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Upgrade your lab or home projects with durable rubber tubing! Our high-quality tubing ensures leak-free performance for a variety of applications. From science experiments to DIY crafts, our tubing offers flexibility and resilience. Made from premium materials, it withstands pressure and temperature changes, guaranteeing reliability. Explore top brands like AS ONE and RS PRO. Rubber tubing prices start at just ₹6 and go up to ₹21,990, offering options for diverse budgets. Available in various sizes to suit your needs. Trust our rubber tubing for efficiency and longevity.

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Get To Know All About Rubber Tubings

Rubber tubing is a flexible cylindrical conduit made from various rubber materials such as silicone or latex. It is designed to withstand various temperatures, pressures, and chemical exposures, making it a versatile component in laboratory and industrial settings. Commonly used for fluid and liquid handling applications, rubber tubing ensures a reliable and secure transfer of liquids or gases.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and Durable: Rubber tubing maintains flexibility while offering durability for long-lasting use.

  • Chemical Resistance: Designed to resist corrosion and damage from various chemicals, ensuring safe fluid transfer.

Used extensively in laboratories, clean room equipment, and filtration systems, rubber tubing is an essential tool for professionals seeking reliable solutions for fluid and gas handling.

How does rubber tubing work? 

Rubber tubing is a vital conduit in various industries, ensuring the seamless transfer of fluids and gases. Its operational principles are fundamental to diverse applications, offering flexibility and durability. Here's a brief overview:

  • Material Flexibility: Rubber tubing is typically made from elastic materials like silicone or latex, allowing it to bend and conform to different shapes without compromising its structural integrity.

  • Versatile Applications: Widely used in laboratories, industries, and medical settings, rubber tubing is a conduit for liquids and gases, facilitating controlled flow and transfer.

  • Secure Sealing: The tubing's inherent elasticity and composition contribute to a secure seal, preventing leaks and ensuring a reliable containment system for various substances.

  • Chemical Resistance: Depending on the material, rubber tubing often exhibits resistance to chemicals, making it suitable for a range of applications where contact with diverse substances is expected.

  • Temperature Tolerance: Many rubber tubes are designed to withstand a broad range of temperatures, ensuring functionality in both hot and cold environments.


Where is rubber tubing commonly used? 

Rubber tubing is an essential component in various industries and is known for its versatility and durability. Explore our extensive range, offering competitive rubber tube prices for unparalleled quality.
Applications of Rubber Tubing:
Lab Supplies:
Indispensable in laboratories, our rubber tubing ensures seamless fluid and liquid handling.
Lab Chemicals: Ideal for transporting chemicals safely and maintaining the integrity of lab processes.
Clean Room Equipment: Trusted in clean room environments, providing a reliable solution for controlled conditions.
Filling/Venting Closure: Ensures efficient closure systems, enhancing the precision of filling and venting processes.
Filtration & Separation: Key in filtration applications, contributing to effective separation processes.

Whether you're looking for silicone rubber tubes or latex rubber tubing, our diverse selection meets the highest standards. Explore now for unbeatable rubber tube prices and elevate your operations.

What are the types of rubber tubing?

Explore a variety of rubber tubing options to meet diverse laboratory requirements.

  • Silicone Rubber Tubing:

    • It is ideal for applications requiring flexibility to high temperatures.

    • It offers excellent biocompatibility, making it suitable for medical and pharmaceutical settings.

    • Versatile and durable for a range of laboratory tasks.

  • Latex Rubber Tubing:

    • Known for its elasticity and resilience.

    • Commonly used in applications where a snug fit and flexibility are essential.

    • Suitable for various laboratory procedures.

Discover these types and more at IndustryBuying, where quality meets affordability. Upgrade your lab supplies with premium rubber tubing for precise and reliable performance. Explore our collection now for the best deals on lab essentials.


What are the advantages of rubber tubing?

Rubber tubing is an indispensable component in the realm of lab supplies, offering a myriad of advantages that contribute to seamless laboratory operations. Explore the diverse benefits of rubber tubing, including:

  • Versatility: Rubber tubing comes in various types, such as silicone rubber tubes and latex rubber tubing, catering to diverse laboratory needs.

  • Durability: Known for its robustness, rubber tubing ensures long-lasting performance, providing value for your investment.

  • Flexible Applications: Ideal for fluid and liquid handling, rubber tubing proves essential in diverse lab processes.

  • Affordability: Discover cost-effective solutions with competitive  rubber tube prices enhancing your lab efficiency without compromising on quality. presents an extensive collection of rubber tubing, ensuring your lab is well-equipped for tasks ranging from filtration and separation to filling/venting closure. Elevate your laboratory experience with premium lab chemicals and cleanroom equipment, all conveniently accessible in one place.


Why choose Industrybuying?

Welcome to Industrybuying, your one-stop destination for premium lab supplies like rubber tubing. Discover unparalleled quality and cost-effectiveness in our extensive range.


  • Wide Selection: Explore diverse lab supplies, including top-notch rubber tubing.

  • Affordability: Find competitive rubber tube prices that suit every budget.

  • Quality Assurance: Benefit from silicone rubber tubes and latex rubber tubing known for durability and performance.

Shop with us for all your lab needs, from Lab Chemicals to Clean Room Equipment. Our Filling/Venting Closure solutions, along with Filtration & Seperation and Fluid & Liquid Handling equipment, ensure a seamless laboratory experience.


Which brands at Industrybuying offer rubber tubing?

The prominent brands featured in our rubber tubing collection: One, Glassco, and Rasayan.

  • One:

    • Overview: One is a renowned brand known for its commitment to quality laboratory equipment. Their rubber tubing is no exception, offering superior durability and flexibility.

    • Specialization: One specializes in providing solutions for a wide range of laboratory needs, ensuring precision and reliability in every product.


  • Glassco:

    • Overview: Glassco is a trusted name in the laboratory equipment industry, synonymous with precision and excellence. Their rubber tubing reflects their dedication to quality.

    • Specialization: Glassco excels in manufacturing laboratory glassware and accessories. Their rubber tubing stands out for its resilience and suitability for critical lab processes.

  • Rasayan:

    • Overview: Rasayan is a leading brand recognized for its diverse laboratory chemicals and equipment range. Their rubber tubing combines functionality with durability.

    • Specialization: Rasayan caters to the chemical and laboratory industry, providing solutions that meet the highest standards. Their rubber tubing is no exception, offering chemical resistance and reliability.

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