How to Safely Using Power Drills and Hacksaw Machines

How to Safely Using Power Drills and Hacksaw Machines

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What is Power Drills?

Power drills are used extensively in construction purposes and for various tasks at home. It is an electric motor driven tool that possesses a replaceable rotating cutting head and is used to make holes in wooden materials, plastic materials, metallic materials, etc.

These low-maintenance drills mandate a proper adherence to rules whilst using them, lest you cause damage to them or yourself. Hacksaw machines, used to easily cut through rigid and tough metallic pieces, too must be used with utmost care to avoid accidents.  There is a wide variety of power drill machine kits and hacksaw machines available online these days for you to choose from.

Power Drill Safety Tips and Tricks

Given below is a list of safety precautions that you must follow to ensure your safety while using power drills and hacksaw machines in any setting.

#1)Electric Shock Prevention

When power drills are exposed to moisture or wet surfaces repeatedly, their insulation mechanisms may break; these drills then run the risk of giving electric shocks to their users. To prevent this:

  • Users must ensure that the drill does not possess any exposed wires and insulation breaks in its wiring. It is also wise to work with a ground wire in cases where double insulation is absent.
  • Users must never hold any equipment by its cord.
  • Users must ensure that the drill is stored securely and not exposed to heat, water, grease and pointed surfaces.

#2)Injury Prevention

Injury to the face and limbs is very common in cases where power drills are not used with the below mentioned precautions:

  • Adjust the drill speed to suit the task at hand.
  • Use proper safety gear such as safety shoes and footwear, eye protection, gloves and clothing; try not to wear baggy and ill-fitted clothing, lest it might get caught in the drill.
  • Do not work with a jittery and shaky drill bit; it should be aligned properly in the jaws of the drill.

#3.Short Circuit Prevention

It is always best to check the current handling capacity of your extension cord before using it with your power drill. The extension cord should be able to supply the drill with its due requirement of current to maintain smooth operation without short-circuiting any element.

Hacksaw Machine Safety Tips for You

  1. Ensure the blades used with your hacksaw are suitable to accomplish the task at hand. Harder the material to be cut, higher is the tooth count of the hacksaw blade.
  2. The material to be cut should be tightly secured with clamps; do not use your hands to hold the materials to be cut, in place – you may accidently injure your hands.
  3. Hacksaw blades are susceptible to breakage because of repeated to and fro motion. It is paramount to ensure proper coolant supply to the blade to keep them from turning brittle and breaking, as a result.
  4. Never attempt to fiddle with the hacksaw machine while it’s powered on. Wait for the machine to stop completely before making any adjustments to it.
  5. As in case of the power drill, make sure you are wearing proper safety equipment before setting out to using the hacksaw machine.

Brands such as Planet Power and Power Tec sell drill machines and hacksaw machines online. You could also buy drill bits from brands such as Xtra Power.