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Search Lights

Bringing the Best Search Lights to You

A searchlight is an emergency light that infuses together a powerful luminous source with a mirrored parabolic reflector in order to project a strong beam of nearly parallel rays in a particular direction. Searchlights are used for rescue operations and by security personnel who have to be on the lookout for trespassers, out of safety reasons, either after the sun has set or in poor visibility conditions. The strong beam of light emitted by a search light makes it very easy to spot anyone lying in the path of the beam.  

Where Are Search Lights Used & Why Use Them?

A search light is extremely useful for watchmen and men on guard of properties. Usually equipped with a handle, a search light can be easily held in the hand and directed in different directions at the fancy of the user. They are better than torches in the sense that they produce a wider beam of light which makes it easier to spot anything in the field of vision; the field of vision produced by a torch is relatively narrow and not that strong in its intensity. The search lights are very often  even used by workers employed in dark or dimly-lit construction settings to find their way about obstacles.

How to Choose the Right Search Light?

There are primarily three types of searchlights available for use today—namely, the solar warning searchlights, LED searchlights and halogen searchlights. Each type of search light offers its own set of advantages and is useful in one way or the other. Whereas on the one hand, a solar warning searchlight can be easily used without the risk of running out of batteries since it uses the energy of the sun to operate, on the other hand LED searchlights can create a beam of light which resembles daylight as closely as possible.

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