Different Types Of Spray Guns Available Online

What are the Different Types Of Spray Guns Available Online

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Overview of Spray Gun

If you happen to notice any of the graffiti artists at work, you would have seen a spray can or a Spray gun by their side. This amazing tool has garnered the attention of masses from different segments. Be it paint job professionals who use it to paint walls, bikes and anything that they can get their hands on.

The best part about a spray gun is that in no time you are able to cover a large area and vary the shades and color according to your desire. Today, you will find different types of spray paint machine which might make it a bit daunting for you to choose the right tool.

List of Different Types of Spray Guns Available in the Market

The first step is to know about these types available in the market and then, accordingly, choose which is best suitable for your requirements. You can choose any one of these spray guns online in India according to your requirement and price from the below option. These top-rated Spray Guns are highly powerful in the market for the end customer requirements.

#1)Conventional Spray Gun

An air compressor is attached to the spray gun machine. This air compressor is the machine that produces a thin smooth coat of paint. A conventional spray paint machine is broken down into four parts:

  • Paint chamber.
  • Nozzle
  • Trigger
  • Air compressor

The working of the spray machine is simple. The paint is atomized when it comes in contact with the compressed air. This is then directed to the surface with the nozzle and the density of which is regulated with the trigger.

However, it results in a lot of paint being wasted. The transfer rate of paint from the paint basin to the surface is about 30%. This shortcoming of the conventional spray gun is compensated for in the HVLP spray gun.

#2)HVLP Air Gun

To enhance the paint transfer rate, the HVLP combines the high volume of air with low pressure. The result is that the High-Volume Low-Pressure spray gun is able to transfer 80% of the paint from the paint chamber to the surface. Professionals or artists who want detailed or precision work use HVLP spray gun to make their work appealing and attractive.

However, if you are looking to paint a complete room you will find HVLP spray gun a bit on the slower side. So, it is advised to use this spray gun on the surface no bigger than a door. With both the paint sprayer, you are able to adjust the paint flow, airflow, and width of the spray fan. All of these are dependent on each other. So, if you vary one of these variables the other is sure to be affected.

Using a spray gun is fun but requires patience if you are looking to master the craft. To buy the best paint sprayer, check out the online medium. You will find plenty of reliable providers offering with branded products at affordable prices.

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