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Unlock superior visuals and computing prowess with our exceptional range of Graphic Cards. Tailored for gamers, designers, and professionals, our GPUs guarantee unrivalled performance. Boasting renowned brands like Zotac, Gigabyte, and Asus, excellence is embedded in every product. Whether you're an enthusiast eyeing a graphic card priced at ₹4,899 or a professional seeking the pinnacle of GPUs at ₹1,28,000, our curated selection ensures unmatched visual experiences. Dive in and redefine your digital realms with brands like Gigabyte and many more!

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Everything You Need To Know About Graphic Cards

They also known as Graphics Processing Units, are essential hardware components used in computers to handle the processing and rendering of visual data. They are designed to accelerate and optimise graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, 3D modelling, and rendering.

How does a graphic card work?

Curious about how they work? Also called a Graphics Processing Unit, it is a specialised component that handles complex graphics computations. Here's how they work:

  • a. Graphics cards consist of thousands of tiny processing units called CUDA cores or stream processors.

  • b. These cores work parallel to process and render images, videos, and animations quickly.

  • c. Graphics Processing Units have dedicated memory called VRAM (Video Random Access Memory), which stores image data and textures.

  • d. The data is transferred between the GPU and CPU through a high-speed bus interface like PCIe.

  • e. The Graphics Processing Unit's power and performance are determined by core clock speed, memory capacity, and bandwidth.

  • f. They use specialised algorithms and shaders to perform shading, texture mapping, and anti-aliasing tasks.

  • g. They support APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) like DirectX and OpenGL, which bridge the software and the hardware.

  • h. At Industrybuying, you can find various them at competitive prices, suitable for laptops, desktops and a graphics card for PC.

  • i. Choose the best one for gaming to enjoy high frame rates, realistic visuals, and immersive gameplay experiences.

  • j. For professionals, we offer workstation-grade graphic cards that excel in video editing, 3D modelling, and rendering tasks.

  • k. Complete your system setup with accessories, computer cabinets, and network interface cards available at Industrybuying.

We offer competitive deals regarding card prices to ensure you get the best value for your money. Explore our collection at Industrybuying and find the perfect graphic card that meets your specific requirements.

What are the benefits of the graphic card?

Unlock the benefits of these products by visiting Industrybuying. We offer a diverse range at competitive prices. We provide external graphics cards for notebooks, if you want to boost your graphics capabilities. Discover how a Graphics Processing Unit can revolutionise your computing experience.

  • a. Enhanced Visual Performance: Immerse yourself in high-resolution gaming, fluid video playback, and visually captivating applications with the power of it.

  • b. Seamless Gaming Experience: Embrace the gaming world with higher frame rates, reduced latency, and realistic graphics courtesy of the best card for gaming.

  • c. Unleash Creativity: they accelerate creative workflows, enabling faster rendering, smoother editing, and seamless 3D modelling for professionals in video editing, graphic design, and more.

  • d. Multitasking Efficiency: they offload graphics processing from the CPU, allowing for smoother multitasking, improved system responsiveness, and seamless execution of resource-intensive tasks.

  • e. Improved System Stability: the ones with dedicated cooling systems help regulate temperature, ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating issues.

  • f. Future-Proof Investment: Stay ahead of the curve with a high-performance one that can handle upcoming games and demanding software advancements.

  • g. Personalization and Optimization: Fine-tune settings, overclock for improved performance and personalise visual effects with user-friendly software provided by many graphic card manufacturers.

Explore our extensive collection of graphics card for pc at Industrybuying and complement your setup with top-notch CPU accessories, cabinets, and network interface cards.

What is the different types of graphic card?

We have the perfect card with competitive prices and a comprehensive selection. Explore our collection and find the ideal fit for your requirements.

  • a. Dedicated Graphic Cards: These high-performance cards have processors and memory, delivering exceptional graphics capabilities for gaming, content creation, and professional applications.

  • b. Integrated Graphic Cards: Built into the motherboard, these cards are suitable for everyday tasks and casual gaming, providing essential graphics performance.

  • c. External Graphic Cards: Connect externally to laptops or systems lacking dedicated graphics, offering a significant performance boost and enabling gaming or graphics-intensive work on portable devices.

  • d. Gaming Graphic Cards: Tailored for gaming enthusiasts, these cards feature advanced technologies like real-time ray tracing, high refresh rates, and large VRAM capacities to deliver immersive gaming experiences with stunning visuals.

  • e. Workstation Graphic Cards: Graphics card for laptop are designed for professionals in fields such as video editing, 3D modelling, and CAD, these cards provide optimised performance and reliability for demanding tasks.

  • f. Budget-Friendly Options: We also offer cost-effective graphic cards that provide decent performance for entry-level gaming or basic graphics needs.

We offer competitive deals regarding graphic card prices to ensure you get the best value for your money. Explore our collection at and find the perfect card that meets your specific requirements. These external Graphics Processing Units allow you to connect a powerful graphics card for laptop, transforming it into a high-performance machine for gaming, content creation, or other graphics-intensive applications.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Graphic Cards

1. What is the difference between a graphics card and an integrated graphics chip?

A dedicated graphics card, or Graphics Processing Unit, is a separate component that handles graphics processing. It has dedicated memory, higher processing power, and advanced features. In contrast, an integrated graphics chip is built into the computer's processor or motherboard. Integrated graphics chips share system memory, have lower processing power, and are generally more suitable for basic tasks and casual gaming. A dedicated graphics card offers superior performance and is recommended for gaming, graphics-intensive applications, and professional work.

2. Can I use a desktop graphics card on my laptop?

Generally, desktop graphic cards cannot be directly used in laptops due to differences in form factor and power requirements. However, external graphics card solutions are available for laptops, allowing you to connect a desktop GPU externally for improved gaming or graphics performance. These external GPU enclosures connect via Thunderbolt or USB-C ports and provide a convenient way to enhance your laptop's graphics capabilities.

3. What is the best graphics card for gaming?

It depends on various factors such as your budget, desired gaming resolution, and specific game requirements. High-performance graphic cards from brands like NVIDIA and AMD, such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX series or AMD Radeon RX series, are often recommended for an excellent gaming experience. It is essential to research and compare different models based on their performance benchmarks, features, and compatibility with your gaming setup.
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