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Welcome to our CPU Accessories section at! Explore a wide range of accessories for CPU, including CPU stands, designed to optimise your computing experience. Discover top brands like Zebronics and Frontech, offering high-quality solutions for your CPU setup. Whether you're looking for a sturdy CPU stand or innovative stands for CPU cooling, you'll find it all here. We cater to every budget, with prices ranging from the lowest at ₹250 to the highest at ₹7,000. Upgrade and organise your workstation with our premium CPU accessories today!

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Buy CPU Accessories Online At Industrybuying

These are hardware components that complement and enhance the functionality of Central Processing Units (CPUs). These accessories are designed to help users get the most out of their computers, whether for personal or professional use. From cooling systems to storage devices. By using these accessories, users can improve the performance and efficiency of their computer systems, as well as expand their functionality and storage capacity. Whether for personal or professional use, These accessories are essential components that can help users get the most out of their computer systems. From gamers to graphic designers to office workers, These accessories are an important consideration for anyone looking to optimize their computing experience.

What are the top most features of CPU Accessories?

When it comes to optimizing your computer system, these accessories can be a game-changer. On our website, you'll find a wide range of these accessories to choose from, including stands, cables, holders, and more. Here's what you need to know about these essential components:

Accessories for CPU: Whether you're looking for a  stand for CPU power cable, or connector, we've got you covered. 

Power cable for CPUThe right power cable can make all the difference when it comes to optimizing your computer's performance. We offer a range of power cables to suit your needs, from standard to high-end models.

CPU to monitor: Connecting your CPU to your monitor is essential for a smooth computing experience. Our selection of CPU-to-monitor cables includes a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

CPU cable: Whether you need to replace a broken cable or just want to upgrade to a higher-quality model, we offer a range of cables to choose from.

CPU holders: This holder can help keep your computer tower away from the floor and out of harm's way. Our selection of such holders includes a range of lastest configurations and designs to suit your needs.

PC case with fansKeeping your computer cool is essential for optimal performance. Our selection of PC cases with fans includes a range of sizes and designs to suit your specific needs.

SATA cable in CPU: SATA cables are essential for connecting your hard drive or SSD to your CPU. We offer a range of SATA cables to suit your needs.

Why are CPU Accessories important for computer systems?

These are an essential component for any computer system. From improving performance to expanding functionality, these accessories can make a significant difference in your computing experience. Here's why such accessories are so important:

Improved performance: These accessories such as cooling systems, power cables, and memory modules can help improve the performance and speed of your computer system, allowing for faster processing and smoother operation.

Enhanced functionality: With accessories such as CPU-to-monitor cables, such holders, and wall mounts, you can expand the functionality and versatility of your computer system, making it easier to use and more efficient.

Better organization: Accessories such as stands, holders, and wall mounts can help keep your computer system organized and free from clutter, making it easier to access and maintain.

Increased lifespan: By using accessories such as cooling systems, you can help extend the lifespan of your computer cabinet system, preventing overheating and reducing wear and tear on components.

Customization: With a wide range of accessories to choose from, you can customize your computer system to suit your specific needs and preferences, whether you're a gamer, graphic card holder, or office worker

What are the different types of CPU Accessories available?

These are crucial components for any computer system, providing improved performance, enhanced functionality, and better organization. Here are the different types of these accessories available at

CPU stands: These are designed to hold your CPU off the ground, providing better ventilation and reducing the risk of damage from spills or dust.

Power cablesThese are used to connect your CPU to a power outlet, ensuring that your computer system has a reliable source of power.

CPU to monitor cables: These cables are used to connect your CPU to a monitor, allowing you to display video output on a screen.

CPU holders: These are used to mount your CPU underneath a desk or workstation, freeing up desk space and making it easier to access your computer system.

PC cases with fans: These cases are designed to keep your computer components cool and prevent overheating, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of damage.

CPU wall mounts: These are designed to mount your CPU on a wall, saving desk space and providing better ventilation

Where can I buy CPU Accessories?

If you are in need of these accessories, there are many options available to you. Read some of the best places to buy such accessories:

Online marketplaces: Industrybuying is a great place to start shopping for such accessories. You can find a wide range of accessories to choose from, all at competitive prices.

Electronics stores: Many electronics stores carry a range of such accessories, from power cables to stands for CPY. Be sure to check your local electronics store for availability. 

If you want to buy in bulk then buying from online platform may give your maximum discounts on your immediate purchase.

How do I choose the right CPU Accessories for my system?

Choosing the right accessories can make a big difference in the performance and longevity of your computer system. Read are some factors to consider when selecting your accessories:

Compatibility: Make sure the accessories you choose are compatible with your computer system's specifications and requirements, such as the type of motherboard, CPU socket, and power supply.

Functionality: Consider the specific function of the accessory and whether it will meet your needs. For example, if you need to connect your CPU to a monitor, make sure the cable you choose supports the necessary video output.

Quality: Look for accessories made from high-quality materials that are durable and reliable. Poor quality accessories can lead to damage to your system and reduced performance.

Brand reputation: Consider purchasing accessories from reputable brands that are known for producing high-quality computer hardware.

Price: Compare prices of similar accessories to ensure you're getting the best value for your money

How do you install CPU Accessories correctly?

When installing these accessories, it's important to follow the proper steps to ensure that they are installed correctly. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Read the instructions: Always read the instructions that come with the accessory before starting the installation process. This will give you a better idea of what tools you'll need and how the installation process should go.

Power off the computer: Before installing any accessory, make sure to turn off your computer and unplug it from the power source. This will prevent any damage to the accessory or your computer.

Choose the right location: When installing a stand for a CPU, holder, or wall mount, make sure to choose a location that's sturdy and won't put any unnecessary strain on your computer.

Connect the cables: When installing power or monitor cables, make sure to connect them to the correct ports on your computer and monitor. Double-check your connections before powering on your computer.

Test the accessory: Once you've installed the accessory, test it out to make sure it's working correctly. This is especially important for accessories like CPU coolers or case fans, which can have a big impact on your computer's performance.

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Product Name

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 RS 2,580


 Crystonics Voice & Google Assistant Remote Compatible for Airtel Xstream Box (Black)

 RS 928


 Crystonics Smart TV Remote Control for Xiaomi Mi TV with voice Netflix & Prime Video Button (Black)

 RS 728

4  Crystonics Remote Control (Without Voice Function) Compatible for Airtel XStream Box (Black)

 RS 288


 Crystonics Remote Control Compatible for TCL LED Smart HD 4K TV with Netflix Function (Black)

 RS 399


 Crystonics TX-500E Smart TV Voice Assistant with Netflix & Google Play Button (Black)

 RS 1,280


 Crystonics TX-200P Smart TV Voice Assistant with Netflix & Google Play Button (Black)

 RS 1,280


 Cooler Master ML360L Metal Black CPU Liquid Cooler, ‎MLW-D36M-A18PA-R2

 RS 11,800

CPU Accessories - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use any power cable for my CPU?

No, you cannot use any power cable for your CPU. It is important to use the appropriate power cable that matches the specifications of your CPU. Using the wrong power cable can cause damage to your computer system.

2. What is the difference between a stand for CPU and a CPU holder?

Stands for the CPU are designed to elevate the CPU unit off the floor, while a CPU holder is designed to hold the CPU unit securely under the desk or table. A CPU holder provides more stability and security for the CPU unit, while a stand for CPU provides more portability and flexibility.

3. Can I use a VGA cable to connect my CPU to a monitor?

Yes, you can use a VGA cable to connect your CPU to a monitor. However, it is recommended to use a digital cable like DVI or HDMI for better image quality.
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