Water Dispensers Buying Guide

Water Dispensers Buying Guide

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What is a Water Dispenser?

It’s a device that cools and dispenses water. The reason why water dispensers are so popular is because they need no plumbing and can easily fit in anywhere owing to their compactness.

They are  classified in two categories :

1.Bottleless Water Dispenser

In a bottled dispenser, a water bottle or gallon is placed at the neck of the dispenser. Water is then dispensed by pulling the dispenser hook or pushing the dispensing button. The water can be dispensed at room temperature, chilled or heated and is replenished by purchasing additional water bottles. These water cooler dispensers are used mainly in small offices, small restaurant, beauty parlors, education institutes, etc.

2.Bottled Water Dispenser

A bottleless water dispenser is plumbed into the mains water supply and contains a filter system to purify the water before it is dispensed. Like the bottled water dispenser, water can be chilled, heated or dispensed at room temperature. Bottleless water dispensers are suitable for use in the home or in large organisations, colleges, hostels etc. where changing water bottles is less practical.

List of Dispensers Types Available in the Market

#1)Wall Mounted-

It’s connected to the building’s water supply and electricity to run the refrigeration unit to cool the incoming water. It’s also referred to as a water fountain or drinking fountain.  In this dispenser, a small tank in the machine holds chilled water so that one doesn’t have to wait for the chilled water.

#2)Bottom Load Water Dispenser:

It’s the most commonly used water dispenser. In this dispenser, the water bottle is placed at the bottom.

#3)Tabletop Water Dispenser:

The tabletop dispensers are smaller versions of the water dispenser where the dispenser is placed at the top of the table.

#4)Direct Piping Water Dispenser:

It can be directly connected to the in-house water supply for continuous dispensing of water.


It generally uses a water bottle spout-down into the dispensing machine.

Cooling And Heating Methods :

Some models have a second dispenser that delivers heated water. Water is generally heated with the heating element and stored in a hot tank. Concerned about your dispenser taking up too much of space? Fret no more as there are several space conscious options available at Industrybuying. Like, countertop models are extremely compact and can be placed right on your table. Bottleless hot and cold water dispensers are also quite compact because they do not require bottles and are usually a bit more streamlined.

Troubleshooting your dispenser :

Water dispenser does not operate.

  • Not plugged in

Water dispenser is not cold enough.

  • Check that cold switch on the back is on or not.
  • It may not have enough backside space.

Hot water is not hot enough.

  • Check that hot switch on the back is on.

Compressor turn on and off frequently.

  • The room temperature may be too hot.
  • It may not have enough backside space.

Water Dispenser Makes too much noises.

  • At the end of each cycle, you may hear gurgling sound caused by the flow of refrigerant, which is normal.
  • Contraction and expansion of the inside wall may cause some noise.

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