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Lab and Supplies describe the category where you find the tools and apparatus that help function the research, diagnostic and manufacturing applications. The laboratory equipment is mainly used in the process of manufacturing chemicals and drugs. It has a wide variety of pharmaceutical supplies, which is a significant parameter for academic institutes and clinical laboratories. People who have their own labs or clinics frequently use tools and equipment.


The Lab and Supplies are functional in most industries because they include products for the safety and hygiene aspects. The increasing number of research investigations and laboratories is rising daily, requiring bulk items. They are searching for tie-ups where they can purchase tools and equipment at affordable pricing. 


This industry is one of the most demanding fields that require orders to deliver daily. The use of tools and equipment is frequent, and they are disposed off daily. Industrybuying is a one-stop shop for all of such requirements. We are associated with many dealers who deliver orders on immediate requirement. 


What is the use of lab & supplies?


Check the lab product list below to have a basic understanding of each item. 

Florence flasks, AKA boiling flasks

They are used to hold the liquids and warm or heat the liquid state. They are also known as the boiling flask, which is round from the bottom and has a long neck. It is used for safety purposes to ensure that you do not heat over the cap as it might result in an explosion. 


Test Tubes with a tong

The shape of the test tube is like a glass tube with one end open and the other closed. It is used to hold the small samples for the qualitative comparison. It is also capped with a rubber or glass stopper. 



These funnels consist of two types of materials: plastic and glass, depending on what they need. This product is similar to any other funnel you use, except that it is made to function in a laboratory setup only. You can also order the funnels in bulk under good quality on super fast service. 


Glass Filter Holder

The All-Glass Filter Holder is designed to filter aqueous and organic or corrosive liquids for particulate contamination analysis. The holder can also be used for HPLC solvent preparation and centrifugation.


Laboratory Jack

Laboritary jack is a lifting system that allows you to easily raise and lower your equipment from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. It supports a wide range of equipment, including hotplates, glassware, baths, and more.


Measuring Beakers

Beakers are designed for general purposes and are suitable for holding liquids and powders. And test tubes provide laboratory equipment for heating, mixing, and storing chemicals. Test tubes are hard to handle when complete because of their small size, but they are ideal for transferring fluid samples with minimal risk of contamination.


Micro Volume Pipettor

This product is a measuring instrument that can be used for various applications. It features an ergonomic handle and a lightweight design that makes it ideal for users with small hands or a weak grip. Use this product to accurately transfer small volumes of liquid from one container to another using its 0.5 ml - 1000 ml capacity range, with 50 mm resolution.


These are the top-selling products; you can also search for the lab supplies for more items in the service. 


What are the Safety Measures for Lab & Supplies?


It is essential to know about the safety measures in the Lab and Supplies category because if you purchase any of the products, you must know how to handle them. Read below some significant safety measures:


Get yourself trained 

If you have any Laboratory experience, handling the equipment won't be challenging. For beginners, you must know the right way to work with lab tools as to ensure the safety purpose. 


The use of the PPE kit 

It is important to use the PPE kit when entering the lab. It is a safety measure to keep yourself safe from any injury or unexpected harm you may encounter due to the falling of chemicals. 


Code of behaviour in the lab

There is a code of conduct in the field of work when it comes to handling the laboratories. You must be patient while handling the chemicals and experiment tools in the lab used. It is essential to wear lab clothes to be safe in the laboratory. The code of conduct includes fully covered shoes and long pants, and a head cover. Besides that, there is a need for gloves, hearing protection and other associated items to thoroughly follow lab behaviour. 


Avoid eating or drinking in the lab 

This is one of the significant aspects to consider because people might take this on a lenient note. It is considered a distraction in the lab and may come in contact with any chemical, which can be detrimental to health. 


Do not sniff chemicals  

You must be familiar with the fact that it is a strict ‘NO’ to sniff chemicals in the laboratory. There is a specific smell to everything, and the lab has many due to the plastic, chemicals and types of glasses used in the lab. If you try to sniff the chemicals, they might react to your body differently. 


Dispose the waste properly

Disposing of the waste properly is important. Any chemical can affect you, which can be injurious to your health. So, you have to be very careful and ensure that you buy all the quality products when it comes to working with lab tools and chemicals. 


Some of the Areas where Lab and Supplies are Commonly Available:


1. Hospitals

2. Schools

3. Food & Beverage Industry

3. Pharmaceutical stores

4. Laboratories 

5. Institutes 


Names of brands available at Industrybuying


At Industrybuying, we work only with the best lab and supplies in the industry. Some of the famous names include

1. Bio Technics

2. BR Biochem 

3. Jayant 

4. Rasayan


Here is the list of top-selling products along with their market price:


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Whatman 55 mm Filter Paper 1440-055




Whatman 1961-054 Glass Dia 47 mm Reservoir Membrane Holder


 Rs. 11,090


Fisher Scientific 26725 Potassium Iodide 500 gm


 Rs. 5,336


GSK Corporation PH Test Strips Indicator 1-14 Paper Litmus Tester Water Soil Testing, 80 Strips




Scientech SE-152 Stainless Steel Filter Holder


 Rs. 5,910


Labgo Semi-Transparent Parafilm LABGO935


 Rs. 4,456


Borosil 80 Silica Triangles on Nichrome (Translucent) 3198015


 Rs. 1,318


Microlit ULT- 5 Ultimus Bottle Top Dispenser- Volume Range 0.5- 5 ml




Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the use of filtration in the laboratory?

Laboratory filtration is purposefully used for physical operation, which works to separate solids from fluids with the help of interposing a medium through which only fluids can pass. 


2. Do you know about steel filters?

The stainless steel filters are known as the elements which function on the five layers of 316 mesh, sintered together to form an integrated porous element. The execution of the middle mesh is a very fine gauge that determines the filtration rate with five inner and outer layers of coarser mesh. 


3. What is the use of parafilm?

The product is most commonly used for sealing and protecting vessels for the test tubes, cuvettes, and Petri dishes. Based on the two parameters of the parafilm, it is stretchy and self-sealing; you can use it for successful lab purposes. 


4. Why is Industrybiying a reputed name in the industry?

Industrybuying is one of the leading platforms for purchasing industrial goods at affordable pricing. Its 24*7 customer support and on-time delivery make it one step ahead of the competitors. 


5. Why is laboratory equipment important?

Experiments are the backbone of science. A lab is a place where students can spontaneously perform experiments that lead to new discoveries and knowledge while they learn and explore. Many science curriculums call for labs and activities that require a variety of equipment, so it’s important to have everything you need. 


6. Why are Lab supplies expensive? 

Laboratories are highly specialised spaces, and they require more robust mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems than traditional offices. Additionally, laboratories create more waste and hazardous waste than office spaces. This means that you will pay more for repairs, inspections, maintenance and waste disposal costs to run your laboratory effectively.


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