CAUTION: Keep safe from alarming pollution levels in the city

CAUTION: Keep safe from alarming pollution levels in the city

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Overview of Air Pollution in Detail

Air pollution in the national capital was at its worse on Wednesday. Health ministry issued a public advisory as the thick smog engulfs the city. According to the environmentalists, air condition might get even severe in the coming few days. The pollution level has escalated up to 715 of 2.5 ppm in some areas of Delhi NCR which is ten times the safe level.

Areas like RK Puram and Punjabi Bagh with active traffic are worst affected as 2.5 ppm level has risen up to 980. Air pollution is not only affecting the health of natives but juggling their routine and functioning as well. Schools are ordered to be closed till Sunday. Till now, 41 trains are running late while 9 are rescheduled and 10 are canceled.

Yet, life does not seem to slow down in Delhi. Pollution Protectors has come out as the saver of Delhi fast life. As local medical shops are not able to keep up with the sudden increased demand for this anti-pollution mask, people have also started looking for pollution masks online.

While the government is busy working on long term solutions for catering high pollution levels, it is advisable to practice following preventive measures for safeguarding yourself against the deadly smog.

#1)Wear the mask

As already been said much about air pollution mask, it is the best preventive measure against the current scenario. These pollution masks are also called breathing masks, dusk masks or smog masks and are available online and offline in pocket friendly prices. This face mask is equipped with filters that do not let undesired particles to pass through it.

Different types of masks are available on the basis of filter size. 3m pollution masks would be perfect safety equipment for tackling current pollution levels. You can buy best pollution masks online from Seeing the urgency, Industrybuying delivers safety equipments and accessories like anti-pollution masks, safety gloves, face protection at the earliest.

#2)Suspend activities till evening

Avoid any kind of aerobic and anaerobic activity in this weather like jogging, running, gym’s, yoga, etc. PPM level in the morning is the highest. If you still have to pursue these activities, 3-5 is the best time to follow them. It is advisable to wear good quality pollution masks, before stepping outside. Even, activities like sweeping and mopping are advised to be shifted between 3 to 5.

#3)Don’t burn

In this weather even small amount of carbon emission will act like poison. Avoid burning of garbage, dried leaves, or any other material in open. Replace Agarbatti with Oil lamps. It is also advised to sprinkle water on your premises or nearby road to settle small particles.

#4)Eat Healthy

Simple addition and editing in your diet can help you resist harsh unbearable conditions outside. Adding vitamin C, E and carotene in your diet will help you increase immunity. Replace sugar with jaggery or gud. This helps in blood purification and increase fluidity removing any undesirable material from body.

Your safety is in your hand. Adopt these quick preventive measures and safeguard yourself against degraded air quality.


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