaporative air cooling systems use an ancient method for lowering air temperature, they are a cost-effective and energy-saving proposition altogether. They operate with an underlying scientific principle wherein when water evaporates from a liquid state to a gaseous form, it takes heat energy from the surrounding environment, thus making the room cooler.

List of Key Things to Consider Before Selecting the Best Air Cooler This Summer

Take a good look at some factoids you should weigh on before buying air coolers to tackle these summers head on! Here we go-:


Based on the climatic conditions of the place where you reside, you can choose between evaporative/desert coolers or portable coolers. Evaporative cooling is a boon for cooling indoor spaces, especially during warm weather. However, it squarely depends on the climate where you live. Thus, understanding the mechanism of evaporative air coolers will help you decide the most appropriate cooling solution for your environs.

The key to effectively cool your home with an evaporative cooler is the abundance of hot, dry air usually found in desert areas or places where there’s little humidity. If you want to cool a large area such as a hall — then desert air coolers would suffice. They draw more power, more space, and more water, but provide better cooling. If you prefer personalized use and a smaller room, portable coolers can fit into your needs.

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Before you make your buying decision, give proper weight-age to the specifications of the model that you have set your sights on. Down below are some features that you must bear in mind when you go out to buy room air coolers.

2.1)Thickness of pads

Cooler pads should have a thickness of about 90 mm to derive optimal performance. Remember, pad thickness is essential to get well-cooled air.


It is always feasible if the cooler has options for regulating speed. You can grab home a variable speed cooler that let you control the speed of the fan. Always settle with air coolers that provide a better cooling effect and less noise.

2.3)Water Level Controller

Your prospective cooler must have an automatic water level controller that can maintain water in the cooler at pre-set levels and prevent it from seeping out.

2.4)Shutoff Dampeners

Shutoff dampeners are flaps in the discharge of fans that reduce the loss of cooling from the cooler. They are also present in the duct which opens when the fan starts and closes when the fan is put off.

2.5)Remote Control:

This accessory gives you a hands-on feeling for an easy and convenient mode of operation. With remote control, you can also set the speed of the fan as per your whims.

 #3. Running Costs

Evaporative air coolers vary to a great extent in energy efficacy. With the passage of over a year’s time, the running costs differ tremendously amongst various models. It is advisable that you buy evaporative air coolers that feature an inverter– which can potentially eliminate the resourceful and costly ‘start-halt-start-stop’ procedures of older systems, thus propelling exponentially reduced energy usage and great cost savings.

Now that you know the ins and outs of choosing the right air coolers to beat the summer heat, you can purchase your favorite Window air cooler, desert air cooler or room air cooler online for industrial as well as household use from top-notch brands such as Sahara, Usha, Vego, Symphony to name a few.


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