Step-by-Step Instructions to Get the Perfect Weld with Your Arc Welding Machine

Step-by-Step Instructions to Get the Perfect Weld with Your Arc Welding Machine

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Overview of Shielded Metal

Shielded metal arc welding is a welding process that makes use of a consumable electrode and either an alternating current is driven power supply machine or a direct current driven power supply machine to produce an electric arc between the consumable electrode and the base metal; this type of welding is a completely manual process.
Shielded metal arc welding is also more commonly known as manual metal arc welding or stick welding. This type of welding is widely used across all industries because it offers an array of advantages: stick welding is compatible with a wide range of electrodes; it can be used in obscure and confined places without any difficulty; it makes use of simple and easy-to-carry — you may even buy welding machines online these days — equipment and it requires very little financial investments.

Step by Step Free Guide to Make the Right Weld using Arc Welding Machine

Given below are step-by-step instructions to get the perfect weld with the help of your shielded metal arc welding machine and welding equipment:-

1)Pre- welding processes

The metals that are to be conjoined should be prepared – this involves ridding the metals of unwanted grease, dust and rust and filing a slanting edge out of the metal sides. The latter process allows an increased room for penetration, forming an even stronger welded joint.

2)Wearing proper safety gear

Any process that involves electricity and produces sparks calls for strict adherence to safety guidelines.  Welding gear primarily includes welding robes, safety shoes, safety gloves and safety glasses. Welding robes are made of fire-resistant materials to prevent potential fires or holes from being burnt into your clothes; safety shoes provide protection against welding sparks; safety gloves protect your hands from burns and safety glasses protect your eyes from being damaged by the fierce glare emanated from the metal whilst welding. Welding blankets are often used to smother small fires, preventing them from turning into infernos. Firetex is famous for its welding blankets.

3)Setting up your work area

It is equally important to set up a safe workspace.  The table or platform you are going to keep your workpiece and welding paraphernalia on should be made up of fireproof material. Often sparks from welding fall on the ground; thus it is imperative to clear the workshop floor of any flammable substances such as grease and oil.

4)Securing your workpiece

Clasp the metal pieces to be joined until they are welded. You could make use of clamps to secure your metal pieces.

5)Striking the arc

An arc is established by touching the workpiece with the electrode for a few seconds and lifting it back. When the electrode is in contact with the metal workpieces, the electric circuit gets completed, producing heat which melts and begins the formation of the welding joint.

6)Correct rod position and movement

While welding, it is good practice to keep the rods tilted at an angle of ten degrees or twenty degrees from the vertical. The rod motion should be such that it traverses a straight line. Arc length, which is defined as the distance of the electrode from the pool of weld, must be kept neither too small, nor too long. The characteristic to look for in the perfect arc length is that it would cover up a large portion of the light emanating from the weld and keep the rod from being shoved into the slag pool at the same time.

7)Forming the bead

When the space between the pieces of metals being conjoined is filled with the molten consumable electrode and molten base metal, a bead formation is said to have taken place. For getting a bead of the envisaged shape, it is best practice to refine your arc movement.

8)Cleaning and painting your weld

Clearing your weld of any slag will help you examine it better for any defects and faults that may have happened whilst welding; an angle grinder can be used to perform the job. Painting your newly welded workpiece will ensure it has a longer, corrosion-free life.

Following the above instructions will not only help you get the perfect weld but also help you make most out of your newly-bought manual metal arc welding machine without meeting with any accident. Some of the best brands that you can rely on for high-quality welding machines are Premier, SK, and Electra.