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Wall Fan Buying Guide- Compare and Buy Wall Fans Online

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Overview of Wall Fan

There is an abundance of Fan manufacturers and a variety of Wall Fans in the market. The sheer quantity of wall fans can leave anyone confused with what to buy. While on one side the higher price does not guarantee quality and on the other, it is not wise to compromise with the quality for few bucks. Here is the much-needed wall fans buying guide to help you choose the best wall fan for your set of requirements.

List of Major Applications of Wall Fans

Wall-mounted fans have been in use for several years and opted for various places. Which include, but are not limited to:-

  1. Warehouses and factories,
  2. Community centres and Village halls
  3. Sports centres and Gyms
  4. Health Clubs
  5. Entertainment venues
  6. Stores and shops
  7. Production lines where air movement is required for product drying
  8. Domestic and office use.

The careful positioning of the wall-mounted fans is an excellent idea to induce necessary airflow through a proper ventilation aided by the windows. This application is especially useful because often on the hottest days the air inside a building will become hotter than the air outside. You can rely on a well-placed wall mounted fan to move the air through the windows and open doors which brings the outside air into the building and aids in cooling.

Key Features of Wall-Mounted Fans

If you go about to choose the wall fan according to its features it makes things comparatively simpler. You can sort the best wall fan according to your own specific requirements and arrangements, So be it the size of the fan or the mounting arrangement or the place where you are looking to mount the wall fan everything plays a crucial role to decide the wall fan for you.

Here are the features which you should look out for:-


This is the first considerations while looking into a wall-mounted fan. The size you get has to fit with the room or setting it will be used in and produce sufficient airflow for the room. Don’t compromise on size; it is better to have a large fan running at slow speed than a small fan running at full speed.

#2)Build quality

Fans with lightweight construction are only good for domestic or office setting. They cannot be used for industrial applications and are likely to get damaged in such a setting. Industrial wall mounted fans are a bit more expensive. However they make up for the price difference in durability and toughness.

#3)Mounting arrangement

The quality of the wall the fan is being mounted on is crucial to avoid any damages and accidents in the future. DO NOT mount heavy wall fans on temporary walls.


The Oscillation function is a very useful feature. But you should also look out for whether the oscillation can be switched on and off. Oscillation in a wall-mounted fan is good and helps to move the air over a wide area, however, it is also useful to be able to switch off the oscillation at any point in its arc so that the fan blows in the desired direction.

#5)Adjustable Angle

This is the angle of the fan head to the wall. For most wall mounted fan applications the ideal solution is to have the fan mounted above head height so that it will not be likely to be knocked and will be less likely tampered with. You can easily adjust the airflow by directing the head of the fan to the desired room area.

#6)Remote Control

Some wall-mounted fans have remote controls. Whilst this may be perfectly fancy, it is perhaps more important that your wall-mounted fan has a mechanical means of controlling its function as a backup.


Speed control is important, maybe because you don’t need the fan running at full speed, or it blows the papers of your desk or perhaps it’s too noisy. Generally, our advice is to select a fan that is as big as you can reasonably accommodate and to run it at low or medium speed, rather than have a smaller fan that will inevitably need to be running at full speed. This way your wall mounted fan will meet your requirements in a quieter less intrusive way and will last longer.


Usually only found on domestic models. The idea here is that with a timer it can be used to move air in a bedroom and then automatically switch off theoretically once you have nodded off.

What Else to Consider While Buying the Wall Mounted Fans?

In larger buildings, with high ceilings and rooflines, heat stratification in winter is a real problem. These fans can be positioned to induce a circular airflow pattern in the building that will ensure that heat does not stay fixed under the ceiling.  So used in winter these fans will lower your heating costs.

List of Major Advantages of Wall-Mounted Fans

There are many advantages of wall-mounted fans which range from cost-effective to high-performance. Especially for rooms with a smaller area, the wall-mounted fans are the best solution to make sure that the comfortable is maintained in the room. The advantages of the Wall-mounted fans can be summed up as:

  • You find some of the top-notch brands which provide with top features in an affordable price range.
  • The Wall mounted fans are easy to install.
  • You do not have to spend exorbitant price or extra time to maintain the fans. All you have to do is wipe the dust off blades once in a while.
  • With fan speed control, you can adjust the fan speed according to your comfort.
  • The wall-mounted fans cover a large area with their rotation feature.

The wall-mounted fans are easy to use and provide all-round cooling in the hottest summers.

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