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Melting Point Apparatus

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Everything You Should Know About Melting Point Apparatus

They are a laboratory essential for determining the temperature at which a substance transforms from a solid to a liquid state. This apparatus is crucial for various industries and research applications, ensuring precise analysis of the physical properties of substances. Hence it must be kept in a hygienic and organised place like a special lab storage organizer.

Key Features:
i) Temperature Precision: They provide accurate temperature readings, allowing researchers to identify the exact melting point of a substance.
ii) User-Friendly Design: Many modern models have user-friendly interfaces and digital displays for easy operation.
iii) Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of substances, they accommodates different sample types and sizes, making it a versatile tool in laboratories.

How Does a Melting Point Apparatus Work?

A melting point device operates based on the principles of thermodynamics using the following steps:

i) Sample Placement: A small quantity of the substance under examination is placed in a capillary tube or on a sample holder within the melting point apparatus.
ii) Heating: The temperature is gradually increased, and the heating process is observed until the substance transitions from solid to liquid.
iii) Melting Point Determination: The melting point is recorded when the first droplet of the substance is observed, providing crucial information about its physical characteristics.

 Key Considerations:

 i) Heating Rate: The rate at which the temperature increases affects the accuracy of the melting point determination.
ii) Observation: Precise observation is essential to identify the melting process's onset accurately.
iii) Calibration: Regular calibration ensures the accuracy and reliability of the melting range apparatus.

Where are they commonly used?

A melting range apparatus is essential in various industries and laboratories, playing a crucial role in quality control and research. Common applications include:

 i) Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceuticals, determining the melting point of substances is vital for assessing the purity and identity of pharmaceutical compounds.
ii) Chemical Research: Chemical laboratories utilise melting point device to identify and characterise unknown substances, ensuring the integrity of experimental results
iii) Material Science: In material science, the apparatus helps analyse the thermal properties of materials, aiding in the development of new materials and assessing their suitability for specific applications.
iv) Food Industry: Melting point testing is employed in the food industry to evaluate the quality and purity of ingredients, ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

Centrifuges, Laboratory Glassware and other lab tools may be used in conjunction with the melting point apparatus for sample preparation or analysis. 

 Why Choose Industrybuying?

 Industrybuying stands out as a preferred supplier for melting temperature apparatus due to several compelling reasons:

 i) Wide Product Range: Industrybuying offers an extensive selection of melting point apparatus catering to the diverse needs of industries and laboratories.
ii) Quality Assurance: Our melting point apparatus is sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance in critical applications.
iii) Competitive Pricing: Benefit from competitive melting point apparatus price without compromising quality, making Industrybuying a cost-effective solution for your procurement needs.
iv) Prompt Delivery: Industrybuying ensures timely delivery, allowing you to access the melting point apparatus you need promptly, minimising downtime and ensuring operational efficiency.
v) Comprehensive Lab Supplies: Beyond these useful apparatuses, explore our comprehensive range of laboratory supplies, including lab utilities and more.


Which brands of Melting-Point Apparatuses are available at Industrybuying?

 Enhance your laboratory capabilities with a reliable melting temperature apparatus  from Industrybuying's Lab Supplies collection. Discover trusted brands offering precision and quality in temperature analysis:
 i) Electronics India: Renowned for laboratory equipment,  Electronics India is known for accuracy and durability in temperature determination.
ii) Scientech: Scientech offers cutting-edge melting point machines designed for precise melting range analysis, ensuring dependable results for various applications.
iii) Labtronics: With a focus on scientific instruments, Labtronics provides melting point instruments with advanced features for efficient and accurate melting point determination.

 What are their different types?

 When it comes to determining the melting points of substances, various types are available, each catering to specific needs in laboratory settings:

 i) Capillary: This traditional method involves placing a minute amount of the sample in a thin capillary tube and observing the temperature at which it begins to melt. It's a simple and widely used technique.
ii) Digital: Digital models provide accurate and precise results by employing advanced technology to measure the temperature at which a substance transforms from a solid to a liquid state. These are user-friendly and offer digital readouts.
iii) Automatic: Offering automation in the process, these instruments can rapidly determine the melting point of multiple samples simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention.
iv) Microprocessor-Based: Equipped with microprocessor controls, these instruments offer advanced features such as data storage, multiple melting point determinations, and temperature accuracy, ensuring reliable results.

Find all the above-mentioned types at the best melting point apparatus price on our website.

What are the Advantages of using them?

 Understanding the benefits of using them in laboratory settings is crucial for efficient and accurate analyses:

 i) Precision: Melting point instrument provides precise measurements, allowing researchers to determine the exact temperature at which a substance changes state.
ii) Identification: It aids in the title of substances based on their melting points, serving as a valuable tool in quality control, research, and material characterisation.
iii) Versatility: They are versatile and capable of analysing a wide range of samples, including organic and inorganic compounds.
iv) Quality Control: In industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals, melting point determination ensures the quality and purity of products by verifying that they meet specified melting point criteria.
v) Time Efficiency: Advanced models, such as digital and automatic ones save time by offering quick and accurate results that streamline laboratory processes.

In some cases, specialized accessories like cannulae or burettes may be employed to facilitate the loading or handling of samples. Overall, they play a crucial role in materials characterization and quality control processes within various scientific disciplines.

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Top Selling Products of Melting Point Apparatus

Product Name Expected Price Discount Dispatch Time
HTLP Melting Point Apparatus HTLP-070 Rs.3690 30% OFF 6 days
HTLP Digital Melting Point Apparatus HTLP-071 Rs.16990 31% OFF 4 days
Royal Scientific RSW 138 A Melting Point Apparatus (Temp. range: 0-300° C) Rs.3290 - 3 days
Scientech SE-175 Melting Point Apparatus Rs.2990 2% OFF 2 days
SESW Digital Melting Point Apparatus 097 Rs.6790 - 24 hrs
Electronics India 934 (4 Digit seven segment LED Display) Digital Melting Point Apparatus Rs.49990 3% OFF 10 days
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